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  1. Well, looking on the official quest page isn't IMO really helpful when doing a quest like Contact! All it says is: A high combat level is recommended Which means what ? - i would prefer rely more on the experience and recommendation from my fellow players.
  2. Hello When i read the Quest Guide before doing a quest i often have a hard time figuring out whether or not i'm strong enough to do the quest without too much trouble. So i would like to suggest that each of the Quest Guides also contain some sort of recommendation to how high a player's Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic and Ranged level should be before doing the quest.
  3. Hello I have a correction to the Ardougne Achievement Diary: Task M11: Catch a fish at the Fishing Platform using either a net or rod In the 'help text' it says that i should speak to an NPC called Jeb, however, when i did that i couldn't visit the fishing platform ! The NPC i talked to was Holgart who is situated near the spot where NPC Jeb is
  4. Hi guys I have come up with yet another suggestion for an improvement !!! I was sitting and looking at the potion table on the Herblore page and i got this idea: Wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to sort the table by type herb(s) instead of only displaying the table as it is now ! I have quite a few different herbs store in my bank and i would really like to see what i could my 1400+ toadflax for or the countless irit and ranarr herbs.
  5. Hi Cowman_133 I'm indeed very happy to know that suggestion wasn't far out in to the woods so to speak - as you seem to aprove my suggestion. At the end of the day all that really matters is to make Tip.it the best of all the fansites (which i think it already is btw !)
  6. Hi Guys Thnak you for participating in this rather interesting discussion :) I see your points and understand the problem - ie. we all have different preferences, so let's just put this discussion to rest !
  7. Hi Wisse I'm not sure how to make a better way of calculating the score of a piece of equipment - the Total in the link you have provided shows that the Helm of Neitiznot is marginally better than a Dragon med helm - i think the Total value should be a part of the comparison table, so users don't have to browse multiple pages. Also, to prove my point a bit more clearer then try to calculate the core stats (without the extras like Summoning) of the two helmets, because then you will see that: Dragon med helm: 129 Helm of Neitiznot: 127 This shows that the Dragon med helm is better without the bonuses ! - even though the Dragon med helm has a few penalties in magic and range. Then the question is: how much value should we put on the bonuses - ie is a strength bonus worth more than say higher defence against Slash ? I say this because when i look at equipment stats i tend to look more at the core stats than the added bonuses
  8. Hello I often become in doubt about what piece of equipment is better than another - of course i know a dragon long sword is far superior to one made from bronze, however, when it comes to equipment like helmets things can be a bit more tricky - at least for me ! A very good example is a Dragon med helm and Helm of Neitiznot http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?item1=2613&item2=6698&rs2item_tools=&compare=&submit=Compare My suggestion is that the equipment gets some sort of score and thereby make it just a bit clearer what is hot and what is not !
  9. Hello I often use the Item Comparison tool and it works like a charm, however, there is one minor detail which makes it a bit cumbersome. Example: I want to compare the stats on a bronze sq shield and an iron sq shield Now if i wish to switch the iron sq shield with a steel sq shield in order to compare this with the one made from bronze then i have start all over again ! Suggestion: Would it be possible to make a "Change Item" button, so i only have to change the item i don't want ?
  10. Hello all I use the bestiary every time i play RC and it's really great, however, there is one piece of information i would find really useful: A monster's weak spot ! Now i know that i usually can obtain this information if i read the notes, but i think it would be much better (ie. faster to get) if it was placed in a column on top where the information about whether a monster is Aggressive, Retreats etc. is stored. The column should say something like: |-----------------------------------------| | Weakness? Stab, Slash, Crush etc.| |-----------------------------------------| What do the rest of you think about this ? - please comment !
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