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  1. Hmmm, maybe it's here i made a bad turn so to speak, however, if you don't think the game revolves around questing then what do you think it revolves around ? I personally think questing plays a rather substantial part of the game.
  2. Well, that's what i'm saying: "quest related rewards should be better than the ones you can just purchase" Important: You can have quest related rewards which are tradeable that's fine by me as long as the player is only able to use them if they have completed the quest where the item is rewarded. I'm sorry for sounding so ignorant, but what cape is that ? Why would i waste my time going after a Spirit Shield when a Dragonfire shield (fully charged) has better stats ? If you read my previous post (which you have) more carefully then you would/should know that the best shield in the game right now, according to tip.it's own Sort By Stats tool, is the Dragonfire shield (fully charged) Do you need to finish any quests to obtain this great shield ? - no you don't - all you need is relative high stats and a pile of cash as far as I know.
  3. Yea it would. I'm sorry, but I don't agree. You already get GREAT rewards from questing. Do you honestly need every quest item to be better than non quest items? Seriously? Yes, there are some bad eggs, mostly crap because they are old and outdated, or not even meant for combat. However, some of the very best rewards in the game come from questing, i honestly dont know what your complaining about. I know that i get some quest rewards which are great (the last Fairy Tale quest for example), but i still can't help sitting here with a strange feeling when a quest reward don't yield something which i feel will give some sort of edge - after all it was me who went down to that dungeon to slay some ungodly creature and running the risk of dying while one of fellow players just build up his stats slaying for example Hill Giants while doing a bit of merchanting on the G.E to build up a huge enough pile of cash to get that "epic" piece of equipment. If you think i'm my little tale is talking sh!t then please look up the following equipment and don't forget to read the accompanying notes: Elysian spirit shield Dragonfire shield (fully charged) All i can say is that i think they have done it again... I just hate to repeat this one - again !
  4. I think you're on to something here Personally i would like to see players who do quests getting equipment which are slightly better than the ones you can buy on the G.E if you have enough money. I don't think this would alienate the players who don't want to quest (very much) I can give you to good examples: The Cape of Legends: give it 10 in all defence stats and maybe a strength + payers bonus The Dragon Sq Shield: give it better stats in Range, Summoning and Strength than the Obsidian Shield Now, i know that it is way too late to change them now, however, Jagex could get around this problem by making a small and insignificant side quest and use the upgraded stats as a quest reward. This is the root of most Jagex's problems. They don't play enough, so they are forced to rely on what THEY think would be a cool/useful addition to the game which is often way off the mark from what most of the players think is cool/useful. I can only agree with both of you; Jagex simply don't play the game enough themselves to catch these "mishaps", however, one would expect that they, after running Runescape for such a long time, had accumulated some sort of knowledge on what to do and more importantly what not to do ! Well, this just another piece of evidence to support my point I think ! I wish to once again thank those of you who has participated so far - that means: both the ones who seem to agree (a little) and those who gives me a good bashing.
  5. What are you talking about, they do this all the time??? Eg: Dragon Dagger (which requires quests) and Dragon Claws. For 99% of situations, claws are a rich mans dd. But does that make it okay then ? - I think your example is yet another piece of gamedesig-gone-wrong evidence So you're saying that progress is bad? I don't get what the point of your thread is. No i'm certainly not saying progress is bad The point of this thread is to learn what the rest of you think (I'm not trying to flame you) on this issue which i have spend quite some time thinking of why it is so.
  6. What are you talking about, they do this all the time??? Eg: Dragon Dagger (which requires quests) and Dragon Claws. For 99% of situations, claws are a rich mans dd. But does that make it okay then ? - I think your example is yet another piece of gamedesig-gone-wrong evidence
  7. Hi Thank you all for sharing your thoughts - i'm surprised that so many has participated so far :thumbsup: As i read through your replies i can see that quite a few of you argue that the reason why the Cape of Legends has so bad stats is because it is an old item in comparison to the, in my example, the Obsidian Cape. This is somewhat a valid point, however, i will still call it bad gamedesign when the devs release a cape which you don't have to work hard to get ie. grinding tons of quests - i cannot understand why they didn't took a close look at the Cape of legends before they made the stats for the Obsidian cape - is it okay to release a cape that has better than the Cape of Legends which players just can buy ? Would anyone of you find it acceptable if they introduced a new cape which had better stats than the Fire Cape and this new cape could be bought for like 1 million ? - would any then bother getting the Fire Cape anymore (personally i wouldn't) I think my point covers the Dragon sq Shield You have a good point, however, i think that the devs has a responsibility to make sure that newer content don't "conflict" with older content and i think the "issue" of Cape of Legends vs. Obsidian Cape is a prime example for gamedesign gone wrong. In regards to the Proselyte vs. the White Knight armor i can now see the question isn't so easily answered as you need higher stats to wear Proselyte than White Knight armor.
