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  1. Ratchet. This person (he/she?) is now a forum god. Her two posts have probably equaled hundreds of mine in quality. (inb4'youdon'thave100sofpostsnoob')
  2. It seemed to kind of ramble from the original point through some seemingly unconnected parts. The first half reminded me of "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" or something like that, but the abrupt switch in the story seemed... odd. I sort of enjoyed reading it, and I liked how the ending linked to the beginning, but a lot of the middle seemed extraneous. One small error since I'm a huge dork: That should be "change of 44 cents". No decimal point before the 44, either, that's sort of redundant.
  3. FlamethrowerGuy

    Honor Pking ?

    Just because you don't do something doesn't mean it's stupid you [bleep] moron :roll: Seriously I can have my own opinion can't I? Stupid [bleep] moron. :roll: You stated it like it was a fact. You should have said "I think PKing is stupid." Instead, you simply declared it to be fact regardless of oter's opinions. lrn2speakproperly (gonna jump on the bandwagon here and call you a) you [bleep]ing moron. (woo!)
  4. im to lazy to giv u consturctive critiscim lol also lrn2spk english Why should we make an effort when you don't? [hide=LOL WUT][/hide]
  5. You sure he's not using triggers? If he's not, it's definitely some in-studio editing. Or just maybe a good mic. My bass drum always sounds better when I mic it.
  6. zomg lol i no what u mean man i feel leik so much dumber aftet readin this rant
  7. I think it was when I kind of spurred the creation of a new forum-based religion.
  8. Well, you said the rest. But I guess he could be the thing your followers unite against to destroy or something? Can I have some sort of demigod status? Or maybe just a giant scepter to hit people with and tell them to get on their knees in front of y'all?
  9. I'd sell it for whatever. Had my fun with it, don't really use it anymore. Looking around at... certain websites... I could probably get $100-150 for it. Maybe I should. That would at least cover all the costs of membership I paid.
  10. Quelmotz-guy might prove to be a challenge to convert. I think you'd have to like murder his mother or something. EDIT: Sorry, that should be THREATEN TO murder his mother. Actually murdering her would be counter-productive. But probably hilarious.
  11. Would that make us the three stooges? Well, I already worshiped you and Ratchet anyway so I guess you really ARE the forum gods.
  12. Trolls like Boomkoed attract trolls like meeeeeee
  13. Yeah, so some guy (5' 10", 180lbs) came to me (5' 6", 115lbs) and was really pissed at me for some reason or another. I think I "stole his girlfriend" which was odd since we had been dating for two months at the time. Whatever. Anyway, he's pushing a bit, yelling at me, blah blah. (After school, by the way - teachers didn't come running, haha.) There are the usual threats of me getting my [wagon] handed to me, yes yes. So he comes in sort of slow, and throws a punch. I dodge to the side, he turns around... and I'm already really annoyed by this point, so I think to myself "I should just end this." So he takes two steps towards me, I dart forward, and power-kick him right in the testicles. As he bends over, I take a knee up to his face. Broke his nose by accident, I think. He falls backwards, bleeding, crying a bit, yadda yadda. That was two years ago and I don't think he's even looked at me once. My friends said they were all laughing at the guy. Poor bastard.
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