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  1. Tab one the snowboard is django. Tab two up to frog mask is django and iffy stuff except the broom keep it. Everything else that is Death of Chivarly icon marked can be destroyed except the skull it's VERY IMPORTANT that you avoid destroying that if you want to avoid some heavy backtracking.
  2. I don't really. But the mods they've made for the game look pretty good. I got the Custom Steve mod working and you could port like any mmd model to use as your minecraft avatar. I got too frustrated trying to change a value in a dll or something. I don't really want to bother anymore. Mod support has been so bad. I don't know if they've improved it but so many old good mods are inherently broken and impossible to use without reverting to old builds now.
  3. Rars are just files that have been compressed to make them smaller in size. Exe installers can basically function the same way. They usually just do it via a patcher though. Isos don't imply they are of a trademarked work they're just what's on a cd just a matter of what's on it. Emulators aren't inherently illegal. They're blatanty meant to play illegal roms though. Not to say couldn't play a homebrew legal rom or w/e. Servers are inherently illegal as they use copyrighted material. A law got passed recently about private servers for abandoned ware though where it isn't exactly as illegal. Wasteful necro'ing ought to be even more illegal.
  4. Price went down because everyone who already had the boots got 50 "feathers" (untradeable, but still). And the TH promo brought a bunch more feathers into the game, yeah. Long-term, the price will rise though, for sure. Restabilize, probably. Rise no. They were already overpriced at like 30 gp per xp at level 90s. They're at the threshold point where it would be idealistic to just buy bonds and buy keys for exp. Economically, the people who would use silver hawks already have them because they have money to. While the people who just got them are more likely to not have the income to use them.
  5. Premier club looks pretty unimpressive. Not that 2014-2015 was good either but this is definitely worse. 2012-2013 you got a pile of runecoins and a bunch of cosmetics. 2013-2014 we started getting loyalty points instead of rune coins but we got a several full outfits and pets. This year's and next year's we're getting a pet and outfit at most from having gotten a couple of them. And the rate has gone up so if you're fathered in you have to pay a whole $30 more for not much at all. The only thing that looked decent was the retro teleport which overrides fast and slow teleports.
  6. That Batwing/Mystic armor change. Running rags ranger for Warbands was already cheaper and you have access to a disposable level 85 weapon. Ranger is also the type weakness for Mages let alone the armor level difference. Now a magic setup costs about 5-10 times as much as a ranger one from about the same price. Jagex showing us why wilderness is such dead content.
  7. But both those tasks are amazing, Dagganoths in particular. I'll trade you the Dark Beast task I got for them.
  8. I don't know what I was expecting. The Raptor outfit to actually look like Raptor's outfit I guess? They did this with the Astromancer outfit too. One of the best looking outfit on a npc. And we get this nxt client textured garbage that's going to look awful if we even get the nxt client. The only good thing is I've been too busy playing playing Guild Wars 2 to even bother with Raptor's Challenges so now I don't have to hit a challenge everyday without missing any to get it while also not having bothered to do any. It's a win-win. Thank god it's garbage! Yay! Can't say the content in 2015 was bad but I don't think we got anything like Elf City or Fate of the Gods quality like last year. Rather disappointed a lot of months were ninja fix/patch notes at best. If it wasn't that it was a single content update at most really.
  9. Oblivion is very moddable it's just aged really. It's just lacking the console and scriptability Skyrim has and the obvious graphic quality. But Skyrim is new and supposed to be better in a whole lot of aspects but so is Oblivion in other aspects. It factually has 50% more mods on the nexus than Oblivion let alone the steam workshop in a significantly shorter time. It doesn't mean it's a bad game it's just worse on that aspect not that it isn't more moddable than everything else. Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is my life now. It's so good.
  10. I've been playing Fallout 3 as I never got to play the dlcs when I played it when it had just came out. All I know is it hasn't aged well compared to New Vegas. I've had a hard time getting over its myriad of technical flaws and worse mod support than NV. I've never actually played Oblivion though all I know is its Gamebyro engine is older than Fallout 3's. Which really sucks and that a lot of people like it more than Skyrim for its stronger gameplay dynamics. If you're okay with less than stellar mod support and okayish graphics I'd imagine it's better than a relatively unmodded Skyrim. I'd recommend it.
