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  1. So yeah, Gratz on 98 cutting skillz yeah ....... :) and happy christmas eve eve and a happy new years w00t :mrgreen: * :-# Foaming at the mouth :-# * <3
  2. Well there you go I completely Re-Read and Edited it for you. Also for cash you can run snape grass its like 170k/Hour.
  3. Thanks. I'm working on the pictures, any suggestions on the "stuff"? Stuff Long term goals/short term goals / bank pics/ outfits / history / daily information, like what you accomplished this day or that day. stuff like dat
  4. [img=http://i37.tinypic.com/29zzjmr.jpg] there you go just copy the code above.
  5. big picture i suggest boxing the stats pic and cop to...*insert title of pic* and then go to http://www.tinypic.com and upload it there, instead of that huge blank space, anyways good luck with those cooking lvls \ :thumbsup:
  6. you could of saved those post and put that in the first post[thread], anyways goodluck ill give you a free bump
  7. i freaking love this guide, very well done
  8. ~Account History~ I'll write this later. ~Goals~ ?/?/?? - (Skill format) 1/1/60 - Strength 1/1/16 - Attack 1/40/60 - Magic 1/14/31 - Prayer 1/28/99 - Hitpoints 1/25/41 - Mining 1/34/61 - Woodcutting 1/38/50 - Firemaking Level Ups ~ No Pics ~ [hide=Firemaking][/hide] ~ No Pics ~ [hide=Mining][/hide] ~ No Pics ~ [hide=Woodcutting][/hide] ~ No Pics ~ [hide=Ranged][/hide] ~ 4 Pics ~ [hide=Prayer] [/hide] ~ 2 Pics ~ [hide=Hit points] [/hide] ~ 3 Pics ~ [hide=Magic] [/hide] ~ No Pics ~ [hide=Strength][/hide] [hide=Quest Log]Doric's Quest The Knight's Sword Priest in Peril Restless Ghost Cook's Assistant One Small Favour Death Plateau Troll Stronghold Jungle Potion Rune Mysteries Drudic Ritual Shilo Village Horror From The Deep[/hide] Will finish after school, also give feedback on how i can make this blawg better.
  9. Wow good luck! did you know that you need 40 cb to go to pest control? hehe coming in this post ;) OMG tell mewhat the project is! :XD: :lol: shall be soon ;) NAO!! Sure =) So, here are some hints for my secret project! watch the transactions i've made and my outfit at the end ;) should give you a hint :) <-- Highest cash amount ever held! :D got 34 and 35 herby from tears of guthix =) Etp yeah i know i gotta br 40 cb for pc, i got a plan on achieving 40 combat and then ill start the longest and epuc[est] part of meh journey to 99 hp
  10. havent seen this intense blawg since like eva, nice blawg :mrgreen:
  11. good luck on your goals man, good start, needs more pics and stuff but its aight :mrgreen:
  12. nice blawg and good luck :mrgreen: 75 in all stats will be one heck of a challenge.
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