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  1. I think (no, I hope) that a real castle is found in the eastern part of the city. The reason for this is: 1. the massive eastern gatehouse 2. Castle Drakan looks more to me as a citadel and not a castle If my assumption is correct and Castle Drakan is a citadel then why is Drakan living there instead of in the eastern part - in the castle I'm hoping is there.
  2. The cutscene is 1 year older than the area itself ;) I have to agree with @Hedgehog - the last time I was visiting Meiyerditch and stood right beside that eastern gate it didn't look like the Dragokin Castle. As far as I can remember it was made from very large block of stone - a truly impressive gatehouse.
  3. May I recommend that you read the info from Runescape.wikia about Hallowvale Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer - I just did and it's quite an interesting read. And may I advise you to not take the things on runescape wiki 100% as facts, it can be edited by everyone and has countless of things on it which aren't true at all. Upppsss, my mistake - I wasn't aware of this, however, from what I have read so far it makes good sense.
  4. May I recommend that you read the info from Runescape.wikia about Hallowvale Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer - I just did and it's quite an interesting read.
  5. Lore says Darkmeyer is the northern part of the city and meiryditch the southern. Plus Drakan's castle is in that northern area and he is like "king" of the city and lives in Darkmeyer; though a lot of people expect the city will also expand east and it'll be more darkmeyer or a further slum-area, perhaps where the icyene are or the original city of Hallowvale; since the ramshackle nature of Meiyerditch and lack of any major ruins of a grand city suggests it was not part of Hallowvale itself. No, Sy, for once I think you have misunderstood something - according to Runescape Wikia Meiyerditch is the new name for the city of Hallowvale. The city of Darkmeyer is situated to the east of "downtown" Meiyerditch - to access it you would have to go through the eastern gates. I hope this clears thing up a little :rolleyes:
  6. Hi What I really don't understand is why Jagex is so silent about this/these current problem(s) - last time I've looked they still hadn't posted any news about the problem(s) they have right now. This worries me a little, because they I think they have been very good to notify us on the frontpage for Runescape if they had any problems with their servers - why they suddenly decides not to do this (as a service to their customers) anymore is beyond me.
  7. Hi I have tried to log in to RC a few times now and so far I haven't be able to do so. Reading through their forum I can see that a rather massive riot is beginning *LOL* (some players are REALLY angry) and rumors about Jagex is either being hacked or is under a DDOS attack is floating around in various threads. What is really puzzling me is the lack of information onthe frontpage for Runescape - I.e. Jagex used to post some information if they had minor issues with stability, but this time there is nothing. I'm no server guru, but I would imagine that if 25k - 100k players was trying to login at the same time then this could cause some issues with stability.
  8. Yes, this is also my experience so far, they don't seem to have a high maintanance in terms of food - especially if you tank the enemies they fight !
  9. After it appears near the sign you can trade the companion and give him food, then bank for more(for you) . Hi Yes, I have just figured out how this works, but thank you very much anyway.
  10. Hi Thank you for showing me your setup. However, I would like to know whether or not I have to share the food I'm carrying with my companion or can I stock them with food and then go to a bank in order to restock for myself before I beging the trek ?
  11. Hi One more question about the food for my companion: Can I transfer food to them first and then head to the bank and redraw food for myself or do I have to share the food I have ?
  12. Hi +1 for that statement ! I'm currently looking forward to get my hands it on for the reasons you've mentioned.
  13. Hi Thank you for your advise - I'm really looking forward to try the mini-game. Just to make sure I have got it right: 1. Primary weapon + armor 2. Ivandis flail 3. duid pouch + silver sickle (for refilling pouch) 4. Dwarven Army Axe 5. Prayer potions 6. Food for healing myself 7. Food for my companion Please let me know if I have missed something in my setup. -----additional questions----- The travellers who turns into ghasts: wouldn't it be better to let them turn into ghasts in order to get better experience for my companion ? Food for my companion: what can be recommended ?
  14. Comments to Jagex Flubbed Another Opportunity Hi I'm not sure that Jagex should give anything new to the F2Ps because players have a choice: 1. to play for free (and let the rest of us pay for your server usage and maintenance) and be satisfied with what is provided for you free of charge 2. pay a very modest fee every month to get and enjoy what the rest of us has. For the record: I played as F2P for something like 3 years before making my decision to become a member and I haven't looked back since. I hate to sound so harsh, but I think that this is just what it all comes down to.
