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  1. Hi I all of a sudden got a strange problem with charging my Greater Runic Staff ! The problem: Even though I have the required runes to set the (plank make) I can't figure out to set the spell as there is no option to charge the staff from the Ability Book - I'm only to select 'Cast plank make' I think I have tried almost everything and now I'm starting to get a tad frustrated. What is it that I'm doing wrong ?
  2. Hi I was reading through the Advanced Dungeoneering Guide when I came up with this question: Why don't we have an Advanced Dungeoneering Guide For Single Players ? I think such a guide would benefit the (few ?) of us who play solo Dungeoneering
  3. Hi After the new site has been implemented we can no longer sort the table in the Penguin Point Calculator ! The ability Sort the table was very helpful and gave a quick overview of for example which skill could level up if a certain number of point were used. Anyway, I'm hoping the crew will consider to add a sorting feature to this new calculator also as I'm quite sure that I'm not the only one who is missing this feature a lot.
  4. Hi Thank you both for answering. I'd better get on with doing a bit of questing then...
  5. Hi How do I give Osman the Sq'irk juice I have made ? - he seems to locked up in the Al Kharid palace. Any help is much appreciated
  6. Hi I'm doing the Some Like It Cold Quest and I have reached the point where I'm supposed to lure the walrus from the hut by getting Teddy, Ping & Pong and Bouncer to make some noise. I have found this an impossible task as no matter how much I'm spam clicking the four of them, but I rarely get the noise meters to be blue at the same time. It is starting to get very annoying and frustrating and pushed the fun-meter to zero for me ! What is it I'm doing wrong ? EDIT I solved it myself ! Thread can be closed
  7. I must admit that I didn't foresee that anyone would have a problem with that and reading my post a few times over I still can't see how I could have expressed myself in any other way. Yes, the reason why I mentioned her name was that she is/was well-known for making great quest walk-throughs and therefore I thought it was a good idea to mention her name in order to give my fellow users an impression of what I'm after.
  8. Well, most of the time I use the guides from "our site" i.e tip.it for my daily needs, however, when it comes to quest guides I prefer to use video-walk-throughs as they let me do the quest faster compared to a written quest guide. I'm not looking for a help to a specific quest, what I was looking for, was a someone who makes good video-walk-throughs. I'm honestly quite surprised to discover that this seemingly is a problem for some - i'll guess I just have to search for it myself.
  9. I take offence of this reply as I was asking a completely legitimate question.
  10. Hi As my favourite YouTube video-quest-walk-through maker (GoingCrazy201) seemingly has chosen to take a break from making video-walk-throughs, then I would like to know which of the others video-walk-throughs makers you can recommend ? as the ones I have tried so far hasn't been up to the high standards I'm used to.
  11. Hi I also like the new verion and look forward to explore it further, however, I'm not too fond of the new theme as I find it too darkish for my taste. I personally like the background in textareas to be in white with fontcolor in black or darkblue to be much more pleasing for my eyes. I'll guess I can just switch to one of the other themes available.
  12. Hi What a pity :( Do the same go for the Runic staves ?
  13. Hi A quick question: Are each of the pieces of the Wicked robes stackable in the bank ? - I know that the Wicked Hood will not stack, but I can't find any information about the of the pieces.
  14. Because soul Esswraiths takes even longer to siphon dry ! Personally I would recommend you: 1. to just continuing to siphon on nodes as they you don't have to pay much attention which leaves you time to do AFK stuff. 2. consider the fact that the higher the nodes and creatures are, the harder it is to siphon successfully from them (even at RC level 99). This can illustrated by the following example: a Fleshy Growth gives 0.7 per successful sip and this can be done about 45 - 50 times per minute which gives you 31.5 - 35 points per minute. Now you should compare this to how long it would take to siphon for example a Blood Esswraith or even a Soul Esswraith which gives 35 points to sip dry 3.5 x 10 = 35 points.
  15. I know it's none of my business, but if it is really true that you play RS 10 hours a day then I think you need to do a serious revision of your life - don't you have school or work which you need to attend to like the majority of us have ?
  16. Not to mention: another clickfest bites the dust ! =D>
  17. Hi I think the "leaked" icons looks interesting and I look forward to find out in which direction Jagex intend to take this new combat system - as long as they don't change the game so I no longer can be a mage, ranger or warrior whenever I want to then I'm open for changes.
  18. This is also my experience - for some reason I have a higher rate of success siphoning from Jumpers than Shifters eventhough the Jumpers are accessible from level 54 and Shifters from level 44. I'll also agree with you that death and blood wraiths are not great experience - at least not at my current level which is now 85.
  19. Hi I'm training RC in the Runespan and I would like to know what the most efficient type of node to siphon for my level ? - I'm as this time of writting level 84 RC From my own experience it is not efficient to siphon the highest node which one's level allows.
  20. Hi It has been over a year since I made this request/suggestion and I still think it would be a nice a feature to have ! - I'm hoping that the tip.it crew (or at least some of you) also think it is a great idea.
  21. Hi Sometimes I just luv you so much dude <3: (on a strictly platonic level that is...) Whether or not the girl is pretty will always be a matter of the eye of the beholder. Now back to the topic...
  22. Hi I did end up purchasing a Verac-set and completed the task - the set was pretty cheap 1.4 mill, so I think I'll keep it for a while... A big Thank You goes to all of you who participated in my thread.
  23. From reading your reply it seems that I should just go for the cheapest to complete the Morytania hard task and then get myself something else for completing the elite task.
  24. Hi I need to obtain a Barrows set in order to complete one of the hard Morytania tasks. I'm not sure which one of the Barrows set to purchase as I intend to save and later use it to complete the Elite Morytania task where I have to defeat all the Barrow Brothers. Can anyone of you give an advise on what to get ?
  25. Hi Thank you all for your advice I'm sorry for the wayyy tooo late reply.
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