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  1. Hi I often use the Penguin Points Calculator to get an overview of which skill(s) I will advance in if I convert my Penguin Points. I would like to suggest that the skill(s) I will advance one or more levels in, if I convert Penguin Points now, be made in a different color (green for example) so I can quickly see those skills - as it is now I find it somewhat "time consuming" to carefully look on the list in order to find the info I need.
  2. You're welcome - glad I could help 1 I only discovered it, because I was trying find out how many runes and the type I needed to make a permanet portal to Kharyrll/Canifis ! - I obviously didn't find what I was looking for, so I had to use the Rune Wiki instead (what a pity !)
  3. Hi I was trying follow the 'portals to selected cities' link on the Portal Construction Table page, but I'm re-directed to the front page of the construction guide as the page no longer seem to exist !
  4. Hi I have read as well as done a comparison of the sword vs. my trusted Dragon Longsword at the Rune Wiki site and I must say that I'm not impressed with the stats.
  5. Hi I must admit that I got pretty disappointed when I read the stats of the Korassi's Sword ! - I'm not going to level up my magic any time soon in order to do this quest. It looks, to me at least, like Jagex once again has given us yet another quest reward from their trusted supplier mr. Ben Dover ! just my 2c
  6. Hi Yeahh, the Varrock Elite Armor seem to benefit those bold enough to take a swing at Bork, but utterly fail to benefit the miners :angry: This is yet another example of Jagex a.k.a Ben Dover messing up a reward :shame:
  7. Hi I read the "Reflecting Upon Bonus XP Weekend" article and despite some of my fellow players complain about Bonus XP Weekends I simply love them as they help me getting to chew a small chunk off those hard and endless levels (look at my stats, I'm not even beginning to feel the pain and agony of what still lies ahead yet !) Regarding the impact on the RS economy then I think it's only going to be a bit crazy for a short time and that supply and demand will revert back its natural levels after a while. I hope Jagex will continue have these weekends as long as they don't make them more than two per year.
  8. Hi Okay, thanks guys I have read the tips section once again and can see that I haven't read it thorough enough, because the information sure is right there :oops: :wall: :---)
  9. Hi I have just finished the Land of the Goblins quest and now I would like to bury the bones i got from defeating the high priests the second time. I have carefully read (and re-read) the tips'n tricks section of the quest guide, but it doesn't say how to reach Yu'biusk again - i have tried to visit the fairy ring in Dorgesh-kaan Dark Cave, but Oldak's machine is shut down and therefore not usable ! So do i reach Yu'biusk ?
  10. I only use mahogany planks to level my construction ! - sounds expensive ? (well, it's not !) Here is how: Go to Tai Bo Wannai village and cut the mahogany trees in the grove - once in a while you'll get a mahogany log with a special pattern and when you have two of these in you backpack while talking to the sawmill operator northeast of Varrock he will convert you logs to planks in exchange for the two special logs thus saving you 26 x 1500 gp. You can sell some of the mahogany logs you have in surplus when you run out of special logs and use the money to convert logs to plank the old fashion way - the beauty of it all is that it wont cost you any money. I usually make Mahogany Dinning Tables (6 planks per table) which gives 840 experience per table. Tips: 1. to get Trading Sticks; go to the G.E and purchase cut Topaz and sell these to Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Co-op 2. bring a tinderbox along when cutting logs and burn some of the logs to get Strange rocks and Firemaking experience and making room for more special logs 3. sell surplus mahogany logs at the G.E and purchase yew logs for fletching bows
  11. Hi There is a thread dedicated to completing this task in the official community: ?71,72,373,58849274"]Quick find code: 71-72-373-58849274 The "service" is free of charge, so it might be worth your time to check out ! Also, as I need to complete this task myself I can offer to help you out if you like.
  12. Yeahh, yet another batch of "rewards" from Jagex Personally i'm quite furious about the "reward" I will get from completing the Varrock Elite Tasks - ie. why isn't there something which will befit miners (as there has been up to this point) ? - a chance to get 4 x coal from a single rock would buy my silence. Sometimes I really don't understand those devs.
  13. Okay ! - I'm surprised to learn this - I think the turn around time is pretty fast when crafting Law Runes and i couldn't imagine that it would be significant slower when crafting Nature Runes Personally I'm not too fond of playing the Great Orb Project myself - to me it's just one of those "necessary" evils i have to deal with from time to time, but i do think that once i harvests the fruit of my agonizing labour it is very well worth it indeed.
