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  1. Ok, so here's the deal, I am going to work on 90 Strength after I get the diary done, probably going to do fleshies or ankous, if I get bored I'm going to go to Clan Wars and kill some time while getting some str. xp Wish me luck :thumbsup:
  2. I actually got 70 attack at PC but seeing as that isn't worth it anymore, I would say stick with your Green Drags, and if that gets boring then go to slayer and switch between the two
  3. I went on the Death Pleatue (Sorry bout spelling)and go where you fight the troll named "Dad" or something like that and go north and you can kill trolls there, not a multi-cmb area, and they are only melee
  4. Wow dude, nice, I'm gunna get 90 str now so I can GWD with you and Nate when I get members again.
  5. Probably won't be on much today, or tomorrow. Got a new Goal, 90 Str!!!, details will be later on
  6. Good Luck on your goals, 70 Prayer will come lol Thanks for posting on my blog
  7. Thanks :thumbsup: Thanks lol spent 4.4m on it #-o , gl on 99wc, fletch and 69 con, 70 prayer will come easy after that
  8. Stealing Creation and keep with your longbows
  9. Rc definitely, 2x cosmics are good and running nats is also great money, never have done deaths so don't know about them
  10. Actually yes, it is 50% so say normally if someone would hit a 10 on you, if you used the respective prayer they would only hit a 5
  11. Well, I'm F2p now after being P2P for 5 years, and I want to make money, and I know merchanting is a good way to make cash, I just need a guide for it, I currently have around 2m left(after buying 2 of everything I need)
  12. That guide does work, and as mentioned above get double of everything, it just recently happened to me too
  13. Wow, GOOD LUCK on trio hilt, your gunna need it :thumbsup: on another note, who's this narb Rsw44 fellow? :?
  14. Use Kent's Guide or just do slayer, it truly does bring in a lot of charms, cmb xp and cash
  15. 1. Cut willows at draynor for fastest f2p xp, sell at 60 or 65 (whatever the level for them are) for a little bit of profit(unless you want to burn for firemaking) then cut yews 2. Just kill things like a cockroach(drop a few rune items) 3. Merch 4. Do what others say EDIT: 5. Become member and string flax and other things
  16. You'll do fine, I was obsessed with it for a while a few months ago, I was a lower level with only like 52 prayer and I never died do what Joe said and you should be fine unless something freaky happens
  17. I too have heard from a good friend that Unis are useful, he recently got 88 and has used a uni at GWD and he absolutely loves it
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