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  1. Okay, then i'll just have to remove the one i have right now and plant a new Jade Vine (and remember to only check its health) EDIT After i pruned it and left it to grow, it grew wild anyway, so there is no need to re-plant a new one !
  2. Hi I'm a little confused here ! If i prune it once and leave it for a while, will it grow wild then ?
  3. Hi I have planted a Jade Vine a few time in order to slay it to complete a hard task in my Ardougne Achievement Diary, however, i can't prune the Jade Vine in order for it to grow wild - maybe i'm blessed with exceptionally "green fingers", because the Jade Vine grows happily to its fully grown state and here my only option is to check its health ! I have read the small Jade Vine Guide, but it still left me pretty clueless ! Could anyone please help me out on this one ? Thank you in advance.
  4. Let me add to the pain ! I played the first three floors which, btw, was the most boring experience - i'd rather do something more exciting like watch paint dry ! Anyway, i spent like 1+ hour and i almost got a whopping 100 dungeoneering exp. - thank you for wasting my time Jagex :angry: Maybe it is because i don't get the rules of this mini-game which is causing my gaming experience to be ruined
  5. I'm sorry for hijacking ! I have just got Dagannoths as a slayer assignment and i would like to know what type of food i can bring noted as well as the type of food bring ?
  6. Hi All i can say it that getting clue scrolls from H.A.M members seems almost too easy - from my experience they drop'em all the time.
  7. Hi From my experience when thieving Master Farmers i have only noticed an improvement in the droprate for sweetcorn seeds and a slight improvement for tomato seeds and the almost total absence of potato seeds. I'm not sure whether or not Jagex have tweaked other seed drops. I think it is worth to mention that: 1. i haven't really grinded Master Farmers that much 2. i usually wear a Ring of Wealth
  8. Thank you for apparently NOT reading through the whole thread, before you deem it pointless
  9. I got 3 clue scrolls from pickpocketing 6 H.A.M members, so the drop rate of good stuff from lower leveled NPCs has really gone up - just too bad that i'm wayy tooo lazy to got on treasure hunt !
  10. Well, i'm using them: 1. to make tuna potatos 2. to get strange rocks However, that wasn't really my question !
  11. Hi I'm sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in. I have noticed that after i have completed the Buyers and Cellars + sub quests then it is almost impossible to get potato seeds as a drop from Master Farmers (i've actually had to buy the potato seeds i need !) Has anyone else had similar experience ? Suggestion: If completing Buyers and Cellars has more benefits (i'm aware that quality of drops becomes better from NPCs up to level 40) then we definitely should have a section for this in the Thieving Skill Guide.
  12. I voted for vBulletin even though i think the choice between vBulletin and IP.Board is kinda hard - i ultimately decided to vote for Vbulletin, because it was the first one i really loved to use, so i'll guess my vote was based more on "old loyalty" than anything else.
  13. Thank you for the fast reply :thumbsup:
  14. Hi I'm thinking of trying out Dungeoneering (mostly because it will ruins my ability to level skills i normally don't train much by "stealing" the exp. i get when doing Tears of Guthrix) I have read through the Dungeoneering guide, but i miss a section which clearly states what to bring ? (if any that is !) So my question is: Do i strip my character or equip for battle ? (I'm sorry for this stupid question, but i seriously don't know)
  15. Hi I really liked the article about Dungeoneering skill/minigame. I was quite amazed to discover that some players were outraged - personally i haven't had a change to try Dungeoneering yet, but when i read about it i didn't felt and urge to try it, because reading through the description, i too felt that it was basically just a minigame - so why bother ! I'm sure that i will try it (read: be forced to play it), because Jagex will probably change some of the requirements for quest to include a certain level in Dungeoneering in order to start ! But for me, that will be a bridge i'm waiting to cross until i get there.
