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  1. YAY! (>^.^)> Now you must read your PMs.

  2. I haven't disappeared. >:(

  3. Why so dissappeared? :(

  4. Well, the world is an asylum after all. BRB, I need to check the bowl that the dolphins gave me. Don't think I'll be getting the Faithful shield, it isn't that great for me, since I have Falador 3 anyway.
  5. Craft some cardboard AGS, then try to rush the Jmods? Good idea. :thumbup:
  6. Well, looking like I'll be using Slayer. Thanks guys. :)
  7. At the moment, I'm 90 summoning, and I need roughly 10k crims to get to 96, which is my goal. I basically have 3 choices: Slayer - this is good for general exp, but focusing on wfs is faster. It makes the most profit though Waterfiends - I can camp there for as long as I want to, pretty much due to my unicorn and SGS healing me enough Bursting - This is arguably the fastest, but is extremely expensive. A friend said it was 2m for 1k casts, and since I only have 20m (Or so) that's 10k casts, which works to around 2-3k crims. Which one do you think I should go with? I'm plumping for a combination of Slayer with Waterfiends.
  8. I enjoyed the exp weekend, but I won't mind awfully if they decide to not do any more. I think that it was rather poorly implemented, IMO, what with the total multiplier going down too fast and there being a huge amount of summoning training (I'm a huge hypocrite on this, I used this weekend to get Summoning and Herblore exp.) Overall, I'm happy. I got to 90 summoning from 81, and 70 herblore from 66, so I took advantage of it.
  9. First to comment!



  10. An interesting read. However, I have a question about the DYK: Do we need to bring the mushroom and spade every time we use BJQ, or is it a one off time?
  11. Same here, grats! I'd give you about... 9/10. :D
  12. Very nice feature. However, I've been playing for far too bloody long. The time played is quite scary.
  13. The team that previously lost wins the next game 80 percent of the time on the themed worlds. Just keep that in mind. If that doesn't work just stay on one team until you win. Zamorak is bound to win eventually. Well, yeah. Even if Zamorak's warriors have Saradomin's blessings bestowed on them at the start of the game while wearing the cape... :razz:
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