  14. Hi When giving advice on how to easily craft Nature runes everybody always seem to give the advice to use a spirit Graahk and a Ring of Duelling ! I have tried to run the distance from the place where the Spirit Graahk teleports a player to and to the Nature Altar and i think it is a tedious trip ! (it's just my opinion so stop the bashing - okay !) What would be wrong with this way instead: 1. Play the Big Orb Project and exchange the tokens for Nature Altar teletabs 2. Make some Varrock teletabs (or use a Ring of Duelling) 3. Fill your backpack with Pure Rune Essence - including pouches you may have and then fast teleport back and forth between the Nature Altar and the square in Varrock and run to the Varrock West bank - rinse and repeat I do this myself when crafting Law Runes and it's a pretty fast and efficient way. The only drawback is that you'll have to spend some time playing the Great Orb Project minigame The advantage is that it is faster and you wont have to purchase or make Graahk fur or pouches/scrolls which is also time consuming and a bit expensive if you're "a knight on a budget" kinda guy like myself !
  15. Wouldn't this option be nearly as good as using the Ring of Duelling option: Teleport to house => run to obelisk => teleport to Mobilising Armies to re-supply rinse and repeat
  16. Yes. Hi That's indeed GREAT news - now i have all the info i need to get those mahogany logs. I wish to thank all of you for helping me out by providing your insights :thumbsup: =D> I'll be off to the G.E to check whether or not my purchase offer for cut topaz has been filled :pray:
  17. Thank you for providing the numbers. Based on this I can see that I need quite a few Trading Stick as the "burnrate" is quite significant when using the parcel service to bank. However, don't let this "burnrate" discourage you. The gems are pretty easy to buy and it works out to be 1k gp in sticks an invent :rolleyes: I've recently bought 1k cut topaz from the G.E - i think this should last me a few trips ! Now all i need to figure out is whether Gabooty accepts noted topaz as this wouls save me quire a lot of bank running.
  18. Thank you for providing the numbers. Based on this I can see that I need quite a few Trading Stick as the "burnrate" is quite significant when using the parcel service to bank.
  19. Okay, thanks - as I rarely do treasure trails then I'm not too familiar with the rewards i can get !
  20. What are Tai Bwo scrolls ? - i could seem to find any info on them in the Item Database ! Does Gabooty's shop accept noted Topaz ?
  21. Okay, then i might consider this option after all, however, there is the issue about getting the needed Trading Sticks and i'm not sure what the fastest way is - all i know is that the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini-game is not very fast, so I think killing monsters might be better, I just don't know what monster is the best to kill. Selling topaz to Gabooty's shop is fastest, I think. I've had some success buying on the GE in the past, although the 10k trade limit poses a problem if you're using Rionasta's parcel service to bank. Hi I'll look into this myself. However, I wasn't aware that there are a 10K trade limit - maybe i don't need that many right now anyway ! Thank you for the advise.
  22. Okay, then i might consider this option after all, however, there is the issue about getting the needed Trading Sticks and i'm not sure what the fastest way is - all i know is that the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini-game is not very fast, so I think killing monsters might be better, I just don't know what monster is the best to kill.
  23. Hi I have been thinking of leveling my Construction skill during the upcomming Bonus XP Weekend and i need some advise on how to get mahogany logs easy. My initial plan was to: 1. teleport to the Ape Atoll and cut the logs 2. teleport to Mobilising Armies and bank I could use an amulet of Glory instead and teleport to Edgeville to bank, but i only have two and is not interested in purchasing more. I could also cut logs at Tai Bwo Wannai village, but this would mean getting hold of a ton of Trading Sticks first + that it is hard to bank unless i spend even more Trading Stick when banking at Rionasta - not the most appealing to me. Question: Is there a better way to get them than the options i have listed above ?
  24. Hi From reading through all the posts I'm under the impression that I might have got it all wrong (well most of it), quite a few of you have taken you time to make rather large posts in order to give a thorough explanation which i have a very hard time arguing against. I think my only option is to strike my colors and admit a "small" defeat !
  25. Hi One hand I think it is a pretty cool record, but on the other hand I think it is kinda sad to have spent two whole years of ones life playing a computergame - the years lost can never be replaced (trust me i know), however, if the person has chosen to spend his/her life in this manner and is content with it then I think it is alright - what each of us perceive as value in our lives is a matter of personal taste and not for others to judge. Just my 2c
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