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  1. I think their adding on a desert and I think they might be adding on to the elf storyline
  2. Green kills because of amount of money needed per pouch unless you refund them for the 70% back, blues are extremely rare, I'd personally say Crimsons, though I'm not a summoner anymore, at waterfiends or the good ol' slayer tasks
  3. Helped "mentor" a new player, made him a full set of steel, taught him how to fish, but then he had to log off, while getting the bars for armor noticed this noon selling an account, obviously reported him Thought it was pretty funny, told him he was reported and then he just kept at it
  4. Gratz on Narb 80 fletching Guess what, might be getting members back \ \ \
  5. IDK if its either, I'll check on it for you
  6. Aye, if you can get the SS get it, if you can't get dscim and go to armoured zombies, heard they really good, or go to ankous with Salve Ammy(e) if you can
  7. Seeing if I can get another subscription for member's, if I do obtain it I am going to work on full void, and then 70 summoning
  8. 1. Cockroaches 2. Ankous 3. Fleshies I use these, and it's not too bad, but then again I'm a higher level, so if I were you I'd so Fleshies in SOS
  9. Yes, it is worth it, unless it's your life savings, which I don't think it is
  10. Congratz, hopefully I can get to your range party : Nate has no clue what he's talking about ;)
  11. you can't have anything that affects your combat bonuses equipped or in your inventory You can have jewelry but that's it
  12. Congratz, but sorry I don't know the drop rate
  13. OK, you have no clue as to why I stopped being members so don't be calling me cheap..... How is this supposed to help?
  14. Make sure you have no weps. and go to draynor boating area and talk to the monks
  15. Ok So I've been a F2P for around a month now, and I was wondering if there is any way to actually have fun while on F2P?
  16. It took me about 1:15 also, get your agility up to 30, use bull ants, and i took pouches, scrolls, axe, pick, spottier cape, boots of lightness, if you take the axe and pick then you can get through faster, I ran the whole time and did the whole glory thing EDIT: Take 1 piece of food, so you don't die
  17. As mentioned above, no you can't really make a profit, you either equal out or lose money
  18. Well, today is the Superbowl, won't be on much but I'm gunna try Clw for some xp, if I can't get into a big war then it's back to ankous and flshies
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