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  1. Hi Thank you all for replying. I have just checked the latest price for a Dragon pickaxe and it's currently 14.0 mill. so its out of my financial reach ! So i'll stick to my good old rune pickaxe for now... :(
  2. Hi I'm thinking of purchasing a dragon pickaxe, but i'm in doubt as to its effectiveness compared to a rune pickaxe ? The reason for asking is that i remember all too well when i switched from an addy to a rune pickaxe (the rune is 10 times as expensive) and thought; "now i can really deal some damage to those pesky rocks !", but as it turned out i didn't felt that 10 times more expensive pickaxe did that much of a difference. Is the dragon pickaxe yet another Jagex rip-off item ? Can anyone give their recommendation ?
  3. Would you be so kind to elaborate a bit more on your views - ie. do you mean that Jagex is dishonest ? - please explain ! He's probably referring to the tone of the writing; I imagine he sees this as something of a "gilded" post. It's all very endearing/flattering, but little of substance was said. Jagex laid it on a bit thick with this, heh, and so their message comes across as condescendingly false (to a degree). Yes, your interpretation of my comment is correct and the little "explanation" you provided clearifies what @tortilliachp meant - at least i understand it better now
  4. Would you be so kind to elaborate a bit more on your views - ie. do you mean that Jagex is dishonest ? - please explain !
  5. Hi Thank you all for replying so quickly. I have been looking at your answers and it seem that broad bolt was the way to go, so i looked at the requirements and found discovered that i have to learn the ability to fletch them and order to make them myself - as i recall i don't have accumulated 300 slayer points, because i have mostly gotten my assignments from Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon which means that i would have to purchase them. However, then Aeil made post and i think this is then answer to my problem: I can make mithril bolts myself, so this might the way to go - i'm aware of the fact that mithril bolts only adds +82 to ranged strength compared to broad-tipped bolts has +100
  6. [Quest solved no further help needed !] Hi I was doing the Contact! quest yesterday and i failed at killing the final boss the Giant Scarab. I was trying to range it using a rune crossbow with steel bolts, however, i could only do damage to it on roughly every 5th. shot ! So i need your advise on how to kill it with out having to purchase lots of expensive bolts - i'm a "knight on a budget", so spending a vast amount of GPs on bolts is not an option. My own plan is to wait until i reach level 70 in ranging (i say this because i couldn't hit it consistently and this might improve with a higher ranging level) and then have a go at it again, but i would like to know if i have other options ? My setup is currently: Helm of Neitiznot Red dragon hide body + legs Dragonboots Obsidian cape Amulet of Glory Gloves -Barrows- Weapon: Rune Crossbow with steelbolts I used protect from range prayer and i didn't have a huge problem with the locust melee and mage - they didn't seem to do a lot of damage to me, but i was "worn down" due to my inability to hit the Giant Scarab consistently.
  7. Thank you for the answer - not the answer i wanted to hear though ! I'll guess i just have to accept that cutting maples will never be fast then
  8. Well, untill i unlock my own kingdom i have to do it this way ! Well, i don't mind - i just find it a bit odd that i'm not able to cut logs faster being the level i am in woodcutting The ability to cut maple trees is unlocked at level 45 and i'm level 72, so i would expect to this to be reflected in the speed in which i can obtain the logs when chopping away at a maple tree
  9. Hi Yes, i know cutting ivy is faster, however, it's not fast experience i'm after - it's cutting trees in order to get logs for fletching and firemaking.
  10. Hi A quick question: Will i ever be able to cut maple trees fast ? - with fast i mean like chopping oak trees I'm currently lvl. 72 in woodcutting and using a dragon hatchet and i think it still takes "forever" to get the logs.
