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  1. I finally updated my blog after months of neglect. I realized how bad I am at making these things, so any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Very nice blog. I hate to admit it, but that picture of a monkfish almost made me wet myself. Keep up the good work. ~Csa
  3. Very nicely done. I think you will find titans to be more useful than bunyips for certain activities, such as monster hunting. I also like to use them during slayer tasks where I either don't need too much healing, or where it is multi combat. They are amazing for dagannoth taks at the light house. Sorry for digressing. ~Csa
  4. Very nice guide. I don't have the adze, and I'm terrible at woodcutting, but it was a fun read, and very thorough. I look forward to more guides in the future. 10/10
  5. Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, I'm getting close to 99 attack. Here are the pics of 85 slayer and 98 attack. The 85 slayer "party" failed because nobody gratzed at the right time, but thanks to everyone who came.
  6. Please stop flaming, if you don't like my guide, don't post. I realize some people like to solo hybrid instead of suiciding, that's fine. This is a suiciding guide, if you want to make a solo hybrid guide, go ahead, but please don't flame my guide. ~Csa
  7. Sorry I haven't posted, yesterday was pretty bad. I got 84 slayer, but lost my torso at fire giants (don't laugh). I spend all day today getting it back. Anyway, here's 84 slayer:
  8. I saw you talking about 99 firemaking earlier today. Very nice, and good luck on 99 smithing. OT: I'm going for 99 smithing as well, if you know how many hammers are needed for 88-99 could you pm it to me here, please?
  9. Wow, amazing blog, it's been around for forever. Gratz on 99 attack, you owned me there. Good luck with the rest of your goals.
  10. I got 82 slayer yesterday, just didn't get around to posting it. One more till mages!
  11. I forgot to post this yesterday. Anyway, I got 600k attack xp and made number 8 on the daily top 10 for runescript. Sorry I missed the pic of that.
  12. This is my first guide, and I would appreciate CC (constructive criticism). If you don't like my guide, and you want to flame it, back up your flames and make your own guide, don't just flame for no reason. I will be taking new pictures with the screen smaller (soon). Hi, this is a guide for suiciding at the Dagganoth Kings. From now on, the Dagganoth Kings will be referred to as the "DKs". The DKs are three powerful kings who live in a lair deep in Waterbirth Island. One popular method of killing them is to stand in a safespot and attack the melee king (Rex) with magic. If you want to kill the DKs, this is not the guide for you. This can be though of as an addition to a Dagannoth Rex guide. For the soloist to get into position, he/she must first get pass Dagannoth Prime and Dagannoth Supreme. Here is where you come in. Your job will be to distract the two kings while the soloist gets into position. And now for the rest of the guide. [hide=Table of Contents]1. Table of Contents 2. Getting There 3. Equipment 4. Technique 5. FAQs 6. Credits[/hide] [hide=Getting There]The DKs are located in a remote lair on Waterbirth Island. The two easiest ways to get to there lair are to teleport to Camelot and walk/run north. This is the yellow line on the map. The other way is to teleport to your house, located in Relekka, and walk north. This is the purple line on the map. You must then board a boat, and follow the red path on Waterbirth Island until you reach the "!" sign. If somebody that is good at editing would like to crop this, I would appreciate it. I will give you credit at the bottom of the guide. Once you get to the end of the red path, you will find yourself looking at a cave-like entrance. It will look something like this: You should then enter this. I will now give a written description of the path you should take, with key rooms shown. Below that, I will put all of the rooms, in order, if you didn't understand the written description. When you first enter, you will be in a room with a lot of dagannoths. Run East until you reach a set of doors. To open these doors, one person must stand on each circle pressure pad, and then click on the open door command. The next room is filled with giant rock crabs. They won't hit you very hard, so you can walk through this section if you want to. You will eventually end up at a door. You cannot open this door, and you cannot break it down. To get past it, use a rune thrownage special on the *WESTERN* door. Next, turn on protection from magic and head down the ladder. You will be in a room of wallasakis. Run East and down the ladder. You will be in a room with range-based dagannoths. Use protection from range. Next, run up the ladder. You will be in a giant rock crab room. You should not use a protection prayer. You may walk here if you want. Head to the SouthEastern ladder (there are two ladders in this room) and go down. You will be in a room with range based dagannoths now. Turn on protection from range, and head West. Now, go down the ladder, and turn on protection from mage. The next few rooms have wallasakis. Head West, and climb up