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  1. Hi I train my Runecrafting skill in dung as I hate all the running which is normally players have to in order to train. At my skill level in rc it most viable for me to first make as many staves from Bovistrangler (51 exp per staff) as I can gather and afford, then once my funds has dropped well below 10k I go for Blood Spindle (20.5 exp per staff) as their high alc value (which means a nice little 7 exp. in magic) is almost as much as the pricetag of a new Blood Spindle branch bought from the smuggler. I usually stop right between crying out in agony and despair and taking a capsule of cyanid ! - with approx. 10k one can make and high alc Blood Spindles for weeks (well almost) - just stop when you fell that there are more important things to do with your life !
  2. Hi I'll 100% with you - even if there is only a remote chance to be killed by other players, it will still be an annoyance no matter what others say. IMO, Jagex should create some sort of "safe passages" for those who wish to fight Bork.
  3. Hi First of all thank you for replying so soon. Even though players seldom uses a complete set of equipment then I think that this would provide a good starting point for such a tool. Later, it could be updated with more common combinations - I could imagine that it would be relative hassle free for the tip.it team to update it from time to time. Anyway, I'm glad to know that my request hasn't been completely forgotten and I hope to see it in a not too distant future.
  4. Well, I had sorta drawn the same conclusion myself (even before making my initial post !) - mages normally try to avoid melee combat whenever it is possible, but I just felt that I had to ask the question and getting a few opinions before dropping the Lunar gear. Thank you all for participating :thumbsup:
  5. Hi Thank you for your advice. Regarding the changing of amulet and cape then I can say that I own both a Glory and a God cape.
  6. Hi After I have finished the Lunar Diplomacy Quest and received the Lunar clothing I have been comparing it with the Mystic set I'm currently using. I have become a little in doubt whether or not I should keep the Lunar set as it has better melee defensive stats, but on the other hand I can pack a greater punch when using the my Mystic set and it will also protect me better against magic. Please have a look at the "small" image below: I'm currently most fond of keeping my Mystic set, but what do you think ?
  7. Hi I'm sorry for being so persistent regarding my request (I'll assume that it must be a real annoyance to you by now !), but I still strongly believe that it is needed. I have just finished the Lunar Diplomacy Quest and I was wondering whether or not I should sell my Mystic clothes and keep my newly acquired Lunar Clothing, so I used the Equipment Builder but didn't finished because it is too cumbersome to use, IMO, when one just wish to compare equipment which is pretty much just a "standard" set of clothing. So, as I believe I have mentioned before, I basically just want to have the ability to compare clothing added which comes as a set - ie. Full Dragon, Full Rune, Full Mystic etc. as a stating point then we can fill in or replace rings, necklaces and weapons ourselves. I hope the tip.it team will take my request into re-consideration and hopefully move it a bit further up on the endless to-do list.
  8. Hi Sy_Accursed You're correct as you usually are :thumbsup: - I think I was skimming the guide too fast for my own good (not that I'm a hurry !) and I completely missed that part :oops:
  9. [Problem Solved] Hi I'm currently doing the Elemental Workshop IV quest and I have reached the "Operating the Chaos Machine"-part. I suspect that I have done something wrong as I get an "Token Not Found" error when I try to "Get" cube + astral cube. What can I do to either continue or start over again ?
  10. Hi Here is the amount of ore it takes to fill a Decorated Mining Urn - my project is still W.I.P, but here is what I have thus far: Clay: 625 Tin: 180 Silver: 79
  11. Hi I'll agree with the rest of you. Just flip the tiles you can and then force the rest and you'll unlock the doors in no time at all. Edit: I also think that the app. in the post above is pretty cool - maybe the Tip.it crew should make something similar...
  12. Does this mean that I'll get my higher prestige back when I increase the compexity ? - I've just completed floor 19 and hereafter I'm doing the rest on complexity 6.
  13. This is also how I understand it works You have understood it right , I'm planning to do 1-20 on C1 and then progress to floor 30+ on C6 and after that I reset again. I suspected the reason to why the my prestige is so low is due to the chosen floor complexity, however, I have read a ton of posts all saying something like: "After a reset; rush all floors up the 10 highest floors you can do and then do the last 10 on complexity 6"
  14. Hi I have recently made it to floor 30 (my highest) and then I reset my progress. I have then begun to rush through floor 1 - 20 on complexity 1 Now I'm wondering why prestige is so low ? - it's only around 1190 and slowly raising. From the picture in the guide for Dung I can see that the player has reached floor 41 and has a prestige 18860 (the players was at floor 26) when the image was made. I have made a list of the prestige I got on each floor before I reset and I can see that I reached 7955 prestige when I finished floor 30. Shouldn't I have kept the 7955 prestige when I reset my progress or...?