  11. Hi Here is what is written on the official site: Link to quoted page on the official site
  12. Hi Regarding where and how to obtain the various stones, then i recall to have read (i can't remember where though !) that people should try to get them in places where they would be found "naturally" - ie. while fishing with a net or a lobster pot or behind a low wall (agility) or while doing some farming or mining some ore - i think we can all agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of them - one could actually be lucky enough to find a stone in one of those places. Well, that makes perfectly sense to me and i went a long with that until sat down and thought the rest of the "concept" through and this is where it all goes so WRONG ! Let me give you a few examples: 1. You cook a nice little fish and you were looking forward to a nice dinner when all of a sudden the fish turn into a stone ! (you look in the cookbook once more to ensure yourself that you DID follow the recipe !) 2. You happily stringing a few bows when all of sudden one of them turns into a stone ! By now i think you all get the picture. What is it that i'm trying to say (a "few" of you might ask...) - well, i think that Jagex has really shot themselves in the foot (or is it feet ?), because how will they justify that only some actions will yield a stone ? Why can't i get a stone while cooking a potato or while crafting tiaras ? :wall: They can hardly use the argument that it is not natural, because having a fish turn into a stone while you cook it is not natural either ! :shame: The bottom line is that i think players should be able to obtain the stones while doing any of the actions that is possible under the various skill. What does the rest of you think ?
  13. Hi I think both articles were a great read as always. Regarding the Shattered Heart article then i'm not sure i can agree with the conclusion that it is okay to just have the replica statue as a show-off-to-your-buddies-symbol. I would really like it to give me some sort of ability - ie. when it's done it has taken me 30+ weeks and countless of hours (some of them in utterly frustration... (read: RAGE !)), so if it's only give the right brag then i wont be good enough - maybe it's because i'm too old for that (could very well be the case !) Anyway, i have posted, in the thread dedicated to the Shattered Heart discussion, a good suggestion to what i think the final prize should be and i think it is in perfect alignment to what out unfortunate mage Dahmaroc stood for: http://forum.tip.it/topic/259734-shattered-heart-discussion/page__view__findpost__p__4168212 Just my 2c - already looking forward to the next issue of Tip.it Times :thumbsup:
  14. What skill were you doing? Mining coal at the coaltrucks mine What is your level in that skill? 76 How long before your 1st/2nd rock? 1st. 3 coal ore - 2nd. 12 coal ore EDIT: How much xp did you receive for adding to the statue? 5724 XP
  15. Well, now I can stop retraining all my old 99s just for replica rocks. Not worth the effort. And I don't need more XP in my 99s, thank you very much. I can also free up all this skiller junk I had to restock again and get my bank space back. I'm glad they are being upfront about this now. If it got to week 29 or 30 and they released this info, I'd pop a vein. Hi It is a quite a disapoitment to learn that we don't get anything other than a nice replica statue for our tireless effort (i know we get some bonus experience for adding stones to the statue in Varrock and we seem to forget this fact !) I read some of the posts in the thread and came up with an idea which i posted in the thread: I hope my idea is getting supported.
  16. Just so you know, I've added this to my "interesting ideas" list. I like the idea a lot :thumbsup: Then i can't ask for more 8-) - thank you very much =D>
  17. i dont believe this is true, i think the amount of rolls is independent of the amount of people present at a certain spot Then please explain why it seems to take longer to catch anything when there is more than one player present at a spot ? - i'm certain that it isn't because you are hit with the infamous streams of zeroes When was this implemented ? - as far as i know only one piece of ore spawn in each rock at the time no matter how many players trying to mine it at the same time. If it's true (which i doubt) does this also hold true when it comes to mithril and addy ore ? Well, do you know that for a fact ? - have you had a chance to look at the code... I don't think you have, so my BS theory might have some truth in it after all - as far as i know in D & D each player take his/her turn one after another until an outcome has been made - using my BS formulae also take a player's level in a certain skill into account and thereby rewarding higher leveled players with a better chance of making a catch. But in the end none of us can be certain how the ingame mechanics work, so the discussion is somewhat pointless.
