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  1. Agreed, the Warriors guild is packed with people who already have dragon defenders.
  2. Am I in the right place? I can't find the entrance.
  3. I know this thread is old but I'm stuck in the exact same situation. I'm at the dwarf camp in the Underground Pass with Klank and his boys but I can't find the crevice to the death altar. Where is it?
  4. i solo for the most part, rushing 1-20 c1, then the rest c6 med killing all except 100+ monsters. silk hood, prom spear(p++), and laws are bound. i average 30 mins a floor opening every door including potion doors and getting a 10% lvl mod. for those of you who average 20 mins a floor, are you opening all doors? and what level mods do you average?
  5. i'm not a fan of slayer. it's already been said, but there are better ways to train combat, get money, and get charms. the main thing i hate about slayer is the repetition. it seems like i always get assigned lessers, greaters, fire giants, and kalphites, with the occasional good task. if it wasn't for my cannon i wouldn't even bother training it.
  6. using random event lamps and penguin points on summoning will get you there faster
  7. armored zombies are the best killing ankous and ghosts in the security stronghold is really fast too. bring void, a salve ammy(e), pots, btp tabs, and 5 or 6 monks.
  8. I think it looks TERRIBLE. The diary tab is unnecessary, the font sucks, the artwork is ugly, and there's no summoning tab. Hey Jagex, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  9. thanks for the replies, i finished the quest :thumbsup:
  10. I'm almost finished with the Cold War quest. I have the cowbell and the bongos but I can't get back to the outpost. I tried talking to Larry but all he says is "Our work is at the iceberg now. I will meet your there." How do I get to the outpost?
  11. 99 strength is awesome, who cares what your clan member thinks. the best thing about 99 strength is that you never have to touch a dragon scimmy again.
  12. i sell the bones so my runs are pretty quick. i'm not really sure how fast you would kill them so i suggest you do a test run and see how much food and doses you need.
  13. instead of wearing rune armor get a neitzot helm, granite body, and dragon legs or skirt. wear a games necklace instead of glory ammy. here's what i do: 1. tele to bounty hunter using games necklace 2. go to bank, withdraw 1 dose of strength pot, 1 dose of super attack pot, and 10 tunas. 3. head east to green dragons 4. pot, kill dragons 5. tele to bounty hunter, rinse and repeat always have prayer just in case a revenent shows up.
  14. train with D scim, rune defender, salve ammy(e) and go kill undead monsters. ankous, skeletons, armored zombies, whatever. bring super attack pots and strength pots too.
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