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  1. Hi I need one or more suggestions for the best non-degradable magic clothing I can get as a mage ? I currently have: Head: Farseer helm Body: Mystic robe Legs: Mystic bottom Gloves: barrows Boots: Ragefire The sort-by-stats tool in the item database is not really helpful on this matter as it don't give an option to not to show degradable clothing - maybe this optoin should be available.
  2. Hi Thank you for testing - I have just done a test also and it seems to function like it did before. Regarding the bug then I can say that I had a watersking next to the Ring of Slaying started to act strange - maybe the game got a bit confused and mixed the menu for the waterskin and the Ring of Slaying ? ! Anyway, it works now - I'll hurry and take a screenshot if happens again.
  3. Hi I was trying to make an easy teleport to Pollnivneach using my Ring of Slaying, but I got a nasty surprise as it now has to be equipped in order to be rubbed ! When was this changed ? - I have read the Recent update thread, but I couldn't find any info
  4. Hi As I'm seeking help on RSOF instead of here, I don't need this thread anymore ! Would a MOd be so kind as to lock it - thank you
  5. Hi I'm still here waiting ! I forgot to mention that I have chosen: "Play with people on this world" option and it doesn't look like there are any other present than me...
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone would help me completing the "Flawless Victory" task in the Karamja Hard Task I'm currently in World 67 waiting and hope someone is willing to help me out before too long. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi I'd like to add that I always use my bonecrusher when I'm hunting Kyatts and I do this for two reasons: 1. to save inventory space - the bones are buried immediately, meaning that I don't have to constantly pay attention to my inventory in order to make sure that I have space for the wood I use for the traps. 2. to a quite substantial amount for clicks for either dropping or buring the bones from the Kyatts. These are the two main reasons to why I purchased the bonecrusher as my very first dung reward.
  8. Hi Thank you for the answer guys - as I read the answer from both of you; it is safe to add the harpoon to the Toolbelt as I would still be able to fish barehanded. Eventhough I like the Toolbelt I think it constitute a work-in-progress for Jagex. (Warning: semi rant !) I also think that this Army Swiss knife-Jack of all trades Toolbelt makes skilling a bit too easy - maybe a number of different kinds (one for farming, another one for fishing, a third for hunters etc.) of toolbelts would have been more appropriate...
  9. Hi Is it still possible to fish barehanded (barbarian style) while carrying a harpoon in the toolbelt ? I'd like to know before I add one to my toolbelt !
  10. Hi No, I'm not interested in Wegali seeds, my main interest is seeds starting from Cadantine and better.
  11. Been like that for atleast a couple of months now. It has been like this for over a year !
  12. When this was still a fairly decent way to make money (torstols were like 300k+ and snaps were about 60k iirc), I used to pull in about 400k-500k worth of seeds every hour. The drop rates are not amazing, but they aren't too terrible either :P Hmmm, if you used to make that kind of money per hour picking master farmers then it still mean that you only got like one Torstol + a few other high value herb seeds during one hour of thieving. I must say that I find it wayyy too slow a method to get the seeds I need for farming - maybe it is a viable method for making a bit of money, but if it is done to get seeds for farming then it is just to slow.
  13. Hi From my experience master farmers isn't that great for higher quality herb seeds - I usually get lots of Tarromin seeds, a few Harrlander and Toadflax seeds, but that's just about it (maybe I have just been unlucky...) I'm looking for seeds starting from Cadantine and better and these are semi-rare drops from my experience. btw, I wasn't aware that I could fill my backpack with seeds as placeholders and the rest of the empty space with junk and then only get these seeds I want into my backpack. Maybe I should try this method some day soon...
  14. Hi Pickpocketing master farmers is absolutely out of the question :shame: as I would tons of seeds I don't need and only a very small amount of the seeds I need. From my experience master farmers are really bad seed droppers when it come to higher level seeds - though as far as I recall I think I got a Torstol seed from the master farmer in ardy ! But as you said it is an alternative :rolleyes:
  15. Hi Since the Bot-Nuke marketprices on the Grand Exchange don't really reflect what the true price for an items is ! I have tried to buy seeds for over a week now and eventhough I adjust my buy-offer to or a little above the market price my orders still won't fill ! I hope this supply/demand issue will correct itself in the comming weeks, but until this happens I have to find other ways of getting the seeds I need.
  16. The Scroll of Life is actually the very next item on my dung reward wishlist !
  17. Hi Thank you all for replying. I'm surprised that you all recommend Abberant Spectres as I thought they were only great for grimy herbs and not for seeds. Anyway, I'm going to give the Abberant Spectres a try. My favourite has always been Turoths as they drop a relatively good assortment of both grimy herbs and seeds if my memory serves me well !
  18. Hi As I'm running low of herb seeds to plant and the Grand Exchange prices on these seems to have soared through the roof, then I would like to know which monsters to kill for herb seeds like: Cadantine, Lantadyme and Dwarf Weed ? I'm not interested in killing boss monsters.
  19. Okay thank you Sy - so no need for me to get overly excited then :---)
  20. Hi I went on a trip to the Mining Guild and came across two new doors I haven't seen before. The first one is located on the southern wall and the other one just to the North on the mithril rocks. I tried to examine both of them, but got no info ! So now I wonder what it is all about - I can only hope that we finally get a much needed update of the Mining Guild. Has anyone any info on this they wish to share ?
  21. Hi Thank you all for replying. I'll go get myselm an Elemental talisman (one way or the other) and forget about the Soul rune slot for now.
  22. Hi I need help on how to fill the last two remaining slots in my Wicked Hood. The two empty slots are: 1. Soul Rune 2. Elemental
  23. Hi I'm also having trouble with loggin in, so the problem is not at your end of the line I think. EDIT: From the official forum I found this from Mod Chris E Source: Quick find code: 25-26-737-63303306 - look at page #15
  24. Hi Thank you very much - I'll try to remember to take a screenshot if/when I should be so lucky as to get another Nature Talisman from a Vyrelord in the future.
  25. Hi Okay my fault - thank you very much.
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