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  1. Weird selection of clips, and the zammy armour was getting on my nerves after a bit. It seemed a bit too chop-change for my liking. Those clips of BH got me excited for a second hehe. Not too bad, just could have been much better.
  2. It was written. And it happened. Needless to say I did not kill Jad. Good news: I didn't miss 1 prayer switch until he meleed me to death :)
  3. I have had so many missed k0es over my career. When I stopped pking I deleted nearly all of my vids/pics so this is one of the few I have left. (I got it last week when I renewed my mems to do a little p-king) Yeah I pk with anchor, wanna fight about it? :P
  4. All 99 skills All minigame ranks maxed All quests completed All emotes unlocked All music unlocked Champions' Challenge completed White Knights' Master rank All highest ranks in Barbarian Assault Possess all Beacon Network rewards Possess enough Castle Wars tickets to buy the highest level equipment (or all at once, not sure yet) Possess all Chompy bird hats x3 if you include all my accounts :P Possess all Circus items Possess all Pest Control items x3 Also Completed Rogues Trader miniquest Possess all Great Orb project clothing rewards Possess Lumberjack outfit Possess all Trouble Brewing outfits Completed Barbarian Training Completed Bar Crawl Unlocked all Balloon Routes Completed Ghostly Robes miniquest Completed Hunt for Surok Completed Knight Waves Completed Mage Arena (all 3 spells) Completed Shadow Sword miniquest Completed Tarn's Lair Unlocked the Abyss Unlocked Mogres Completed Varrock Museum Completed Wizard Burial Possess Builder's outfit Possess Pilot's outfit Possess all Treasure Trail items Burn 500 Vyrewatch Unlock Slayer Helmet Unlock Slayer Rings Unlock Broad Bolts Fire capex4 (pl0x add this to your list) I feel like I should have done a lot more than I have. A complete list would be a great goal to me but I feel there is still much more to be added to this list.
  5. Well it has been over a month now without playing. Just tidied up the blog a bit because January and February were lacking in information. I went all out for 4 days before my mems ran out in Feb and got from ~125 QP to 175 and got Barrows Gloves. I still browse the tip.it forums daily but I no longer post much. I am thinking of playing RuneScape again but I'm not sure. Check out the blog I made in January for my account Ch0mpyhunter, I got 4k chompy bird kills in a week at the lowest possible combat level. here
  6. I might aswell reserve a spot for when I start playing again and wanna post a pic :
  7. For those of you who are saying witty 1 liners about rwt, say something constructive or dont bother posting. I doubt rwter's would bother losing 1/2 their effort or have to double their price if something like this was implamented. They already use tzhaar, bounty hunter and other methods which dont involve losing 1/2 the money; so as long as these options are still around rwt won't have to resort to doing 2x the work or making people pay 2x as much for their gold. I also doubt most of the cheaters who do buy gold would be willing to pay 2x as much for it. Good idea Myweponsg00d, I'll put it on the main post as an alternative.
  8. I like the "Only usable in PvP worlds" idea, but I think they need to degrade more like barrows so they need to be repaired. Plus maybe a bit more expensive than barrows to repair.
  9. I was talking to my mates at school and we were trying to figure out ways to keep pvp profitable and not completely based on chance. Amungst other things, we came up with an idea that we think would keep the pkers fairly happy whilst still preventing rwt. The idea is to give players 45-55% of the loot that the dead player was carrying whilst still giving random drops alongside it. Obviously you cannot split items so the drop you get would be a few random pking items that add up to about half the value of what your opponent lost. So if your opponent lost a D-Chain you might recieve an amulet of fury or a Berserker Ring + Guthix Platebody. Along side this there will still be the chance to get random drops such as food, arrows, potions etc. Just they should lower the drop rate of the higher end items to stop people abusing the system Thats about all I can think of for now, but I would love to hear all of your ideas! Post ways you think you could improve on this idea and I will include good suggestions into my post(obvcourse with credit to whoever suggested it). So lets get the ball rolling with a few ideas to improve this PvP drop catastrophe. Cheers, -Laurie. Alternate ideas: Myweponsg00d Have the players drop Honor coins. You can spend these at a PvP vendor to buy items unique to the PvP scene. The ammount of coins dropped depends on factors similar to the ones currently in place. It also could be interesting if players could "sign up" to represent a specific team on a PvP world, allowing for some more interesting and fun rewards that could be obtained only by getting "blue/green/red/yellow honor coins" Make the rewards unsellable but USEFUL for PvP purposes in mind.
  10. Well considering it has happened to me 3 times, the first 2 times I slowly worked back and accumulated far greater wealth than the previous time. But the 3rd and most recent has made me quit indefinately (Yeah I know I log in for a few minutes each day but I have some friends who dont use msn etc. and I still have 12 days of mems left :? )
  11. I'm semi-retired now, I will come on maybe once per week or so to check up and stuff or go on a welfare pking trip with my mates but thats about it. A big thanks to everyone who supported my blog! :thumbsup: Couldn't have done everything without your support. : :cry:
  12. I know that feeling all too well. I had that feeling on my old account so I quit that account ans started playing this account because I found it fun to train a new account. But that quickly wore off when I was at about 95 Strength, I was contemplating quitting but I just couldn't bring myself to stop. Earlier this week I was keylogged and lost all of my gold. That was a good enough excuse to quit :thumbsup:
  13. What is the most profitable setup these days?
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