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  1. I think The Runescape Rebels is the right clan for you. We are an F2P & P2P based clan with a lot of events. We have no level requirements. All you need to join is a Runescape account. Members can host their own events, so there's always some activity. Some of the events we do: [*]Clan Wars (weekly) [*]Bounty Hunter [*]Castle Wars [*]Fight Pits [*]Blast Furnace [*]Fishing Trawler [*]Skilling Together [*]House Parties [*]Pest Control [*]Fist of Guthix [*]KBD Hunting (weekly) [*]Kalphite Queen Hunting [*]God Wars [*]Barrows [*]Revident Hunting [*]Barbarian Assault Remember, you can also host your own events! For more information, you can check out our recruitment topic.
  2. Good luck with all of your goals! We know you didn't fake the 99 Hunter (it says so in your sig :lol: ).
  3. I still have the account, but the hacker dropped my rune pickaxe, rune hatchet, about 52k, and full adamant. So there really is no way for me to recover. I don't really mind, though. I made a lot of mistakes when using that account.
  4. Hey, thanks a bunch! I've always thought Hitpoints was the best skill to use lamps on :thumbsup: . It's amazing how expensive black armour is compared to steel.
  5. Doom Wish11 Note: This is my first blog. RuneScape Introduction Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out my blog. I've just recently started a new account on RuneScape after being hacked for the 4th and final time. I'm currently training melee combat since I just can't stand skilling (A.K.A. clicking on iron rocks for 2 hours straight). I've always been a free player; I'm too much of a noob to become a member. Real-Life Introduction Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out my blog (again). My name is Ethan. I'm 13 years old and I play RuneScape (duh). My favorite sport is basketball. I'm in a mini-league with my friends right now. RuneScape is the only MMO I play. On the Wii, I play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Guitar Hero III: legends of Rock, Aerosmith, and World Tour. Goals and Achievements Right now my only goal is to get my Attack, Strength, Defence, and Prayer levels up to 40. Whenever I get a lamp, I use it on Hitpoints because that's the slowest skill to train. Here's my daily progress: [hide=Tuesday 01-20-09]Attack: 11 Strength: 11 Defence: 11 Prayer: 11 Hitpoints: 11[/hide]
  6. Try using an affiliate like onRPG or Miniclip.
  7. I always thought of miniwars as a war that didn't have any planning, preparation, or anything. Maybe two leaders met each other on an IRC and called all their members in for a quick war.
  8. Well I've heard of clans that are both warring and skilling based.
  9. lol, i'm going to go out on my back porch on watever day it is and when the time strikes, scream "I'M STILL HEEEERRRE!" Oh, yeah, the LHC black hole would evaporate before it sucked up the whole earth. US is safe :-)!
  10. Awesome tutorial! I've always preferred taking screenshots and making a slideshow in iMovie just because it's easier and (in my opinion) looks better.
  11. Hi, I was thinking about joining a skilling clan. But I have one question: What is a skilling war? Is it when two skilling clans compete to see who can get more iron ore (or something like that), or is it when two skilling clans actually fight like regular wars? I'm confused.
  12. Which do you think is more impressive? Getting 99 in a skill or getting the quest skill cape? Personally, I think it's the quest skill cape. Many of the quests require you to train your skills making it almost double the work, while training only means clicking on iron rocks and buying new pickaxes or killing NPC's almost half your level (I know this isn't always the case, but it sometimes is). But that's just what I think. What do you think?
  13. Google doesn't say anything about it. They usually have a warning somewhere by the link when they have found out that the website downloads harmful stuff (like viruses and spyware) onto your computer when you go there. I would think that Google would know by now, but I would scan my computer just to be safe.
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