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  1. Wow... thank you so much :thumbsup: . I finally no longer fail at chinning. Very well written guide!
  2. For me I was getting 40k an hour doing monks at 90+. And the few different types of fly fishing and barb fishing where anywhere between 45-50k depending on focus. (50 is very intense). I started fishing monks at level 65? and made roughly 45 mil. (fished a few k sharks as well).
  3. Wow, have not had time to read the whole thing yet, but great so far! I've always wanted to mine more stars \ .
  4. I played rsc on a different account but quit for 6 months with the coming of rs2... so i guess that means my new character will be left out... :?
  5. The entire evil bob fishing random. Even the old fishing spots havn't changed, ill post a pic next time i get it.
  6. :thumbup: :thumbup: Maybe a few pray pots and wear monk robes. Nice pray bonus and expendible.
  7. No speed difference at all :thumbsup: . Just convenience. And I would definitely recommend monks. About 30k xp an our under lvl 90 and 40k after 90. Great profit too.
  8. I saw someone mention downloading photoshop on the site, but is it safe? Err and legal?
  9. As far as I know Jagex has not mentioned that. Although many players have suggested it.
  10. :shock: Those are some mad spread sheet skills. Thanks for a great guide!
  11. Easily. I went into DT thinking that it was going to be much harder than it was (only stat I had you beat in was range, but don't even think i used that?) as long as you have all the protection prayers you are golden. Just don't forget ppots and sharks!
  12. I've got about 20k monks atm, but the price has only been dropping. Should I sell now? Hold on? Any help is appreciated =). 30 day graph as of 1-17-09 [hide=] [/hide] 7 day graph [hide=] [/hide] Today :mrgreen:
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