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  1. Hi I also have an "issue" when it comes to degradable weapons ! I been reading some more and found this http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Augmentation#Disassembling_and_siphoning - there is a table where it looks like that from level 60 it doesn't matter any longer whether I dissemble or siphon a weapon as the experience is the same (540,000 exp). I'm currently level 27 in Invention and there is approximately 4,2m to level 60. So I have thought about getting there by using black salamanders, which are cheap and lets me train my range (a skill I don't train that much !) in combination with slayer assignments (I'll get my ammo from Abberrant Spectres as they both drop Harralander and Swamp tar.
  2. Thank you for your thorough reply Regarding my question #4 then your assumption is correct - your answer was not what I wanted to hear ! as I haven't done any of those quests (and probably won't as I'm no good when it comes to boss fighting :( ) - I would have intended to use my augmented Saradomin Godsword for my slayer assignments, however, as a Saradomin is about +11m gp then it not viable for me, however, maybe a dragon 2h is (currently: 143,767gp )
  3. Hi I'm a little confused about what to do once I get my Augmented Black Salamander to level 5 as the guide I'm following on runescape wikia is not quite clear (or maybe i'm just thick skulled): http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Augmented_black_salamander 1. How do I get the invention experience ? 2. Will I have to destroy my Augmented Black Salamander 3. What about the gizmo; can it be re-used ? - (assuming I will loose my Augmented Black Salamander) ---- an additional question --- 4. I have augmented a Saradomin Godsword - what is a cheap 2-hand alternative is/are there if I have to destroy the Godsword in order to get the invention exp ? Well, that was all - thank you in advance for helping me.
  4. Hi Thank you for explaining, I wasn't aware of this as I prefer to use melee in combat and I NEVER use Ancient Magicks ! I'm currently doing the Do No Evil quest and the video guide I was watching to do the quest, I could see the guy ( the narrator) were using Ancient Magicks ice spells to prevent the choc ice for king Awoogi from melting away, but the guy (the narrator) didn't seem to have any staff equipped ! Please have a look: https://youtu.be/4T1ESa7-980?t=17m30s (in full screen HD resolution it is very clear to see that he hasn't weapon equipped) This update must have been very recent as the video is from 24. of June 2015 Anyway, I'm glad that you took your time to explaining it to me :)
  5. Hi Is it possible to cast a spell from the Ancient Magicks spellbook without using the Ancient Staff ? I'm asking this because if I un-equip my Ancient Staff then all the spells in my Ancient Magicks spellbook becomes sorta grey-ish and i'm unable to cast them eventhough I have the proper runes to do so. however, i'm still able to cast the teleport spells ! Is this normal or have I encountered some sort of a bug ?
  6. Hi Thank you for the advice - I had forgotten all about royal bolts :oops:
  7. Hi I would like to know your opinion on this setup for my ranging: Armadyl Crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts Damage: 480 Accuracy: 1694 Prayer bonus: 1 (not important) vs. Blisterwood stake Damage: 672 Accuracy: 1486 As you probably notice: armadyl setup has higher accuracy and Blisterwoodstake has higher damage What is best ?
  8. The map is missing the dungeon located due south of Barrows - I think the dungeon is fairly new as I haven't really noticed it before. EDIT: The dungeon is called Sliske's Lair and is used in the quest: Dishonour among Thieves
  9. Hi @Arceus It works in the way you've described - thank you for your help :)
  10. Hi I'm currently doing lots of slaying to get points for upgrading the toolbelt I'm using the "standard" method for quickly getting point by doing 9 tasks for Mazchna and then doing the 10th. for Duradel or the highest slayer master However, I sometimes forget how many task I have done in a row, so I would like to know if it is possible to look it up somewhere ?
  11. Hi Yes, one can reclaim both: 1. Silverlight 2. Avernic Book 3. Avernic Wand by talking to Gideon Bede again.
  12. Hi I have just done the quest Demon slayer and I noticed that the name of the main NPC is wrong ! His name is not Grüfeld Bach His name is: Gideon Bede Why is this important ? - because he is the starting point of the quest !
  13. Because I don't do much combat and I don't want to pay attention to whether or not my weapon is degraded beyond use - I have never been a fan of degradable weapons so that's way I'm asking.
  14. Hi I'm considering to switch my dragon longsword for something better, however, I'm not sure what to go for ? My requirements are: 1. it has to be a one handed weapon. 2. it has to be non-degradable. Does any of you have any suggestions ?
  15. Hi Thank you for at least considering my request as I'm quite positive that I'm not the only one who will benefit from having more search/filtering options in the Sort By Stats part of the Item Database.
  16. Hi When I search in the Sort By Stats part of the Item Database I often find it a bit troublesome simply because I'm not able to sort the table the way I want ! The search options I'm seeking are for example. 1. exclude armour/weapons which are degradable 2. only show 1h weapons or only show 2h weapons I don't know if it will be too cumbersome for the tip.it crew to add
  17. Hi It would be nice if it was possible to select and compare two full sets of amour side by side in the Equipment Builder. I hope the tip.it crew will consider this suggestion as I think it would make life a little easier for users who use the equipment builder on a regular basis
  18. Hi @Ambler That did it for me - thank you very much. I have checked and found that it is also possible to remove the roofs ingame via the graphic settings - ie. a similar menu is there too.
  19. Hi I have just noticed that the roofs on buildings have come back - well, it is not like they weren't there before, but I had chosen not to see them ! (you all know what I'm talking about) anyway, since they have come back on with out my interaction, then I would like to know if I can make them not display again ? - I have been look in the setup to find a checkbox I could tick on/off, but I haven't found any ! So, can anyone help me ? Thank you in advance
  20. Thank you very much - I'm totally embarrased !
  21. Hi Since we got the new user interface I haven't been able to find the price checker - does anyone know where it is and how to access it ? Thank you in advance
  22. Okay, then I'll stop tampering with settings in order to remove it - thank you for replying.
  23. Hi Could anyone tell me how to remove the Action Bar ? - I have been searching all over in the interface setup menu, but haven't figured out how to do it myself.
  24. Hi From reading through this thread and seeing the times you guy take to clear a floor then I must be doing something seriously wrong ! I usually take well over an hour - roughly 1 hour and 20 min. to clear a floor :eek: However, I also do a bit of skilling while I'm there so I guess this has something to do with it... I can clear a floor on complexity 1 and size small in about 8 - 15 minutes and I'll guesstimate that if I rush a floor with complexity 6 and size medium this would take me at least 30 minutes. In regards to experience I get from completing a floor then I must that the screenshot provided by @Tui puzzles me a little, because I simply can't recall that I have ever recieved this much experience for a floor, so I must be doing something wrong. - just my 2c -
  25. Hi Sy As always you're right ! However, I'm a 100% sure that I was only able to select 'Cast plank make' and, because the ''Charge-staff plank make' option wasn't there when I posted yesterday, but strangely enough it all worked when I tried today ! - even when I removed the charges and did it all over one more time to be sure. Anyway, now it seems to be working again so I won't worry about it (until it happens again, that is !)
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