  11. It looks absolutely brutal in terms of difficulty. My cousin made me get it for him after he saw a youtuber play it. I've actually played my share of bullet hell games and things like Super Meat Boy. But he still really young and he is doing pure mercy. Rip
  12. I am not opposed to comp reqs... By their nature, you should complete everything. What I am opposed to is arbitrary grinding. Needing to complete every miniquest, sure. Needing to grow 100 harmony moss, sure. It is something you can work to. Complete all ports storylines? Had them before comp, its something to work to. Needing to kill 1000 elves to unlock a title? No. Needing to do X activity Y times to unlock something that gives no benefit or something cosmetic? No. I'd have no problem if it was a vanity cape. But it's not. It has some of the strongest teleports in the game with the highest in slot stats. It's far too powerful for the petty requirements they keep throwing out for it. I'm far too loathed to go and waste an hour or two just getting a group for the raid bosses. Which I could just buy the kills anyway which ends up making the requirement rather redundant. Ends up creating a paradox where It's suffering to go do Araxxor without it but it's equaly suffering to go and do the requirement. And I just end up not playing at all.
  13. It's like cremation it's a skilling method in itself. Sounds more creative than Jagex's usual.
  14. They did a really nice job making the event look really cool. It's just there isn't anything there really. The invasion event completely upstarts it in variety and rewards. Kind of disappointed. Why they're doing two events at the same time I don't know. If you can't get in use a low pop world. That worked for me.
  15. Yeah actions per second. TDs require a whole lot of weapon and armor switching and you need to put it a whole lot of actions in a short time to be effective. It can be pretty hard for some people or require more effort. While actions per minute is more in actions over the whole minute not just the intense parts. It's more about gear and stat requirements really. TDs don't require much in the level of gear or quality to get kills and is hard to really complete fail and die. While QBD can reasonable kill a player if they're being lazy or low level.
  16. QBD: low apm and low aps. Fairly difficult, okay money. TDs: med apm and high aps. Low difficulty, requires strong kph for great money. Nex: high apm and high aps. High difficulty, very technical. Amazing money. Araxxor: high apm and med aps. High difficulty, not as technical as Nex. Requires significant time investment before getting money towards twice as much as Nex for the effort. Pick one. Gwds,Glacors,Kiln,etc for variety so you don't go braindead. KK and Legeionaires exist too for the risky. Team bossing sux dun do plz. I do Araxxor most everything else is super over farmed to be proftiable.
  17. Took an hour to get into a VoG run due mostly to Playstation Online being slow. Keen Scout made that blinding mission in the quest super easy. The exotic is okay I guess. The Nightfall this week didn't have the stupid exposure modifier so soloing was actually reasonable this time. Got the Arc Flayer mantle with a 309 cloak to infuse into it.
  18. Hover-walk-scape. Plz make smiling space walk animation come back.
  19. Hunter is the worst class in PvP right now. Stormcaller and Sunbreaker have such broken supers. Nightcaller's super and kit is really bad in PvP, Bladedancer is inferior Sunbreaker with cloaking, Gunslinger is the only true subclass that isn't too meh. The super isn't all that amazing anymore but the kit is still really good. If only Year 2 Spine was good compared to Year 1. Which wouldn't matter if it wasn't Iron Banner. Glad to see Hunter still feeling inferior to the other classes. Hunters are hating on everything with the Nightstalker super bug though.
  20. Novice quest. Harder than the recent GM. It wasn't all that hard if you just spam click but I can see why people have problems with it. Let alone an actual novice player do it.
  21. Got Jade Rabbit, it's really fun to use. A flayer cloak is all I ask. I've got tread upon stars from sitting in the heroic playlist hoping for the solid vanguard bonus chance trying to get one. It's apparently a clone of the VoC which was amazing. Ended up getting the special warlock helm from the sleeper saber strike. My warlock will look fabulous now. Sleeper feels weird it's like Gjallahorn but it's not a sword. People are totes going to waste their exotic slot in PvP for it. Supercell tomorrow. Please, Xur.
  22. 630 I want to say it too!
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