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  1. Oh cute, just delete it all, including the relevant information. Welp, my point still stands that 80 vs 85 is not the argument in its whole.
  2. So I went to the doc's today. 2 more weeks of light duty (instead of the month more that was originally planned) before I can pt for real again. Also, I'm now bald with a very shiny head.
  3. 1. Jesus 2. Buddha 3. Urukagina 4. Leo Tolstoy 5. Socrates
  4. Name one. dag kings As someone that does dag kings all the time, I disagree. I would absolutely rather have a unicorn and EE over an SGS when down there. I know almost everyone I go down with would agree with me. The SGS is just behind the times.
  5. I would put Marx as first on the most influential people in modern history list (maybe a couple much older people could beat him out, religious figures), but what he did wasn't bad, just how people interpreted it and what they did with it.
  6. hitler stalin Genghis khan Cooper Torquemada
  7. PI. And florida is pretty easy right now, yeah. But this is a navy base. We get to see garbage all around us. Mos is 6211, but you don't stay that forever. Kinda wish I did helicopter so I could do crew chief.
  8. I care, but physical condition is part of my job. I'm regularly tested on physical ability and lower body weight generally helps me perform better.
  9. So as some of you, and by some, i mean a select few from Shyla's chat that I actually talk to, know, I went and joined the military. First day as a Marine was Oct. 25. I've been away from the game since... about October 15. But who cares about that? I'm not going to turn this thread into a Q&A about USMC boot camp, but I'll probably answer questions as they're asked. And I'm not a fleet Marine, yet, so I can't really discuss that much. But I can discuss our shenanigans, and oh are there shenanigans. I'm currently stationed in Florida... at a naval base, learning all about how to fix big planes. It gets boring and repetitive. So of course we have to break the monotony somehow. Usually that's with drinking, fighting, or causing some kind of mayhem and injuring at least one of ourselves in the process. But I'll start with an upside. There's this tradition, see, called Mess Night. Basically, it's like a mini Marine Corps Ball where we all get together, in a designated uniform, and show comroderie by getting [cabbage]faced together and butchering our rich history due to the excessive alcohol intake. They are very rare, but our CO wanted to bring something fun to us with the piles of bland that we endure every day. So we had a mess night. It started with an hour of drinking, went through an entire night of hilarity (I won't discuss what happens there. If you really want to know, search google. There's an entire MCO dedicated to it.), and ended with me calling our executive officer a p***y because he wouldn't play beer pong against us because we'd already drunk all the beer. I have a picture of my delightful paint at the beginning of the night, which was later transfered to my pillow in a drunken stupor. One part of being a Marine is field day. If you've never heard of this, it's basically Marines putting meticulous housewives to shame with our abilities to clean. Weekly, we clean our rooms so spotless that a white glove fails to pick up dirt. Of course, simply cleaning is boring and we regularly spice it up somehow. One of our sergeants totes around a bull horn and yells at everyone. Another makes us stop periodically to come outside, scream something, and then do something to incite some hysteria before going back to clean. When those NCOs aren't watching over us, it still can get boring... so we decided to get ready in, as I've dubbed this picture, "Field Day Uniform in Traditional Manly Pose!" And now we've kinda hit why I'm back to playing. Usually, I'm very active in both our routines and the community. I volunteer at least twice a month, go drinking much more frequently, and PT twice a day. Or at least I did...until I got a hernia. Now I'm bedresting and waiting to heal, so I've got one last picture for everyone... NSFW, though if you've read this far you've already seen it. Once I start to get healthier, or if I manage to get hurt in a new or entertaining way, I'm sure I'll add to this at some point. Again, let's not turn it into a boot camp Q&A, but I will answer some questions.
  10. So you claw rushed some guy that was jusr standing there, don't post a kill message, and don't even bank/drop your teletab? Congrats, I suppose. If only loot were evident of work done and not situation, the wilderness would be a worthwhile place.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xks-sWl5Eb4 Checked through the thread and didn't see this. Kinda disappointing that the color is the only change, but when you see the gold you should probably tell Castle Wars to peek outside and maybe investigate the terrain under the warm, glowing ball in the sky and not the incandescent lights of his house...
  12. Nothing about pures at all, though. Kinda sad that the entire subculture of pkers was overlooked.
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