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  1. id say defence but id get your range up more so u could be tank
  2. ruby braces are the best, cheapest method
  3. i think they should deserve respect but just not as much as the more harder ones to get.
  4. 93- i was born in 1993 and 79 is my raceing number.
  5. "do your chain hang low" by jibbs or something. God that song sucks, and soulja boy songs ughh :wall:
  6. blue d hide bodies i heard u can make some money, but im sure there harder to buy in bulk then yew longs
  7. i also cant log into runescape site it just closes mozilla down and aol. any help please? is it a virus or something?? im going to freak outtt :wall:
  8. everytime i try to load a world mozilla completly shuts down. does anyone know why?
  9. ita very useful if u plan on killing the armadyl boss
  10. 2nd item for summoning for void monsters and void armor
  11. or does anyone know how many lvls i can get with 20k chins?
  12. no point in getting them any more since u can really merchant them
  13. how much average xp would i get per chin at 86 range using full void?
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