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  1. Was really fun being with tk for the past 2 years. I haven't been active in 2 months and this happens:(. Im done with runescpae for good now bye everyone.<3 Good luck to everyone in the future♥
  2. hi zeros your a boss. obvious troll was obvious
  3. I rather have them off because i know alot of people dont have the weapons yet. Maybe in the future most clan members will have them.
  4. I rather say clan then guild. Guild sounds bad.
  5. im one of the greatest mass binders in the game.
  6. It's been taken care of and was not allowed to war, and was kicked from CC/banned from TS which is why he was sniping us the entire time. I died, returned to clear Evertons 3 opts, successfully did that and gained R00N :) Thats why your a boss
  7. Thanks man I appreciate your support of me, and im sad that I might retire forever.:(
  8. Gratz downfall cr killed me while i was watching :( Everton on Df-rune wills account bad boy:(
  9. Was a waste of our time dropping 14 people and a 14 v 14. And yes im sorry I went out of bounce once on accident. But you also had a member out of bounce who did it on purpose trying to be funny. igitzcudi He took us pretty far (you can see I got his kill)
  10. Zeroos isn't tk just saying But yea there reaLy isn't rivlary with tk and df because havnt fought 1 v 1 in a longg time Tk stay off this topic no need for more drama
  11. Dam nice team. I would like to join this team.
  12. From what i head you told your brother rizzle who is in dw that leo was only caller on. Good Fight sorry i couldn't make it When u leave the portal because one person dced it makes people wonder :P Who left portal? Whole of TK no? everyone went until no food
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