  15. I know that you've asked for this option, but based on the other advices you've gotten so far I'll throw another option into the pot: If you haven't got the money to purchase hides/pouches then why don't you consider spending some time playing The Great Orb Project ? The advantages: 1. double exp. when crafting Nature Runes during the games 2. reward tokens to purchase Nature Alter Teletabs Using Nature Teletabs and for example Varrock Teletabs (for banking) is a VERY fast way of crafting runes - I use this method when crafting Law Runes. The only real drawback with my method is that it can at times be difficult to find players who are willing to play 3-3-1-1 games in the Great Orb Project, but once you find a few guys'n gals it works really great.
  16. Hi You are welcome - I'm glad when I can contribute with something useful !
  17. Hi Some of the Weekly Penguin locations for this week are wrong ! Here are the "official" Penguin Locations: For the week of Jan 19 - 26 GMT 1. Draynor - Crate 1 point Roam range: the manor, village, Lumbridge, Wizard tower, swamp, Farmer Fred's ... 2. Entrana - Barrel - 1 point Roam range: it cannot leave the island. Look near the altar. To get here, take the boat from Port Sarim, Law altar tele, or hot air balloon. 3. Zanaris Toadstool - 1 point Roam range: it cannot leave Zanaris but can roam freely in there. This is a quest related peng. Travel to here via any fairy ring or the hut in Lumbridge swamp. 4. Burthorpe - Rock - 1 point Roam range: Death plateau, Taverly, White Wolf Mountain ... 5. Karamja Bush - 1 point Roam range: Tai bwo wannai, Brimhaven, ... 6. Port Phasmatys - Barrel - 2 points Roam range: it cannot leave the town, look near the bank. This is a quest required penguin. 7. Mort Myre - Rock - 2 points Roam range: 8. Mort Myre - Toadstool - 2 points Roam range: 9. Southern Desert - Cactus - 2 points Roam range: anywhere in the desert, cannot enter Sophanem or Shantay Pass. 10. Wilderness - Rock - 2 points Roam range: anywhere in Wildy, rogues castle, lava maze, DWF, graveyard, even into Daemonheim ... 11. Polar Bear - Relleka well - 1 point ---------------- My source is: Forum Moderator: Canada Grrl ----------------
  18. Great find - I wan't aware of this one Keep'em comming :thumbsup:
  19. Hi I think that @SerpentEye clarifies my point ! I also have to much junk floating about in bank, because I'm too afraid to loose anything which might come in handy at a later stage.
  20. Hi When I do my weekly hunt for penguin spies I have noticed that they often seem to get stuck in some locations and I ALWAYS look in the places before starting my penguin hunt as they are quite a timesaver for me - here is what I have found: 1. the forge in Seer's Village 2. the pier in Catherby I hope the Tip.it crew will find my information useful and add this to the Penguin Locations Guide and also to the Penguin Hide and Seek Guide There maybe other lcations as well, but these are the ones I've found so far.
  21. Hi I become in doubt from time to time whether or not I need to keep an item (after finishing a quest for example) Therefore I would like to suggest that an extra field should be added to the Item Database with a title like: 'Usable After Quest' with a Yes/No option. I'm aware that some items already has been categorized as Quest (items) and that one usually can get information of the usability of items by reading the notes section, but my suggestion will prevent users from ever becoming in doubt and at the same time make it quick and convenient to obtain the information.
  22. Hi Update ! I'm still very much interested in having this added feature to the Equipment Builder.
  23. Easy now - please don't take any offence ! I didn't mean that your suggestion was a downgrade (would you be so kind as to read my previous post again) - I was replying to all in this thread ! Anyway, since my last post I had a more careful look at the Ancient Mace which you suggested and have decided to use that one instead of the Dragon Mace due to its special ability.
  24. Hi Thank you all for replying. Since I'm such a woos then I'll stick to the setup I have initially chosen atleast the first time I venture down there. If I later feel that the setup is a bit of an overkill setup then I can always "downgrade". Now I'm looking forward to start the quest and see how it goes... Once again; thank you all for your comments.
  25. Hi I'm about to begin the Mourning's Ends - Part 2 quest and I need some advice before starting out. I have watched a video guide on how to do the quest and I can see that praying against melee is important as soon as I enters the Temple of Light dungeon (to avoid being slaughtered by Dark Beasts and Shadows) and while being in the Temple of Light complex itself. My suggested equipment setup for survival in the temple is: well, just about everything which has a prayer bonus ! Proselyte Sallet (helm) Proselyte Hauberk (chest) Proselyte Cuisse (legs) White Boots (feet) Dragon Mace (weapon) Falador Shield 2 (shield) Ardougne Cloak 2 (cape) Blessed Holy Symbol (amulet) Total prayer bonus: 42 Is this setup good enough ? - it's sorta what I have and the rest I can easily obtain.
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