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  1. Yuu're right, that's the dung i mean, however, it is supposedly also possible to obtain the dung by talking to a camel while wearing a camulet My Arm's Big Adventure Quest - look under step 3. called: 3: Soil Preparation Edit: I didn't want to waste too much time on this quest, so I got the camel dung from Pollnivneach.
  2. Hi I'm preparing to do the My Arm's Big Adventure quest and I have problems with getting camel dung from the camels. My problem is that I can't ask, for example, Ali the Camel (Al Kharid)for dung as this option never seems to become available - the camel will only recite love poems and not sh!t in my buckets ! I could just travel to Pollnivneach, but I would much rather prefer the other option. What is it I'm doing wrong here ?
  3. Yes I use roughly 1 - 1.5 hours to clear every floor (currently at floor 18 with complexity 6) I have just encountered another Mercenary Room - this time I tried to kill the Mercenary Leader by ranging him while praying against magic, but I still couldn't do much damage before I got frozen and had to evacuate the room. I'm pretty stuck and simply don't know how to do this room !
  4. Hi As the Topic Description says: How do I defeat the Mercenary Leader ? I know from reading through the forum that the best way to defeat the Mercenary Room is to focus exclusively on the Mercenary Leader and teleport out of the room as soon as his "friends" arrive and wait for them to disappear before entering again - I did that ! The problem: Almost as soon as I entered the room I got hit by a spell which froze me and then leader and the rest of his crew attacked me. I teleported out of the room, ate a few fish and entered the room once more. This time a got a few hits on the Mercenary Leader before I got frozen again and had to jump ship. Then I tried to use Protect from magic Prayer and this time I did marginally better, but I still couldn't defeat the leader and had to teleport out again. This whole experience ended with me logging out (in frustration) and thereby loosing well over an hour which I had spent on clearing out rooms in the dungeon. Can anybody tell me what they think I did wrong ? ps. I couldn't avoid this room as I had cleared out every other room I could before the Mercenary Room !
  5. Hi Since I miss the information about how much it cost to create helpful objects like Farming patches and coocking ranges in the Dungeoneering Skills then I have crushed the numbers myself: Farming Patch 5x Sleeping Elm Branches (600 gp) = 3.000 gp 5x Bathus Bars (price for each ore 1.700 gp) = 8.500 gp --------------- Total: 11500 gp --------------- Cooking Range 5x Utuku Branches (3750 gp) = 18.750 gp 5x Kratonite Bars (price for each ore 6.600 gp) = 33.000 gp --------------- Total: 51750 gp --------------- Prayer Altar 5x Bovistrangler Branches (12.000 gp) = 60.000 gp 5x Zephyrium Bars (price for each ore 17.000 gp) = 85.000 gp ------------------ Total: 145.000 gp ------------------ Would it be possible to add this information to the Construction table for a quick future reference ?
  6. Hi @star_in_the_sky Thank you for providing something visual I can relate to. Now I remember that I have actually seen something like this (the large menu with the ">" along side each of the menu items), but the extra menu I have yet to see and experience for myself ! I'll guess my answer in the poll should be: Doesn't affect me I would like to thank you all for taking the time to answer my question. - This topic can be closed -
  7. Hi Thank you for the replies, however, your answers only leads to even more confusion for me as I have never seen those menus you're both describing ! I have had a look in the official manual yesterday to figure out how to access this menu which I have yet to see, but I couldn't really find anything (I looked in the Controls section of the manual).
  8. Hi I'm a little embarrased to ask this question as it seems so obvious, however, even though I might become the laughing stock then l'll ask anyway. What is the new right-click interface ? Is it the new menu we use when fletching, smelting and so on or is it a new menu I haven't discovered yet !
  9. Hi I hate to be the one who starts the whining and shouting, but I once more feel that Jagex has messed up a reward ! It is not that I don't like the Golden Hammer - it's is quite the opposite actually ! I mean: the new ability to smith without having a hammer in your backpack and thus having the ability to carry one more bar is great, but in my opinion this should have been given as a quest reward instead ! I know that this would be in direct contradiction with Jagex's normal quest reward policy which, I think that a few of us can agree on, is to give rewards that are quite useless ! Well, that's just my 2c
  10. Hi I'm sorry to interrupt the two of you (@Sy_Accursed & @Quyneax) while you are in the midst of a ferocious duel - I sense the loud noise of sword/morningstar hammering against shields and teeth flying through the air ! Anyway, I just want to once say thank you for helping me in getting a much better understanding of the Dung skill - thanks to those who have participated in this thread I have gone from absolutly hating playing Dung to a state of mind where it don't bother me much anymore. I would almost go as far as to say that I feel a sense of satisfaction every time I complete a dungeon floor !
