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  1. I finally updated my blog after months of neglect. I realized how bad I am at making these things, so any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Very nice blog. I hate to admit it, but that picture of a monkfish almost made me wet myself. Keep up the good work. ~Csa
  3. Very nicely done. I think you will find titans to be more useful than bunyips for certain activities, such as monster hunting. I also like to use them during slayer tasks where I either don't need too much healing, or where it is multi combat. They are amazing for dagannoth taks at the light house. Sorry for digressing. ~Csa
  4. Very nice guide. I don't have the adze, and I'm terrible at woodcutting, but it was a fun read, and very thorough. I look forward to more guides in the future. 10/10
  5. Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, I'm getting close to 99 attack. Here are the pics of 85 slayer and 98 attack. The 85 slayer "party" failed because nobody gratzed at the right time, but thanks to everyone who came.
  6. Please stop flaming, if you don't like my guide, don't post. I realize some people like to solo hybrid instead of suiciding, that's fine. This is a suiciding guide, if you want to make a solo hybrid guide, go ahead, but please don't flame my guide. ~Csa
  7. Sorry I haven't posted, yesterday was pretty bad. I got 84 slayer, but lost my torso at fire giants (don't laugh). I spend all day today getting it back. Anyway, here's 84 slayer:
  8. I saw you talking about 99 firemaking earlier today. Very nice, and good luck on 99 smithing. OT: I'm going for 99 smithing as well, if you know how many hammers are needed for 88-99 could you pm it to me here, please?
  9. Wow, amazing blog, it's been around for forever. Gratz on 99 attack, you owned me there. Good luck with the rest of your goals.
  10. I got 82 slayer yesterday, just didn't get around to posting it. One more till mages!
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