  15. Hi I have looking at new rewards from the Temple Trekking & Burgh de Rott Ramble activity and found two rewards I would really like to have: 1. Zachory Bragg: shortcut from Canifis to Mort'ton 2. Jayene Kliyn: Ouroboros pouch Now, I have read the guide, but is a bit confused about what to bring along as the list seems quite overwhelming ! So what is the minimum I should bring along both in terms of weapons and supplies. Also, how long will it take for Zachory and Jayene to reach level 99, so I can get my hands on those cool rewards !
  16. Hi I'd like to add that I'm currently experiencing a bit of lag in World 67 - this almost never happens to me.
  17. Hi All Thank you for your views and explanations on my questions - I think, after reading through the whole thread once more, that I will stick to the "official" way of playing dung from now on and stop wasting time on the upper floors. Since I created this thread I have replaced my longsword with a 2-hander (as recommended by several of you) and I must say that I feel that this move have had a significant improvement when I slay the various inhabitants within the dungeon.
  18. Hi @homer205 - thank you for clarifying :rolleyes: @AznPrincess - thank you for your answer. I have already done that and I can see that I get more prestige by doing the floors on complexity 6. I'm also aware that doing floors on complexity 6 while in a team will yield higher amounts of dung experience, however, I prefer to do it solo. also, from my previous experience; when doing floors on C1 - small up to 10 floors away from the highest floor I can do and then switching to doing the last ten on C6 - medium I felt that my prestige was rising very slow during the last ten and that I didn't really get any good experience in comparison to what I'm getting now. Right now I have reached floor #10 using C6 - medium and my prestige has risen just above 10k. I'm quite curious to see how high it gets once I reach my highest floor (this will take quite a while for me though !) I really miss a table for comparing what kind of experience one can expect when do for example floor #1 as: solo, 2-man, 3-man, 4- man and 5-man teams and with the various complexities. Anyway, thank you both for participating in my thread.
  19. Hi I'm also interested in playing 50/50 GOP-games, but need your clarification on two points: 1. Is the chat: gop_Addict_2 2. in which world do they play ? I hope ypu'll be so kind as to answer eventhough seems obvious to you. Thank you in advance.
  20. I'm a little confused about your post - what are you basically saying ?
  21. Hi Hmmm, I'm not sure about that - according to my own calculation and guesstimations + what I have read elsewhere, then xp/hour is higher, however, since I haven't gotten very deep into the dungeon yet I can't say whether this is apply all the way to level 120, but I can say that on the upper floors you will get better xp/hour using complexity 6. The downside is that it will take you far longer to reach the lower floors where the experience is far greater according to what I have heard. I have just finished floor #8 and I got 4.100 experience (I died 5 times or so) and yet I still consider the 4.100 exp. relatively decent for spending aprox. 1½ hour clearing the floor (it's roughly 2733 exp/hour) which is sorta okay when one is also taking the floor level into account.
  22. I'm basically saying that doing all of the floors on complexity 6 would be better experience-wise as far as I can tell. When I did floor #6 (complexity 6) I got around 7.100 experience and it took me 2 hours to complete (yes I know I'm kinda slow) when I did floor #7 (complexity 1) it took me 11 minutes which means that I can complete roughly about 5 floors an hour which would give me something like 2081 experience for that hour under the assumption that I get 10% more experience for each completed floor I haven't done the math (due to lack of math skills) on how much I would get for completing 10 floors, but I would imagine that you would get less than 7.100 experience in total.
  23. Hi I'm sorry to say that I find this very hard to understand (yes, I can be pretty thick-skulled at times !) I have just done two floors and gotten the following prestige: Floor 6 (medium size) - complexity 6: 9513 prestige Floor 7 (small size) - complexity 1: 1261 prestige (got aprox. 310 dung exp.) Now if I look at your example I cannot understand why the method you mention is better if it's the dung experience I'm after.
  24. Hi Well, it's a little beyond me why you're talking about progressing through the floors and the penalty to for repeating for doing them again - I'm talking about reduction in prestige if the floors are done on a lower complexity, so... Anyway, I'm planning to do one floor on complexity 6 and thereafter one on complexity 1 and write down what prestige I got from each of them. For my sake I hope I'm wrong in my assumption that my prestige will go down.
  25. It's true that one gets a penalty for doing a floor on a lower complexity than 6, so far I can agree with you, however, one would also get a lower prestige - according to @oliboli1992 then Jagex has changed this. Personally I haven't been able to confirm this myself though, so I'm currently playing on complexity 6 even on the upper floors just to be safe. btw, does you or anybody else know whether or not it is possible to check how much prestige one currently have ?
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