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  1. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  2. Heyy Master Sport xD,

    Can you add me to ml ... Gaz took me off :/

  3. good fight lfj ,great try ko , terrible first post "ty for free points" :blink:
  4. ko pk unit is running it on friday nights :P

  5. super welcome from ko unit!! hope to enjoy some company with you guys! if you ever need anything holla :) welcome GD
  6. Great job LND!! good try TO , both clans did amazing :)
  7. this is gettin crazy.. good luck both clans.. so much hatred :ohnoes: Where did the Honour clans go! #-o :-#
  8. Super great job SE!!! Good try AK better luck next time, sweet pull thou guys! :)
  9. DS no doubt. , i was part of TA vs DS summer bash back in the day and THE v DS for #1 clan.. Gf ds you guys dominated Di .. Dang it sucks.. they were amzing..i loved watching them strole the wild having everyone in fear DF/VR vs Di fghts were great.. DS vs DI was even better TMRD , Thealliance for eva :) SE were pretty amazing people.
  10. I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything false and rude. Finding out these facts, I'm pretty disappointed that the first clan I was in wasn't really considered a clan until I left; I also said good luck and that I wasn't knocking you down because you were making strides to become a better clan. I would say some stuff that your clanmates can agree with, but I think it would be too disrespectful and rude to post here. Good luck KO. It's pretty awesome that ya'll are goin to 90+ soon. Ok i'm sorry molly, minus you and am8.....I dislike trolls, and the two of them heppend to be from downfall....sorry. :P Thanks killk. Sorry bout the trollin from some members...you'll get trolled by other people soon enough. there's always one or two :P Sport, I like your sig; specially made for tif? yesss ma'ams specially made! im very thankful to burger and amateurnoob for the help :) . its on my signature on ko site also thou since i dont have any good ones but this one :) lol it rokks! :)
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