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  1. But doing a floor at a lower complexity has lowered your prestige before, I'm not sure how it works now - all I know is that I'm getting a pretty decent amount of experience for doing the upper floors on complexity 6.
  2. Hi Hmmmm, I'm not sure that I quite understand you ! - are you basically saying that I can do lowerleveled floors on a lower complexity level without loosing my prestige - or have I got it wrong ? I have just done floor #4 with complexity 6 and I got 7k+ exp. To the rest of you who are participating in this thread I can say that I tried to use a 2-hander instead of my old trusty longsword and I must say that I really saw the difference !
  3. I see your point about why I should go for the 2-hander instead. Answer to the both of you: Regarding the prestige then I'm quite sure that if I do a floor which I already have done once then I will loose prestige if I lower the complexity - I'm quite sure that this happened the last time I did a reset and tried to rush the upper floors. This time I have done the first two floors on complexity 6 and I haven't lost any prestige.
  4. Hi This is yet another bunch of questions about Dung (sorry, in advance !) ----Question 1---- I have been reading the advanced guide for Dung and has understood so far that one should go for the best 2-hander possible as well as the best plate armor. Well, since I prefer to melee I can follow the advise about the plate armor, however, I don't really understand why I should use the best 2-hander as I would loose the ability to wield a shield as well as stabbing an enemy. I prefer to use my trusty old longsword combined with a warhammer as this combo allows me to wield a shield also. I have read that the reason why a 2-hander is recommended is that it does some serious damage, but still I fail to see the real benefit vs. a longsword, warhammer and shield setup ? ----Question 2---- After floor resetting I don't quite understand why I shouldn't use complexity 6, but rush the floors upto 10 floors away from my last reset (I.e. the last floor I could enter) I mean; rushing lowerleveled floors makes me loose a lot of prestige and as a consequence of that a lot of experience. I know that some of you would probably argue that if it is done this way it will take me forever to reach my highest floor again, but what if I don't care about how far I'm going down the dungeon and is more interested in the experience is this still the wrong way to do it. I'll guess the essense of this question is: progress vs. experience per hour. Well, that was all, I hope and look forward to read you views on these subjects
  5. Hi I tried to take the cape as you suggested and I wasn't able to find Surok on the list of tasks I have yet to complete, so I'll guess this pretty much answer my question. Thank you for helping out :thumbsup:
  6. Hi Is there a way to find out whether or not I have done the Hunt For Surok mini-quest, because I cannot remember it myself ! I'm not too keen on going down into those chaos tunnels unless I absolutely have to - especially not after the return of the Wilderness.
  7. Hi I have almost the exact same problems as you do - except for the doors that need a key. If there is one thing I envy the bots, then I would say their lack of emotion because I ALWAYS become a bit nervous when I come up against a boss which I haven't slain before.
  8. Hi $200k+ means that atleast 10 - 20k players are using a dung bot. That is absolutely unbelievable ! I have watched a few youtube vids of dung bots in action and I must say that I'm kinda impressed with what I have seen so far, I actually think that they play dung better than I do (at times !).
  9. From lvl. 75 => 90 you'll need 29543 mahogany planks. At 2.6 bonus you'll need 11363 mahogany planks (29543/2.6 = 11362.69 ~ 11363) which means that you have to make 1894 mahogany tables. However, please bear in mind that the numbers I have provided you with only counts as long as the bonus experience is 2.6 ! In order for you to get a more precise amount you should also find the lowest amount of bonus which you find acceptable and then calculate an average from these: An example: with the Highest bonus 2.6 = 11363 mahogany planks with lowest bonus 1.2 (29543/1.2) = 24619.16 ~ 24620 mahogany planks Calculating the average: (24620+11363)/2 = 17991.5 ~ 17992 mahogany planks. You might better off with getting a Volatile Hammer as you'll cut the amount of mahogany planks needed to 13429 and use a bonus weekend to train something else instead. ps. would someone please confirm that my calculations are correct (my math skills really sux !)
  10. Hi Yeahh, and it's kinda sad that some of us feel this way, because if Jagex one day would allow this then it would (and it already has) devalueate items like skill capes. Personally I'm not really interested in having a skill cape just so I can show the rest of world that I have wasted to many hours in-game instead of going out into the real world, but having said that I can still take a few moments standing an watching a (in admiration) player who is wearing a runecrafting skill cape. I would absolutely hate to know that the player had botted his/her way to earn the right to wear it.
