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  1. It could be necromancy. If it is, it just may fill the roll of a creature to summon and attack while in 1-way combat. Why they wouldn't just let summon creatures do that....I have no clue. (oh wait...they're Jagex) (joking of course. =P) The new skill starts with a b so it can't be necromancy. I heard that was later proved to be a joke. The new skill may or may not start with B, same goes for the rest of the alphabet.
  2. I'm just a level 91 (84 in f2p) that's looking for a good Pest Control clan in which to get full void. Of course, i'll help too. I have 70 range, and i'll use a rune c'bow with adamant bolts, and may or may not use a dragon scimitar. thank you for your time.
  3. Well, I think that the new quest could be a stand-alone quest. Both Legends and RFD don't continue some storyline, so more players have access to them. I think the same's gonna happen with this new quest. OR.......(this is a radical idea i thought of when i first heard about the 150th quest).....MAYBE the new quest is going to bring several storylines TOGETHER! that would be tricky, but if Jagex manages to do that properly they have a true masterpiece in their hands. On the "Forgettable tale VS MEP2" thing: The mods responsible for the dwarf storyline left Jagex, or so I heard.
  4. very nice guide!!! r0fl even i could do it (have the stats). i'd just need some money rofl. by the way, weren't purple sweets nerfed? im not sure how, but i heard that. if so, does this mean that they dont work anymore? if this is true, please put an alternative if you can. if not, it'd be appreciated if you added a note at the bottom or something :) OWNAGE GUIDE
  5. tysm for the purple cat!!!!!! :D why dont you simplify your guide on the first post?
  6. well i don't know about actual weaknesses, but i heard an incredibly crazy but effective way to kill the beast, and even CAMP there. just get 125 people to D-bow+Drag arrow spec it. instant KO. also, in case the respawn surprises you, have each person take a cannon, so when it appears it just might die. not an actual weakness, but a really funny idea :lol:
  7. varrock, but only because of the GE :lol: :thumbsup: :D
  8. rare: h'ween mask (any) expensive: spirit shield (only one of the expensive ones lol :lol: )
  9. well at first i didn't know how to talk either, but that's not the first mistake i made. the first error i committed (i'm sure i'm not alone :lol: ) was to save up my hard-earned cash to buy some goblin armour, and then i found out i couldn't wear it! :twss:
  10. people who call me "noob", or something else that i don't like. also, people who do stupid things (close doors in your face, etc.). but whenever someone asks me for "PHR33 ST00f" or w/e, i give them 1gp/bronze arrow :twss:.
  11. well, i don't train RC because i find it sooooooooo boring and slow. i haven't done mining in a while (no reason). i can't WC for a very long time because i have 555,555 total xp :o :thumbsup: 8-) :ugeek: . strangely enough i want my first 99 to be FM but i haven't burnt a log in like a year...
  12. i normally do B, but sometimes it's C or A,, and very rarely, when im bored, its E :twss:. P.S: make a table showing the results or something. im curious :)
  13. it's normally On but when i've annoyed someone (like that guy i pked yesterday at the MSSW4 during the Fally massacre :twss:) i switch it to friends for a while :lol:
  14. cb 90, total level 1327 (but 1330 soon), 2m-ish in cash (only 30k atm, training craft) and items. it used to be more but prices have gone down :cry:
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