  11. Hi I have just made a Naturalist's potion (Boosts Cooking, Farming, Herblore and Runecrafting by 4 + 4% of levels), but I can only reach a level of 66 in Runecrafting by drinking that one - the next one is Strong Naturalist's Potion, but that require a level of 96 in Herblore. But it doesn't matter as long as I'm still able to reach the boss in order to progress further through the dungeon floor levels.
  12. Hi Okay, thank you I'm asking because I have encountered a door which I need a level of 67 in Runecrafting to open !
  13. Hi I have an additional question: When I play at complexity level 6 (I'm currently at floor 12) I often find doors which I currently don't pocess the level to open. Question: Will I still be able to finish the dungeon ?
  14. Hi Thank you for your advice - I'll definitely give your suggestion a try the next time I run into one of these rooms.
  15. Hi First of all I think a big THANK TO ALL OF YOU is in order :thumbsup: I think that your combined explanation ought to be used as guide on how to soloing in Dung. Since I wrote my post I have been playing a bit more and, as some of you stated, the experience grow as I progress through the different floors. I have an additional question: I have been so unfortunate to run into a mercenary room once and I got slaughtered ! - how do I survive in that room ? I looked in the Skill Guide for Dung, but didn't find any information about the mercenary room.
  16. Hi After doing quite a few hours of Dung and receiving way too little experience and tokens for my wasted time (yes I do hate playing Dung, but I like some of the rewards I can purchase for the tokens so...!) I would like to know how much experience some of you get when playing ? Example: I finished floor 6 and received something like 87 experience and 8 tokens (not much for the 45 minutes of the torment and agony I suffered, not to mention the boredom !) I also miss a more thorough guide in the Skill Guide for Dung which explains how to be more efficient as a Dung solo player - I know players are posting Dung questions here every day, so a guide for soloing would be very welcome and not only by me, I think.
  17. Hi Thank you for the indeed very fast reply ! Well, I sorta figured it out by myself - I thought that one had to pass through the barriers to enter the dungeons :roll:
  18. Hi *Stupid Question Warning* I'm trying to get into a dungeon to do a bit of solo dung, but every time I try I get a message saying: "You cannot enter a grouping room if you are currently in a party" I did follow the instruction in the Dung Skill Guide: To solo: 1. Form Party 2. Choose Floor 3. Choose Complexity What is it that I'm doing wrong ?
  19. Hi Okay, thank you for your opinion. I'll take your advice and get rid of them then.
  20. Hi In order to clear some bank space I have a simple question: Do I need any of the talimans (Mind, Body, Earth, Fire etc.) once I have the Omni-tiara ? I know that I can use the talismans to make Mind-, Body-, Earth-tiaras etc. but this is not something I do much ! Any advice would be much appreciated.
  21. Hi Thank you for replying. I really hope this is something the Tip.it crew seriously consider as it will so much faster to quickly compare two kinds of equipment. I'm sure that the task of making it won't huge as its funtionality is almost exactly the same as the current Equipment Comparison tool. Anyway, I hope I'll get a chance to use it rather sooner than later (the Tip.it crew has been known for their fast implementation of new features once they set their mind into it !)
  22. Hi As it appears that many of the old suggestions has been lost including my own, then I would like to re-post a suggestion I have posted some time ago. My suggestion regards the Build Equipment in the Item Database: I would really love to see an option to choose from a list of pre-made equipment profiles Ie. be able to quickly compare for example Rune vs. Dragon or a Mystic set vs. Infinity set. The pre-made equipment profiles shouldn't include equipment like rings, swords, shields or staves, but only the "core" equipment as it will be fairly fast to just add these by yourself. Is this something that the Tip.it crew would consider adding in the (near) future ?
  23. Well, from my experience I can say that I have been called Geek/Nerd + a few other names when I tell people that I play RS. One of the things people almost always ask me is; why do I play a game with such awful graphic ? - I tell them that the game now has a HD version (I still play on low detail) for those who has the rig to run it, but they still cannot understand why I play when there are so many other great and beautiful looking MMORPGs to choose from ! Comments to Runescape: Baby's First MMORPG? I got to play RS because I stumpled across it one day about 5 years ago (or was it 6 years !) and eventhough I'm not a D&D player I still found it to my liking because unlike every other D&D game (that I know of) Runescape don't lock my character's class never to be changed again I really like the freedom of changing class as I please and that is why I play this game and not one of the other MMORPGs
  24. Opening the animation in a new window would be good enough for me personally - I would settle for just about any suggestion as long as it get implemented. Regarding your statement that: [...] 'this isn't something too important' [...], then I must say that this is highly dependant on who you ask ! - Ie. players who prefer to use magic won't see this as a must-have whereas players who either range or use melee must of their playing time would find it a-nice-to-have feature. anyway, thank you for commenting.
  25. Hi I think it would be really nice if a small image (or even better an animation) was displayed beside each of spells in the Magic Skill Guide - I'm not much of a mage myself and is therefore not too familiar with how each of the spells look like.
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