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  1. Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to test out steel burial armour and smelting steel and making steel plates and compare. I know you said to just go with iron but I can mine coal pretty quickly at the skele mine in lvl 9 wilderness with a coal bag.
  2. I want to DIY. No matter what I'm going to mine my own ores because I find it fun. I'm not looking to be as efficient as I can, but I want a liiiiitttttle bit of efficiency: should I mine coal and iron and smith steel III (or maybe steel I or steel II) burial armour or mine coal and mith (buying some of the mith) and smelt and make plates? Thanks for your comments so far! :)
  3. So my current smithing level is 73 and I'm f2p. I mine all my own ores. I want to train my smithing and get the most xp I can. Usually I mine coal and mith, superheat mith bars, make mith plates, then alch the plates. Using this method I get mining, smithing, and magic xp and I make a small profit but it takes a long time. I haven't tried Artisans Workshop, and I'm wondering how efficient it is? According to Tip.it's smelting/smithing planner I can get 389.4xp making burial armor-steel III (the highest grade burial armour I can make in f2p) - but how many ores does this require? And with Artisans Workshop, you put in the ores and don't get anything back right (but xp)? So I wouldn't be making any profit at all... profit is nice but I don't need any money. So which method is better? Thanks! ;)
  4. I'm F2P, my runecrafting level is currently level 54, and I'm looking to do some leveling. With all the gidgets and gadgets you can get from FOG and GOP to aid you when runecrafting, it can get quite confusing. I know I don't want to do tiaras- so what are the other most efficient ways of training runecrafting? Thanks! :)
  5. I don't know what I can say that will truly help, but know there are good people out there who care. I find that whenever I'm feeling depressed, I like to exercise- run, bike,or just kick a soccer ball around. The endorphines that release in your body when exercising can really help lift your spirits. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it helps to have an escape. Art, whatever. From what I gather from your original post you are a very good writer. If you feel you can't communicate with those around you- maybe try keeping a journal. :)
  6. Are you pointing out that the name isn't capitalized?
  7. The quest was short, but it was fun- and the new staff is pretty sick looking. :thumbup:
  8. But how many suicides get mentioned on the news? I mean, really. We have thousands of deaths, murderers, robberies, suicides, bad things in general, but not all that is on the news. So about the media coverage, check that off. Because it's highly unlikely the media will even make a story for a suicide when the Edwards scandal is going on. I disagree. If the story was "Person commits suicide", it wouldn't be a big story. But if the story was "Person commits suicide, online company ignores their plea for help" (which is how most media outlets would run it), it would be pretty big. Jagex did the reponsible thing. But how would they find that out? Jagex doesn't transmit their player's chat freely; so I don't know how they would find out he said that on RuneScape. I don't know this for sure, but I'm guessing when someone commits suicide the police run an investigation. While it's highly unlikely they'd look into Runescape just because the boy played it, you never know. Their is always that small possibility.
  9. While I agree completely with what others have been saying- that Jagex reacted as any other human should, let's look at this situation from another point of view. What if they hadn't done anything, and the boy had actually committed suicide? Not that the mainstream media cares much about Jagex, but the proposed situation would be the type of story that they love. "Major company ignore young boys plea for help and boy ends up dead." If Jagex hadn't reported this to the police and the boy had committed suicide and it was revealed that they had ignored the report, not only would there image be tarnished, but they could even have a lawsuit against them. In this sue-happy world that we live in it would not be unimaginable for the parents of the boy to try suing them- not that the parents would have a very strong case, but still. I'd also like to point out a very similar story for all you doubters. A few years ago a young Dutch Runescape player was hacked and committed suicide. Apparently, before he went through with the act, he posted about it on a forum. My link <- Link to forum post with full details (not the forum the boy posted goodbye message on)
  10. It's nice to see that people are keeping this thread alive. As for my goal, I'd like to eventually achieve 99 mining, but we'll see- It's been quite a while since I've trained it hardcore.
  11. Well, I created a thread called "The F2p General Discussion Thread". So, from now on, if it's not related to the list you can post there. Hopefully (crosses fingers), it won't get locked like the last attempt at such a thread.
  12. The Top 250 F2p Skill Total List has been the F2p general discussion thread for quite some time, but the on going discussion there has started to detract from the original purpose of the thread: the list. So, I have created this thread for you so you may have a place to post anything and everything you might have to say that is related to F2p. Feel free to post on your progress; any level ups, to debate the free game, etc. Enjoy!