  11. Hi After reading through this thread I got curious, so I did a search and quickly found the site which I think @Awolo is referring to and I must admit that I got a little very impressed with the vast selection of bots on offer. I also must admit that nearly succumb to the dark side when I discovered that they do in fact offer a dung bot (I'll never be able to love playing dung as dung and I are like night and day) also, I found the price-tag for purchasing a bot to be quite reasonable (a factor which surely won't help to decrease the bot population). So even if I got tempted (and I sure did) then why didn't I take the plunge ? Because, even if they claim that the bots can't be detected then I'm for one is not prepared to find out if this is really the truth or not as I find the stakes a little to high for my taste - i.e. why run the risk of getting my current account banned (I have had this one since I stated playing in 2005 if my memory serves me well) and loose the countless of hours just because I wanted to cut a few corners. So eventhough I'm very impressed of what the bots are capable of I would just say: Thank you, but no thank you. Still I would very much like to watch a bot solving a quest and playing dung - in the name of science ofcourse \::/
  12. Okay, thank you =D> Then I'll start looking for my motivation for beginning this quest
  13. Hi I'm considering doing the Spirit of Summer quest, however, I'm a little worried with venturing into the Wilderness. I remember to have read that Jagex has made a safe area (Summer's End quest) for players doing quests in the Wildereness, but I'm not sure that this include Spirit of Summer quest ? Reading through tip.it's quest guide didn't provide me with an answer and neither did the webpage for the quest on the official site. So would anyone please tell whether or not the quest area is safe or not ?
  14. Hi Now, I know for sure that I will nearly flamed to ashes for saying this, but you should consider to play the great orb project to get teletabs for reaching the alters fast. Advantage: - Double runecrafting exp. at the great orb project - incredible easy access to runecrafting altars afterwards (when using the teletabs) with next to no running. Disadvantages: - it can sometimes be a little hard to find players who wish to play 50/50 games. other than that I can only agree with @Nifflin
  15. Hi 3.3 mill. exp. in a day - u really don't out much, do you ? Anyway, congratulation with reaching yet another 99 :thumbup: - I'll admit that I envy you a little... :rolleyes:
  16. Hi Thank you for helping out =D> - I had completely forgotten this spell and I didn't see it in the spellbook as I had been scrolling down in order to look for the enchant diamond stuff spell Well, I guess I learned a little today also (which can't be bad :shades: !)
  17. Hi I'm trying to complete an Elite task in the Seers' Village Tasks. My problem is that when I try to enchant the diamond tipped adamant bolts then I'm told that this spell can only be cast on diamond amulets, rings, necklaces,and bracelets and on shapes in the Mage Training Area. So how do I enchant those bolts ?
  18. Hi From my experience the simple answer is: there is no quick way of getting the rocks ! However, again from my experience, there are some of the skills where it seemingly is easier to get the rocks than others. The fastest rocks for me has aways been: - Mining - Fishing with a big net The rest are totally random - e.i. sometimes I get them just as fast, but on rare occasions they simply refuse to show up ! anyway, that's what I can add to this subject - I hope you can use it for something.
  19. Hi I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one who looks forward to the august updates. Personally I look forward to the new Myreque quest: Branches of Darkmeyer where I hope it will be possible deal with Vanstrom Klause once and for all (he nearly cost me a new set of underwear when I faced him on top of the wall in the Legacy of Seergaze quest) Hopefully the next time around it will be his (Vanstrom Klause) turn to have a change... :?: (question: do vampires wear underwear at all ? - if yes, do they change ? - one would expect that since their diet is solely based on fluid food they might experience a few mishaps once in a while) I also look forward to the Master Runecrafter Robe - so I'm hoping that it will be possible to find other players for 50/50 sharing GOP games. (is world 53 still the place for 50/50 games ?) Temple Trekking: I have only tried this mini-game a few times, so I look forward to read what the rest of you think of the reworked game once it's released. So all in all it looks like august will be a great month.
  20. Thank you for your reply. To the tip.it crew I would like to point out that the Troll Invasion guide don't mention this !...
  21. Hi Does anyone knows where I can find information about when I can play Troll invasion again ? I know I can play the game once every month and receive a Reward Book, but I have lost track of how long it has been since I last played. Isn't there a way to find this information ? - like for example looking in the list of completed quests when I want to find out if I can play Tears of Guthix again.
  22. Hi Thank you guys for your help and advice. I think that I'll stick to hunting Sabretooth Kyatts as I'm used too instead - for now at least...! Maybe I'll give the Grenwall a go when I have risen a bit higher in my huntier skill and is able to summon a fruit bat.
  23. Hi I would like to have a go at hunting Grenwalls, however, I'm not sure how to do this effectively - do anyone knows if there is a Grenwall hunting guide I could read ? Things I'd like to know is: 1. how many box traps to bring ? 2. how many papayas 3. is banking in Lletya a viable option ? Any advice would be most welcome.
  24. Hi I pretty much agree with all of @essiw's suggestions for improvements to the looks of the Item Database. However, I would really appreciate if the underlinings were removed as I find them very annoying to look at. 1. underlinings should only be visible when the mouse pointer hovers above it 2. underlining should only be permanently visible when one wishes to emphasize a word or sentence ! But I do like the color of the text as I find it very pleasing to my eyes when I read it off my screen.
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