  18. Hi Hmmmm, i cannot understand why you're not able to see it ! 1. the more players at one fishing spot the longer it takes before it is your character's turn to roll the dice again 2. the more players the higher probability that one of them is the one who rolls the fishing spot's armour-level instead of you - this is especially important if they have a higher level in fishing than you (please look at the formulae i made in my example)
  19. *bump* I'm sorry for bumping, but i would like to get a response from the rest of ya all 8-)
  20. Yes it does actually ! - as long as you're lower in the skill you'll not fish as fast as those who are higher than you. Fishing spots are similar to the concentrated ore veins in the Living Rock Caverns; the number of people working them is inconsequential, since the resources run dry/reset on randomised time intervals. It's different from chopping trees for Woodcutting and the like. Actually, the more people at a fishing spot the more likely the spot is to move. Since the game makes a dice roll everytime somebody clicks to fish on a spot. Therefore, its slower to fish with lots of people around because the spots move around alot more. Nope, have you ever fished at rock caverns when there are 200+ people at the same fishing spot? Those spots last 20-30 minutes all the time.The fishing spots move randomly, and it doesn't matter how many people are fishing. Mhm, the only time the number of players ever had an effect on fishing spots was when the 'whirlpool' and 'big fish' random events were still around. The way i think fishing work (i can't possibly know this for sure since i'm not part of the devs. team !) is like this: The game mechanics behind fishing is that a "dice" is rolled which determines whether or not you catch a fish. When there is only one player fishing at a spot the "dice" will continue to roll for that player only - i think the math formulae is something like this (player fishing level) * or + (value of dice roll) this is then measured against the "armour-level" of the fishing spot ie. if it's above the player gets a another roll with the dice to determine what he/she has caught ie. a raw tuna or a swordfish for example and if the roll is below we start over again. When two or more players are present at the same fishing spot the game mechanics is almost the same except that the dice now rolls like this: Player1 - rolls below the fishing spot's armour-level and don't get another roll to determine what is caught Player2 - rolls equal to above the fishing spot's armour-level and get another roll to determin what is caught The example is for when there is only two players present, but try to imagine when there are five or six players at the same spot...
  21. Yes it does actually ! - as long as you're lower in the skill you'll not fish as fast as those who are higher than you.
  22. Hi Thanks guys - i' can see that i'm in for a long haul then ! I'm currently experimenting with catching and cooking Salmon & Trouts, because they are easier to obtain - ie. not too crowded where i'm fishing - let's see how that works ! EDIT I got my two stone from cooking: #1 after 6 cooked trouts #2 after 164 cooked trouts
  23. Hi Can anyone tell me whether or not cooking raw tunas will yield a stone - i have cooked aprox. 50 and so far i haven't even got the first stone yet !
  24. Hi I support your general idea of more bankspace as i'm a gatherer. However, i don't support your idea that users pay a substantial amount of money say 50 - 100 mil. - i don't think i will ever be able to come up with that kind of cash. I don't agree with you that this will put an end to the inflation we currently experience i RS - ie. your suggestion will only remove cash from the game temporary, but the inflation will return and continue to do so as long as Jagex don't implement something to remove it. Suggestion to what will remove money from the game: Jagex should start to actively sell consumable items on the Grand Exchange - like food, runes and things used in summoning. The amount they should sell should be closely monitored so they don't end up ruining the economy by making it impossible for players to sell what they produce.
  25. Arrhhh, this explain why i have a hard time getting the damn 2nd. stone :---) - i have currently spent nearly 5 hours in Brimhaven Agility Arena without any luck gaining well over 130+ tickets (in the end i got so frustrated that i filed a bug report :pray: ) Faster Solution: Find another agility course to train and hopefully my luck will change :ohnoes: EDIT I have just managed to get my second agility stone from the Ape Atoll course - it took me aprox. 25 min. So now i'm one happy dude (again) B)
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