the ladder there. The next room is simple. There is one wallasaki, and the ladder is right in front of you. Head down this ladder. In the next room, there are wallasakis again, and a ladder to the South. Run to this ladder, and climb up. Okay, you're almost done. You'll be at a room with giant rock crabs. You can walk here if you want, and you do not need a protection prayer. Head East until you reach a ladder. Climb down the ladder and turn range protection on. Run East and then a bit North until you see a ladder. Run up this ladder, and continue north. Then, climb down the ladder and run NorthEast with protection from melee on. Once you climb down that ladder, hide behind it so that the rock lobsters cannot attack you. You should be in about this spot: Here you can safely give supplies to the soloist if he/she needs any. I have pictures of all the rooms, but I can't seem to upload them correctly. I will put them here later.[/hide] [hide=Equipment]When you are suiciding at DKs, even though you are supposed to die, there are some things you need to wear/bring. Here is a sample inventory of what I might bring: I bring the pizzas as food so I don't die immediately, and so that if the soloist loses some hitpoints before entering, he/she doesn't need to waste any of his/her supplies. The prayer potion is, again, for the soloist, so he/she doesn't need to waste supplies. The spirit terrorbird scrolls are for unlimited run. You should either bring bull ant scrolls, spirit terrorbird scrolls, or hop in the energy pool from "As a First Resort". I don't think that it is worth it to bring super energy potions. The rune thrownaxes are for the doors. You need two in case one of them does not work. You should bring at least some sort of armor. I wear proselyte, but rune is also good. Anything other than rune or proselyte is either inadequate, or overkill.[/hide] [hide=Technique]Once you are actually at the lair (just follow the path from rock lobsters, and go down the first ladder) you can't just run in and die. First,a llow the mage to enter and attack Rex. Then, after about two or three seconds, you should enter with mage prayer on and attack Supreme. After you have hit Supreme about three times, go and attack Prime a few times. I like to hit each one about six times in total. Then, I will run north, and die. It should look something like this: [/hide] [hide=FAQs]None yet[/hide] [hide=Credits]Kota21-great DKer and good friend Dragonkng198-let me suicide for him to get pictures Jagex-created Runescape (duh) Swiftkit-map, and general usefulness (I made the lines on the map) You-for reading, and hopefull posting, on my guide[/hide]
  13. Just got 81 slayer, and I joined my friend's merching clan. If you are interested in join, just go to to www.gagesociety.com and apply. Anyway, here's the pic.
  14. Well, as Mlll said in the title, I am now unmuted. Also, I got 92 hp and 94 attack yesterday, getting 121 combat.
  15. Keep getting frieking waterfiend tasks I can't skip! Anyway, I got 92 hitpoints and 121 combat. If I use my charms later today, I should get 79 summoning and 122 combat.
  16. I agree with pantim. The bunyip and terrorbird are good, cheap familiars, but the fire titan? It requires blue charms, has an expensive secondary ingredient, and you must use the scroll to get anything useful from it. Like pantim said, the pak yak, steel titan, and unicorn are by far the best, however, the bunyip and terrorbird still have some uses. The charm collecting section is terrible. My personal favorite way to get charms is slayer, but waterfiends are the best. I know that rock lobsters are faster than waterfiends, but they are much more expensive. Include at least some basic information about leveling. There are many spelling mistakes, and your answers to the "I don't train summoning" questions are terrible. If you actually want to waste your time making 40k with red spider eggs, you're too poor to train summoning correctly. The grammar and spelling in this guide made my eyes bleed. The pictures were poorly cropped at best. If you're going to write a guide, please make sure that your information is accurate, you have something more than a rudimentary understanding of the material, and that the guide is well organized, and the pictures are nice. I'm not going to waste my breath telling you that this guide as good, because, clearly, it is not. If you want to see a good summoning guide, check out Inuashakent's guide. He has details about all the pouches, uses for every familiar, cost approximations for 99 summoning, walks you through the training, and has charm drop rates for all of the good charm droppers. Also, he has nice pictures. Please, do the community a favor and stop making guide, you are doing nothing other than misleading us. ~Csa
  17. Finally got 80 slayer! New task is bloodvelds, which will help me pass up Mlll in experience, and will give me enough points to buy slayer helm! I'm so excited!
  18. Sorry my sig is messed up, I don't actually get 700k xp every day. By the way, here's a purty pic:
  19. Finally uploaded 90 attack, and a lot of slayer levels today. Also, I added hide tags. Thank you for the posts everybody.
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