  16. Hi I'm sorta amazed to find that tip.it is not considered a platinum site by Jagex and reading through the post in this thread i'm under the impression you think it has something to with advertising - well, if that is the case then sr3w them ! Too close affiliation with a certain site will only leads to loss of independence in the long run and that is exactly what they try to do ! Just look at what they are offering to their top platinum "cheerleaders" - now, who in here thinks that anything in life comes for free ? I can almost guarantee you that if Tip.it becomes a platinum site then it will only take a few tip.it times critical articles before a message arrives from Jagex (saying something like: "We're sorry to inform you that your exclusive trip to Jagex HQ has unfortunately been cancelled due to [insert unforeseen event here]") - even though they state that: Yeahh right and pigs can fly... just my 2c
  17. Hi I'm currently doing the Contact! quest and i need some advise on how to deal with the Giant Scarab. I have tried to use ranging twice, but that doesn't work for me - it still takes too little damage even though i now use my rune crossbow with broad tipped bolts. Since melee is not recommended, my only option is to use magic, but i'm a bit concerned that i don't have a high enough level nor the right gear ! - below is my intended setup (the best i've got :oops: ) Farseer helm Amulet of Glory Mystic top Mystic bottom Gloves -Barrows- Mystic Boots Mind Shield Guthix Cape Guthix Staff As you can see i intend to cast Claws of Guthix against the Giant Scarab Will this be good enough to return this over sized beetle to it maker ? What should i pray against with this setup ?
  18. Okay, thanks - now we all knows !
  19. Hi I'm sorry for being such an ignorant moron :oops: , but will anyone please tell me what a MA ring is ?
  20. Hi I'll agree on the fact that it DOESN'T MATTER whether or not you leave one slot open in you inventory you will get a stone regardless. To add to my experience in getting the rocks to the rest of you i can say that: Fishing: got 1st. rock after filling 1/3 of my inventory and the 2nd. came just as fast Mining: got the 1st. one after mining 10 gold rocks and the 2nd. after 30 gold rocks I'm currently missing one from hunter which seems to elude me - ie. i've trapped well over 300+ Sabre-toothed Kyatts which translates to around 4+ hours with no luck. So i can only agree with those of you who thinks that some rocks come easy until the odds stacks against you. I think that Jagex should have foreseen this problem and made it so you would get a rock within a certain interval of experience for example 1 - 50.000 exp. - otherwise we could all end up being level 99 in all non-combat skills before we finish the replica statue. Maybe that's their great master plan or maybe they haven't really thought this whole statue concept over thoroughly enough before adding to it the game... (all in all i'm quite content with this whole Shattered Heart "distraction"-game).
  21. Hi May i suggest that you hunt Sabre-toothed Kyatt - ie. they give 300 exp. each and their fur sells for like 7k - 9k each. I've done and currently doing this myself. Others in here might have an even better/faster way, but that's how i do it.
  22. Hi I also did the Easter Holiday Event - simply because it was there to do ! However, i did enjoy the factory management part (partly because i was successful the first time and i did it in 7 - 9 turns) I'll agree with those of you who thinks it could be the basis for a minigame - i would sure give it another try even though i don't do minigames that much (except Vinesweeper for my gardening needs)
  23. If you would like to see a price spike and IMO a tell tale sign that a merc clan has been manipulating, then please take a look at the price on kyatt fur: Price on Kyatt Fur during the last 90 days Now back to your topic ! That could have also been due to 2x exp weekend. Everyone wanted to train summoning and needed kyatt pouches, which weren't buying at max. Since pouches were going up, so did the furs. Yes, now i come to think of it, that could very well be the reason also - to be honest i haven't looked at the date, but it might coincide with the days leading up to the 2x EXP. weekend.
  24. Hi I usually combine my waiting time to get the rock while i prepare dinner and i must say that it works very well indeed !
  25. If you would like to see a price spike and IMO a tell tale sign that a merc clan has been manipulating, then please take a look at the price on kyatt fur: Price on Kyatt Fur during the last 90 days Now back to your topic !
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