  8. Hi I have been giving this a lot of thought before finally deciding to make this post. The reason for making this post is that i would to here your opinion on where Jagex went wrong on equipment stats. I'm most interested in the silly ones where you ask yourself why did they do this - IMO, what it's all comes down to is poor gamedesign/decisioning Anyway, nuff talk here is my candidates: 1. Cape of Legends (my favourite) Comment: Why are the stats so bad in comparison to the Obsidian cape ? To obtain the Cape of Legends you need 108 Quest Points which takes some time achieve (to say the least) and all you end up with is a lousy piece of rag - shouldn't it as a bare minimum have been this other way around stat wise and shouldn't it had looked awesome ? 2. Dragon sq shield Comment: Why don't the Dragon sq shield not surpass the Obsidian Shield ? To obtain the Dragon sq shield you need 108 Quest Points which takes some time achieve (to say the least) and then you'll have to find the missing piece and you end up with is a lousy piece of rag - shouldn't it as a bare minimum have had the same stats in Strength, Range and Summoning ? 3. White Knight Armor Comment: Why is Proselyte armor better than White Knight Armor ? To obtain a White Knight Platebody you'll have kill 800 Black Knights vs. "just" having to finish the Slug Menace quest. As i understand White Knights are holy knights comparable to the Knights Templar order, so why don't a fully suited up White Knight get a hefty Prayer bonus ? These are the three first that i could think of, but i know there are quite a few more outthere
  9. Funny you should mention charging air orbs, because that's what i initial planned on doing since i make uncharged orbs when training crafting - until i watched that guy standing in the basement (no running around, no clickfest, no nothing but training the easy way) which looked very appealing to me.
  10. Yes, it may be slow, but you don't have sit there clicking away as this is an automated process Every skill become tedious to train at higher levels ! I'm sure lots of players are situated in front of the keyboard when training, but many of them watch videos, posting in forums etc. while they train their playing character (I don't do this myself ofcourse :pray: , but i have heard of others doing it)
  11. Hi Personally i would use the Wind Blast spell as it only takes 3 Air runes (none if a staff is wielded) and a Death rune. It can be used from level 41 in magic and gives 25.5 per cast. From what i can tell the guy can cast a spell approx. every 3 sec. so we're looking at around 510 exp. per minute or in the neighbourhood of 30600 exp. per hour ! This method MUST be against some sort of rule, because using this method then the magic skill will be way too easy to train. Edit: The stun spell can be used from level 80 magic and requires: 12 Earth, 12 Water, 1 Soul rune or a Mud Battlestaff + 1 Soul rune. Casting the stun spell gives 90 magic exp.
  12. Hi I need to get level 71 in magic to finish the hard tasks part of the Ardougne Achievement Diary. I have read a few threads on mage training, but these didn't suit me as i'm not bold enough to go bursting rock lobsters :ohnoes: (don't laugh, i'm just being honest here !) I'm currently standing in the basement of Lumbridge Castle (world 67) and looking at a guy suited up in an anti-spell casting outfit (full bronze armor) who is casting some sort of wind spell at a level 1 spider - he has been doing this for atleast 2 hours (while most likely doing some AFK-related stuff). It looks like he is miss-casting his spells, because the spider takes no damage at all which i'll guess is the point of this training method (getting magic experience for casting the spell). This has inspired me to do the same although i find it to be somewhat cheating (whether or not it is cheating is matter of taste i guess) as it seems to be a very cheap and easy way to train magic. What do you think about this ? - are anyone inhere doing something similar ?
  13. Thank you for pointing this out - I guess I forgot this rather important fact :wall:
  14. Hi I have read a ton of posts about how to get easy runecrafting experience and maybe my method isn't the best but i find it to be very fast indeed: My method requires a little preparation: 1. play a few games of the Great Orb Project and use the tokens you get to purchase the teletablets you prefer. 2. get some wet clay and go to your house and make Varrock teletablets (ie. the Varrock west bank is the closets bank to a teleport spot as far as i know) Now you're ready to fill your abyssal pouch and backpack with Pure Rune Essence and teleport back and forth between Varrock and your desired Runecrafting Altar. I use this method myself to get some fast Runecrafting experience... and LOADS of law runes !
  15. Hi Thank you both for your help - i have read the Rag & bone Man quest guide once again and it says that the area the rabbits are in is in the forest on Miscellania !
  16. Hi I'm about to finish the additional part of the Rag & Bone Man quest and all i need is the rabbit special bone. I suspect that it is me doing something wrong because i have caught approximately 50 rabbits, but the special bone seems to elude me. Can anyone help ?
  17. Hi I hate to sound like a tip.it fanboy, but in my opinion the revamped version of the Treasure Trail page look really nice - ie. every aspect of the things which can occur during a treasure trail hunt is now neatly organized into page of their own. I see the valid point that it is now no longer possible to search for everything, but that is, in my opinion, just something we'll have to live with.
  18. Hi Well, i must say that it is also news to me that we are no longer able to get a Strange Rock just by standing idle in our POH anymore - I have also wasted more than an hour yesterday trying to get the rock to spawn. Btw, it would be nice if this new information will find its way into the Shattered Heart guide.
  19. I found it under Optional Second Wishlist in the Fur 'n' Seek quest guide Fur 'n' Seek quest guide I'm sorry for not being thorough enough in my initial post - i should ofcause have told you that it was in the Fur 'n' Seek quest guide and NOT give the impression that it was in the Rag and Bone Man quest guide - i apologize for the confusing i may have caused.
  20. Hi I was doing a bit of bone collecting for the Rag and Bone man and looking through the quest information i discovered that there is absolutely no information about the Gnoeal monster Gnoeal Maybe it just a case of a link gone wrong ? - it sure could look like it !
  21. Hi I would like to know how Tip.it retrieves prices on the various items in Runescape - I ask because i'm not a techie myself. Is it done by web scraping or do Jagex provide an API ?
  22. The fact that you acknowledge that there is a problem and that it isn't just me who are being a bit silly or overly pathetic makes me really happy. I hope tip.it will be able to figure something out which can satisfy the majority of the user base. Thank you for your understanding.
  23. Thanks for the reply - i'll guess i just have to sit and wait then :)
  24. That's really great news - I look forward to using this great tool once again :thumbsup:
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