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  1. Glitch articles are always fun to read. I don't think I liked the second one much. When I was new I didn't care too much if my friends or anyone congratulated me on leveling, as log as I got a response I was happy. And when people use quick chat to say there level, I don't think anyone is bragging. I say it to show that I read what the person said, and just to show my own level. I do it even if my level is lower.
  2. 1. I might start saying some of those phrases now. But I must say the original skippy article was truly hilarious. 2. Hahahahaha, I've had sooo many Runescape dreams. I have them when I play Runescape like for a bunch of hours before I go to bed. They always involve someone dying and me getting their loot; like Barrows stuff and Dragon armour. I've even had these dreams after the gravestone update. But I'm not addicted to Runescape, during the summer I only play like once every few weeks. I used to put it first if I was playing it with friends over going to movies and such, but now I've moved to social stuff over Runescape. I fact I really only play Runescape on the weekends through the school year, and that's only when I don't have cross country and Track meets or homework. If anything I'm addicted to running, so I think I can play Runescape in my off time if I wish too.
  3. I've played Wow for like a summer a year ago, and it beats RS in a lot of things. But unlike RS it get old really fast. Both have grinding but RS gets big updates more often to change up the pace. In WoW you do the same things over and over again. The only thing fun is it's more cooperative then RS. But if you don't have a group of friends you can always go and play with it gets lame fast. I played it with my brother for a while and that was fun, but when he wasn't online it was extremely boring. Then I got two levels higher then him and it became almost impossible for us to do quests together. There is such an absurd difference between level 35 and level 38 in that game. They made the game so once something is 10 levels higher then you, you can't possibly ever kill it. It was fun to have classes and coop, but honestly there isn't much to do in it. Runescape in my opinion is the better game.
  4. I liked the first two and I don't read the fictional articles ever. In the first article I agree people should stop complaining so much, although I'm kinda complaining right now, and I also agree that low level quests are the best.
  5. I love the rs music. It just adds to the comical atmosphere of Runescape.
  6. I remember when i first started playing this game; my high leveled friend told me to just mine rocks and give him all the gems I found. Eventually I wanted to smith the ores I had and some other high level I met gave me a hammer. I thought that was cool. I didn't understand the math parts of the second article, mainly because I've never taken statistics. But I did read the conclusion and it sounded good.
  7. I would like to know the qualifications for the beta... Are they going to choose members who have had a year of member ship or like have been playing Runescape since classic?
  8. I liked the first article. I've been wanting to fight some boss monsters, but I don't know if any can be maged. I liked the second one too. I like MMG telling us stuff in his chat, but I do wish they released more updates. I have heard a rumor that Jagex is working on another MMO, which could explain the slowing down of updates, and the more maintenance type of updates. The third article was good. I like hearing about older players who play the game. I don't usually read the fictional articles.
  9. I wish my name didn't have numbers in it. I blame it on my friend who rushed me when I was making my account and told me my name doesn't matter.
  10. I like the idea of letting RSC be able to be played by all. But I don't like the idea of a cheat server only. Maybe they could make a server with no cheats, but only members who have been members with no breaks in membership for like 3-4+ years can play on it. Also no black marks. Then they could make another server for all the people who want to go crazy with cheat codes. I don't have any problems with the idea of an item only for the people who are loyal to RSC could get, even if I can't get it.
  11. I choose the exp, unless its something really rare or good in the box. I'm disappointed that all the frog tokens that became random boxes, have no exp to offer me. I had like 21 of those in my bank too.
  12. I liked the first article. I try and calculate every thing before I do any training. It made me want to go test out different forms of mage bursting, and find a method to try fast but still come close to breaking even. I didn't read the second. I still haven't read any fictional articles. I never get around to it.
  13. The only two I really have known of is Zezima and NOvalyfe. Zezima may be putting his time into fun orb, but he's only like 3 levels from having the max total again. As soon as he gets 99 summoning, he'll be in second place in the overall high scores.
  14. I think it's a bad idea to delete a user name based on their progress in Runescape. I think every one here has forgotten that these names carry over to fun orb. So if some one makes a name just to use on Fun orb, does that make it ok to delete their account because you want their name for Runescape? That's not fair. If a good name is taken, you should just deal with it. I wanted the name Sirboots. I use that name for most my gaming stuff, but that was taken. I made an account called Sirrboots instead.
  15. What CampbellMC said that Mod MMG said, in my opinion, should be the BTS. That makes me feel like we shouldn't panic. Although a DDS would be nice to have. I disagree with the underground pass article. I think the agility obstacles made the quest have its difficulty. Sometimes the only way to make something hard, is to add a random chance it will happen. I did this quest with a friend and had a great time doing it. I never failed a obstacle with only 47 agility and I had fun watching my friend suffer through the quest with his 55 agility. The point of the quest in my opinion was to teach player how to navigate the pass, because in Regicide players had to do that like 3 more times. I didn't know you could get unlimited food at the end though. I was using the tip it guide, and I don't think I read anything about it... If there is unlimited food at the end. I think that should be taken out, to add to the difficulty and frustration. Any quest, no matter the frustration is much more fun with a friend, so I think more quests should be modeled after underground pass. As long as that quest lets you complete it with a friend. I don't like being taken to a room where I'm the only player. As much as I disagree with the author I liked the article. I didn't read the last article. I might go do that.
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