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  1. Why does everyone say this? I have close stats to him and I wreck just about every pure that I fight...just get some str pots, full rune and a rune scim you'll be fine. Turn on the attack and strength prayers toward the end of the fight when you want to hit high for a KO. Go past level 20 wildy because most of the pures that I've fought (not all) seem like 8 year old kids who call you a "sad safer nub" then run away or tele when they can't hit through your defense.
  2. Where do you go to find how many blackmarks you have? I tried to look for it but I couldn't find it.
  3. I've learned that when I bury some bones I merely have to shove them at the ground. I've learned that I can store 140 kilograms of granite in my back pack.
  4. You obviously didn't learn basic English grammar. But what I learned is that when someone kills me I drop random [cabbage] that i didn't know I had.
  5. If I did my math right, spending all of those on law tele tabs would (eventually) leave you with over 20 million RC xp. That's a lot. Nice job. Big number/10
  6. I can't find the part where he asked anything about merchanting clans in his post. But to the OP, not many people will be willing to reveal their merchanting secrets. But you should probably gain a little more money through skilling or slayer or something before trying merchanting.
  8. Nice guide! But after I've finished fixing all the machines, the easter bunny Jr. isn't in his dad's office. Any ideas of where else he could be?
  9. I have low def, and I haven't done enlightened journey so when I'm P2P I do double cosmics. You should probably do laws through the abyss or balloon though if you can.
  10. Meet and have a good conversation with every person worth meeting. Maybe all 99s too.
  11. 10/10, holy poop. But definitely do a best of bank (or two or three, because you probably can't fit everything good in one)
  12. ??? I used like 50k ess from 44 to 66 crafting cosmics, laws and nats. So my guess would be 25-35k ess.
  13. I've gotten double of everything I think I'll use when I'm f2p...do you think theres anything else I'll need to do?
  14. Ok, so I have 1 day of members credit left. I'd like to keep rcing for the last few hours, but I have no idea how long I have and I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of super energy pots in my bank that I can't sell. Will I just log out when the credit runs out? Will it run out at the same time that I signed up for members? Or just at midnight? Thanks.
  15. I prefer double cosmics after 59, as I have low defense and can't be bothered to do the Lunar quest. I will eventually, but I've only got like 5 hours of membership left.
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