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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Roluge


    well today has just started for me.. but.. it will start with me piss farting around the house until the shops open, buy a new portable dvd player for the work car.. wait around until 5pm, get in the car.. drive to work, work for 12 hours, come home and sleep.
  3. just sit back and watch tv, no rush.
  4. Oh.. you know.. 10mins here.. 10mins there.. pfft BS 24/7!
  5. the king of rock and roll, elvis presley (Y)
  6. happy birthday!

  7. most enjoyable skill: Slayer least enjoyable skill: Runecrafting easiest skill: Slayer/Combat hardest skill: For me, Runecrafting most money producing skill: Slayer/Runecrafting most prestigious skill: Runecrafting most pointless/worthless skill: Firemaking
  8. damn... was looking forward to the bcp skyrocketing..
  9. Do you think JaGex needs to fix up the Rants section of their forums, or do you enjoy the tasteless spam?
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