  13. Could we make a request to a Mod to change the title? I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it was just a thought... :?: :D
  14. Congrats on getting your money back. I had something similar (or not?) happen to me last month. An old account of mine was unlocked, and it said I had negative membership credit when trying to log in, yet when I checked through account management, that wasn't the case. It said I had 0 days of Runescape and Funorb membership credit- which is not a negative number. Anyway, the morale of my story: I know I was pissed to at the time. EDIT: It's not really the "morale", more like "the point of my story"...
  15. There have been lots of reminders recently to keep this thread on topic. e.g. the post above: Animorph- you said you created a F2p general discussion thread, but it got closed. I'm assuming it was closed because whoever closed it felt this thread here already covered everything, but now we are being told to keep to the topic of the list (at least, that is what I believe is being said), so I believe a new thread is in order. Maybe a forum mod could comment on this? I don't want anyone to create another thread just to have it get locked again. I would create one, but I don't really think I'm qualified :???: , while I read this thread regularly, I've never even posted here before today.
  16. I don't know what Mauranius said- but people are never going to stop complaining. From how this thread has gone, I'm guessing what he said was rude, but, give him a break people; All of us at one point in are life have had a bit of a tantrum and bursted out. Quitting is probably a hard thing for him to do- I find it reasonable for him to get emotional. And, I'd like to point out that you can be grateful and still give constructive criticism. Most of the players on this forum realize that as F2pers they aren't going to get a lot of content. That doesn't mean they can't voice their opinion; Constructive criticism can help F2p get a better game; It lets Jagex know what the players would like, that way they can compromise, and then when they do update, which we understand won't be that often, the update is pleasing to the masses. I most definitely don't support ranting but just because Jagex is giving us a game for free doesn't mean we aren't allowed to disagree with them. I'd also like to point out that I am F2p, and if Jagex announced tomorrow that they were going to stop updating the F2p game I would be a little disgruntled because they have stated that they are going to give F2p a new skill in the future, but I would continue playing because I am fine with the game they have already created. Sorry if my post is a little OT.
  17. I'm a girl, and I have never seen a Twilight movie by choice. I've read the books and believe that there not that great-definitely not worth the hype. OT- If someone has bad hygiene, yeah, I will avoid them, but I don't avoid unattractive people. I admit I judge people, but I judge them on their personality and the way they treat others. I avoid people who only hang with the 'popular' kids, as if everyone else is below them, those who swear every other word (it bothers me to no end when people use the word "gay" as an insult), kids who don't care at all about their grades, kids who cheat, those who drink or do drugs, etc. Seeing as I'm in high school, everyone pretty much fits one of the above terms. <_<
  18. lionesshunt


    How anyone can stomach liver is beyond me.
  19. I agree with what everyone else has been saying- all the skills do not revolve around smithing; you can pretty much pick any skill and relate it to every other skill. Range_This11 put it perfectly:
  20. Yeah, look at this idiot: On a more serious note- If your bothered by the rants, don't visit the rant forum. It's as simple as that.
  21. I sent in a bug report. I'll wait a week and see what happens, if nothing does, I'll then try and contact billing support. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. :)
  22. I understand this all, but if I have negative credit on my account why isn't it being displayed as such? It says I have 0 days credit. How in the world am I supposed to know how much to pay for this so called negative membership, if they won't tell me how much. To me, this all looks to be a mistake made by Jagex- or perhaps a conspiracy to try and force people to buy membership. Gahhhh! This is just so frustrating! :wall: #-o :roll: :?
  23. Yes, the account was locked because they said it was stolen. I doubt it was, it was banned two to three years ago for being underage. The thing is, if it was hacked, and the hacker did have problems with the billing, the credit should be displayed as a negative number, but it says I have 0 days credit in membership for both Runescape and Funorb. I looked up "runescape negative credit" on youtube and all the people with negative credit on their accounts had a negative number displayed on the page where it shows you your credit.
  24. Can I do that?-I'm not a member, and I don't have access to the RSOF as a free player with over 12.5 million xp.
  25. An account of mine was recently unlocked. Each time I try logging into to play the game, it won't allow me and gives me a message. It says something along the lines of "you have negative membership credit" "log into the billing system to add credit to your account". I checked my membership credit through the home page, and it says I have 0 days of credit, which is not a negative number. I shouldn't be getting this message at all, I've never been a member on this account. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to get this message to go away so I can log in and play again?
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