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  1. This is a political strategy, just say "compromise" without offering a true meaning of what that means. It is a dishonest way trying of create a win-win situation. It is very easy to just blankly say "compromise", but what exactly does that mean? The way I see it there are two paths: the right wing one and the left wing one. Both are plans that functional, and will have different results and different effects. I happpen to believe that government almost never effectively controls anything, and I don't want them any where near my health care. If you compromise, then that usually means that you dont have a plan at all. You just have a giant pork bill with the label "health care" that is designed to fool people into thinking that Congress is doing (or not doing, as I and millons of others would prefer) anything. Congress is blaming the insurance companies for problems that they created by passing laws without considering the results of those laws. They encouraged malpractice lawsuits, they supported badly considered nationial mandates, they inadventently caused health insurance to raise. Corporations are an easy target for critisism, but I bet an inexperienced health insurance agent knows more about health care than all of congress combined. If you "compromise" then you don't have an effective plan, you just have a pork filled mess. It's just a huge waste of paper
  2. I stongly agree. the game was bad quality and it should have not been released, it needed more development time. Lol, Omali isn't even ranked on MA high scores. He hasn't even played the game and he is judging it to be good. Even though Thedayrsdied is usually wrong, I guess Omali is wildly off the mark this time, lol.
  3. k00ldud95

    Gun Control

    Beautiful. This is the best post on this board I have ever seen. By far, the best. There isn't one word that I disagree with. I agree with the twenty third point more than anything else. Politicians constantly write terrible laws that they don't understand how to enforce, on subjects they know nothing about. When one of their moronic policies inevitably doesn't work, they just write MORE laws. I'm convinced that many of them think that their job is some kind of game. "Oh, I don't think that stupid Rednecks and Blacks can handle guns, so I'll just make them go away. Go, get rid of all the bad, nasty, evil guns in America. I'll give you two weeks." Special Interest groups arguing in favor of gun control have to use extreme situations in order to make their points. They demand that mentally insane people not be allowed to buy guns. Obviously, you have to check the medical records in order to get that information. So, then they make the excuse that your privacy is being violated because you agreed to buy a Gun. They pretend that you couldn't easily just sign a release allowing the medical check: "Well, we can't sell guns to nutcases, and we can't check the records. Guess we can't have guns." :twss: The excuse is pathetically transparent. Here is a quote from one of those Ignorant, Evil, Drunken, Stupid Rednecks: "No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms"- Thomas Jefferson
  4. The issue of drops was discussed extensively in the thread in my sig. I'm hoping that the drop will be something like Dragon throwing knives, or Javelins or something that will be wanted in quantities, rather than one big item. I think that the price of such an item would be much more reliable and stable. I am also hoping that they willl include a good, strong list of secondaries in case the new item is a lackluster seller. In addition, I hope that they will not release an item that is likley to be made obselete like Rune Boots were made obselete after D boots were released. I am having trouble figuring out what the new item will be, I can't think of a useful niche that is not filled well at the moment. Possibly it could be an item that will make Magic more practical in NPC combat. that is the major niche that is out there right now. Also, it could be a weapon that drains spec energy, that would help reduce the idiotic two second fights that have ruined PvP. At least you would have a response to a D calwer. I strongly hope that it is NOT an item that is only useful in Slayer, or for a very narrow range of tasks. For example, the Leaf bladed sword is only useful for killing Turoths and Kurasks, and you get it from Turoths and Kurasks. Everyone who will ever needs one is likley to get one if they use the spear for a sufficient amount of time, and after they get the sword, they can easily get three or ten or fifty more. This is worsened by the fact that no one uses Sumona, so only a few low levels fight them.
  5. I can't believe they ruined this talented athlete's life because he made some dogs fight. it's just so nonsensical, I can't even begin to understand. Thousands of dogs are "put down" every single day, or shot or killed by their owners, who never see justice. Cockfighting and bullfighting are considered entiertainment in many other countries. To ruin a man's life and his record and put him in prison for a year for fighting dogs is stupid as hell. Might as well start jailing people for stepping on cockroaches.
  6. Thanks. my computer is perpetually stuck on October 2, 2008. i'll try to fix that. So, you're telling me that you always have 78 days left in the trial.... and your computer clock is stuck on the same day every day? Wouldn't it be common sense to associate these to the same problem? The problem isn't norton, its your computer. And might I ask what specific OS you are using? (XP, Vista, etc?) Vista. I am not sure what the issue was, but I changed the time and i was unable to uninstall it. As soon as i got rid of norton , I ran a disk check and was able to run my computer in safe mode (it stopped working in safe mode months ago, but it worked for the first time when I got rid of Norrton) I can run runescape now, but only in safe mode. There must be some resource hog on my computer. After a week of trying to fix RS though, I don't really care. Ill just go into safe mode when i want to play RS, I have already spent far too much time trying to figure out what the problem is. Lesson Learned: NEVER USE NORTON. IT IS AN INEFFICIENT RESOURCE HOG.
