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  1. I agree. It's been pointed out an endless amount of times, and the reality is that we know and whoever does it accepts it. Much more interesting to see people discuss different methods of going for 5B XP. :thumbsup:
  2. It's about time he stepped down! :rolleyes: But I'm glad they got what they wanted. Nice to see it happen. It's too bad Saudi Arabia brides it's people. They've got mediveal like society there (economics more in the 21st century though). That would be a next big place that seems to need a protest. So does China, but it's not an Arab country and I doubt they'd do anything.
  3. Well for that beach-side look you're going for...it might be a longshot, but I've seen some very nice white walls fit in perfectly for a beach setting. Something like this: [hide][/hide] So you should either use snow or wool...depending on the texture pack of course. It sounds dumb to use snow, but it'll LOOK like beach-side property. That's BRILLIANT! Thanks Gio <3: I'll start building when I get back from school :lol:
  4. Spent three hours exploring the cave labyrinth underneath my future building. Lot's of things down there, found 7 diamonds in the process, and I probably explored roughly 20% of the entire thing. :blink: Still lost on what building material to use. I probably should just roughly make small buildings to test out different things...
  5. I definitely agree with this. Although three years older, I've always had a decent level of common sense to realize limits to doing certain things through out my teen years. If I was placed in the position of that girl, I'd actually have the intelligence to tell me that there is a high level chance that someone bad would probably go down. If the girl is actually going to accept seeing this guy and even have sex with him... honestly? That's just her (well, both of them). Maybe she has daddy issues if she's actually willing to do a 54 year old dude or just desperate to follow some sex fad at school, I don't know. It's basically both their faults and they both have issues. The guy thought a videogame wedding real and was willing to do a young teenager, and the chick lacked common sense and has something for doing old dudes. They both need help :mellow:
  6. Fix'ed it for ya. And I think he's going to INVEdit if I remember correctly. Sorry about that. Going blind today :wall: And yep, I'm using INVEdit. It would be TORTURE without it :unsure:
  7. I decided on what I'm building. It's not the picture I posted earlier but it's a design that I made that is more of a coastal tourist viewing area. It'll have a deep underwater viewing area as well as ontop. Hope it'll work out alright :^_^: Should I use Planks, Iron Ingrots, Stone or something else to build my base? I have the underlying concept about how to build one of my designs, but I'm not sure what main material to use :unsure: Any suggestions? Shovel, love the building. :thumbup: Wish we could see it with the sandstone though :(
  8. Jailbait ;) OT: Thought it was decent quest. Jagex is making a lot shorter quests these days, which I don't like. It had a better story line then the last quest they made which was good. Also, the toggle filter is a joke. Alls I have to say is "OH BOY! Here we go... yet again..." :mellow:
  9. I used MCedit to quickly strip mine and, well, there were tons of pots, but the most interesting thing I saw was a group of squids. Probably displaced them when I removed the water. And thanks for the compliments. I'll do my best to build it well!
  10. I hope this thread is ok to ask questions on... So my hair is getting pretty long... Planning on getting a hair cut soon. The only problem is that I have no idea what hair style I should go for. I really like medium to long style hair, have to straighten my hair and I really really really want it to stay straight and not curl (and stay flat too!) Current hair style: Also, well I'm at it: does anybody know anything that helps make hair less curly or even just helps it gradually become naturally straight? If not, invent it just for me? <3:
  11. :rolleyes: Anyway, I pretty much saw expected this to happen and it's just as I remembered it! Kind of sad that people are actually falling for stupid things like these. Oh well, I guess for now I'll just run around yelling "Scam, scam, scam!" :shades:
  12. [spoiler=Design]] It didn't scan very well... <_< I just really enjoy drawing with wood, so that's why it's straight line for the most part. Have a few others, but too lazy to scan them. Gunna start building it soon. Ya, that's what I meant. Not my personal army, I know, I know.
  13. Is there anything I can use that allows to me completely change my world map? I want to have a decent sized island, but not so big that it's a continent. My idea, really, is to make an island fortress or just make some of my 2d picture designs into fortresses. I should scan them in to show you guys! They might actually pose a challenge to build and are pretty impressive |^_^|
  14. Merchanting got better for items like ely/div/rares, but much worse for everything else. It took a week but the margins on the regular items before the update are now *very* small to the point that merching is slower cash/hr than other sources. So it is a huge hit for people without buyables done, but not so much if they weren't merching before. Trust me, that sucks just as much for me lol. That means I can no longer get good money if I ever decided to merch. 600+ tds kills so far, no effigies or claws or anything yet, frost bones went from 14k to 22k ea, meaning I now need over 6b for 200m prayer (something negative always happens for the skill that I'm training to 200m). Oh, and, unlike other top players, no donations for me AT ALL. No luck ftw? And don't even suggest staking, with my luck I'll lose a 500m stake against a lvl 80 with 99 str or something lol. In other words, no choice but to give up on 200m prayer, and I've gone back to 7 hours of sleep since I'm fed up of waiting on that guinness record to be placed. Hooray. :( Why not try to plow through slayer and farm for herbs at the same time? It might take awhile, but at your speeds, you could probably rack up millions by the end of the month. Or even max dungeoneering and use your points to farm Frost Dragons yourself? I think you're in a win-win situation here :thumbup:
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