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  1. That's because Bows is very sharp :D

  2. first let me say this: IGoddessI, I love you. You've inspired me in ways I don't think you'll ever get the chance to see or understand. now back to your question: I don't think it's too soon if your feelings are true, and he's truly the right guy for you. Why deny the right guy something for a period of time simply for social acceptability? Surely its a large commitment, but you have full understanding of that, seeing as how you've been there before. I wish you and your boyfriend [fiance?] the best of luck. It's nice to hear from you again :) Well put sir, well put.
  3. Bows has a point

  4. If he stayed with you through that and you both really love each other then i say go for it! :D
  5. This thread reminds me of the song haha
  6. How to dress classy: Spy sunglasses, fo hawk, polo shirt(or none), peirced ears, shorts, and sandals. And dont forget, your collars better, be, POPPED.
  7. Sound tip. Yeah, I've been in that situation before. Its no bueno. A Day to Remember touring with Bring me the Horizon, We Came as Romans, and Pierce the Veil. Hate all you want, this line up is like a wet dream to me. Anywho, yeah. Male buddy it is. I think i just creamed myself. That would be awesome.
  8. All I have to say is, NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH ANY GIRL THAT HAS A BOYFRIEND. No one wins, trust me. That is all.
  9. Doubt it haha. I play on a new account now. Its I Know Karate. And all of those game were against level 20+ lol. And two of them were at like 6 in the morning and i could barely function haha
  10. Maybe I will. *intense face* haha
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