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  1. Done 10 mins ago think im near first :\
  2. The examine for Herbicide is : It fills the room with fumes that are corrosive to plants. =]
  3. Just finished my first day slaying with this blog, 4 effigys, and i am 9k from 98 runecraft! Looking good :D
  4. good luck smelly! Only a few more mil to go ;)
  5. My name is Kenny and i have played rs for a few years now. I'm sure a few people will remember me here but i haven't posted much lately. I have decided to make a blog for many reasons, some of them are so i can keep track of myself, anyway, i'm no good at this writing stuff so here we go! Goals My current goals are for 99 Runecrafting, through effigies, and 50m in all combat stats, through slayer. Slayer Task Log 1. 196 Abyssal Demons 2. 64 Steel Dragons 3. 86 Iron Dragons 4. 243 Gargoyles 5. 219 Abyssal Demons ( Task #800 ) 6. 64 Iron Dragons - 1 x Effigy 7. 161 Greater Demons 8. 168 Blue Dragons - 1 x Effigy 9. 198 Blue Dragons 10. 202 Dark Beasts - 1 x Effigy 11. 200 Abyssal Demons 12. 175 Aquanites - Amulet of Ranging 13. 215 Dark Beasts - 2 x Dark Bow & 1 x Effigy 14. 183 Aquanites - Amulet of Ranging 15. 228 Spiritual Mages Elite Clue count : 4 Bank Pic Other Pics [hide][/hide]
  6. Someone needs to show jagex the way back into the box cause this is extreme :(
  7. Cya. Good luck playing the game called Real Life, The boss at the end is really hard to beat. You need to get lvl 99 work, 99 education, and 99 money. Good luck man!
  8. Ill wait till monday for the update and tomoro for twitter ;) As for everything else * The Frozen door is NOT NEW It's been there since GWD was released. * The Cae at 47 wildy is NOT NEW. It was released with spirit of summer and is still believed to be used for the nextsequel for corp. * Peer the Seer allways said this message. * Ship at 56 Wildy was ALLWAYS THERE, As was the volcano and the bridge. Enjoy trolling each other!
  9. I only said 1% per wave while i was calcing it myself. If you want precise then its roughly 1.9% for wave 10, and 0.3% for wave 1. Go play with your calculator now.
  10. I think its 1% charge per wave <[K3nny]> 2 Games = 20waves = 20% = just under 1/4 right? <[K3nny]> 3 games = 30 waves = 30% = just about a 1/3 <[K3nny]> 5 games = 50 waves = 50% = about a half <[K3nny]> 6 games = 60 waves = 60% = just under 2/3 <[K3nny]> sup ;) <[K3nny]> Also, xp is based on 100xLvl <[K3nny]> So 99 stat = 9900 xp per 1% <[K3nny]> 1 game = 10% = 99k per game <[K3nny]> brb i gd maths Was bored in irc :3 based on my games and on mates
  11. Pretty much been a full year of good updates. Hope next years the same. post fail///
  12. Nice miscalc :D Grats mr socks, now to repay me for all those trade caps i helped you with ;)
  13. corp corp corp corp corp corp yeyeyeyeye bout time we got a decent level req ;D
  14. Well that finishes off the buyables ; ~ 300m total left now , cant complain really, will make like 300m from 99 rc so, yeah. money. Probably 99 wc next , like tomoro :) EDIT : 99 Woodcut ; Rate/hate

  16. Kenneh has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  17. Stupid new forum buttons i dont wanna watch this topic.. Never had one stolen ever so idk, what lvl do they stop stealing at?
  18. Nice bank :o I want lobbies :< 9/10 o/t Welcome to lagfest, previously known as TIF :(
  19. Also as pointed out in several topics the maintenence areas of the website has now been cut down from 2 to 1 :) I recon gotta mine rocks which uncover fishing spots for eels or something. LRN2TS pls
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