  7. Everyone could afford health care just fine if there weren't national mandates put in place by politicians who have no experience in the field of insurance, or medical care. Insurance companies are required to incorporate extremely expensive and unusual procedures into the costs of standard plans, and that causes insurance to be unaffordable for many people. 83% of people in America say that the quality of their care is excellent or good, and another 12% say that it is fair. 70% say that they are very satisfied with their overall coverage, and another 15% say that it is fair. Only a very small minority of people are truly dissatisfied with their care. 57% are actually satisfied with the COSTS of their care, for all the blabber about that. (http://www.gallup.com/poll/102934/major ... hcare.aspx) This happens in crisis after crisis. Clueless politicians write laws about things that they do not have the slightest understanding of, cause huge disasters, and then randomly blame whoever they can for their failures. The bill is the size of two large phone books. I strongly doubt that most of the congress even has a vague understanding of the bill that they passed. The billl is going to force people to either never change their private policy or their employer, or accept government care. Based on the way that they manage the budget, our Congress can't do basic math. They wont be able to pay for it unless there is no cost overrun, and there has probablly never NOT been a cost overrun with any government project. They can't add or subtract, they can't multiply or divide, they snort crack, they send sexy texts to 16 year old interns, they don't know about any issues or read anything, and they stand on their pedestal and ask me to give them more control of my life, because apparently I'm too stupid to manage it. Yes, THEY are the ones who know what they are talking about. What a joke.
  8. I agree with this post 100%. Many artists are just people with connections to labels. I tried to articulate this in some posts a few days back, but you actually know how to write, so it worked out better for you. Good for you. I once found an online video of Wolfman Jack that was made just before he died, and he talked about these things. These manufactured artists are able to dominate the industry, and totally control the radio airwaves. It's impossible for the real young musicians, and local groups to compete. They cannot get airplay, they can't move up. Computers generate which of the latest major label's artists will appeal to the demographics that the station appeals to, and that's that. I guess I have to note that the "indie" movement has been happy to take advantage of this situation, and cash in on negative sentiment towards the biggest and easiest targets (Cyrus, Lady Gaga, nickelface or whatever the hell they are called) of this sort of criticism. I doubt that they are much different though. This is the most efficient way to produce a hit record, so it is the way that everyone will use. It's a shame, but I guess that's progress.
  9. You said that the brain stops growing at 21, but it stops developing in the mid twenties. Things in humans rarley happen exactly at the artifical dates we set. People do not go from being childish to being mature at midnight the day before they turn 18, which is the legal moment of majority. Maybe I have a biased perspective, but the difference in maturity depends on the person, and the situation. For example, I know many people from my old high school who are still entirely dependant on their parents at the age of 21, they haven't grown or gained anything at all. In addition, only about 30% of 18 to 24 year olds in America are actually in college. (http://www.higheredinfo.org/dbrowser/in ... easure=104) (and we are discussing an American law) In any case, college is not an incredibly difficult thing to go through, at least not if you take it with the level of seriousness that I have seen. Especially if their parents are paying for everything. On the other hand, there are people who have to take several full time humiliating jobs in order to support themselves while they attend college. There are people who take extremely demanding courses. There are people like me, who joined the service. I know some people who are raising children at 21. An 18 year old is probably capable of functioning in most ways, but they simply lack the experience. So what good would delaying it for three years do? Most people have already been drinking for years at 18. It's good enough to be an adult. Anyway, It's totally unenforcable. It's just like the laws on marijuana, our police have better things to do. Underage drinking is so common that it is a part of our culture now. It is a part of just about every underaged persons life, and the evidence of that is one after another on this board saying that they drink all the time. If you put a bottle of beer in the hand of any idiot who can't handle it, they will act like a moron and prove it. Isolate those people, and bar them from drinking. Don't waste the time of our police with pointless cat-and- mouse chases, and dumb little ethics laws pushed by special interest groups.
  10. Agreed, no Sgt. Pepper's, no Revolver, no Abby Road, no White Album, no Help!, very little Beatles in general. (if any, haven't seen all of them.) This isn't a personal attack against any of the writers. I don't want to get into another argument, so i'll just leave it there.
  11. Thanks. my computer is perpetually stuck on October 2, 2008. i'll try to fix that.
  12. 1. You're totally right. SilverSword only listens to MTV music. 2. So there is not a single piece of electronic music that has any musical substance in it? 3. Why do you keep using that "example"? In all honesty, I think you'd be hard pressed to actually give us any examples of bands whose lyrics show any similarity to that, except perhaps some Pop-Punk. However, SilverSword was talking about Indie, so that hardly has any relevance. If you show us that you are a bigoted 14-year-old who--although they try their hardest to pretend they do--has no knowledge of music, you will be treated as such. 1. I have no Idea what he listens to other than what he has referred to in his posts. I was making the point that you cannot roll those three bands together like that. 2. We are discussing my opinion. I don't listen to much music that was made after the 60's and 70's, when electronic music supplimented other insturments, and was rarley used on a stand alone basis.I think that most electronic music sounds bad. I do listen to music, I don't listen to your music. "Substance" can mean anyting. I just posted my opinion of modern music. I hate it, or at least i hate the vast majority of it. 3. If you can't get signed by a major label, then you call yourself "indie". It's a marketing slogan. It's an image "I'm Indie dude, I'm against the mainstream." 4. And now i'm bigoted. I hear the lyrics, ok? i listen to the radio. I hear the garbage when i get dragged to one idiot's house or another by my GF. To me, it sounds like nothing but a bunch of phony statements and marketing slogans. If you grew up largely listening to classic rock and were suddenly forced to listen to this trash, you wouldn't like it either. I am on a site full of people who will not be friendly to my opinions here. It's very clear that not much will be accomplished other than me listening to you all tell me what an [wagon] I am. I won't say much further on this. Since you clearly have not read the previous posts and probably never will ill sum this up by pasting something I said previously: "so what if I don't like it? I can like whatever I choose to like and not like. I enjoy being a cynical jerk, and i'll ignore any record I want. I could just as easily say that many people are incredibly ignorant about classical rock, and that they need to come out of their "small bounds". Why are you so concerned with my musical preference? In the words of the Animals, "It's my life and I'll do what I want It's my mind and I'll think what I want" nothing further to say here. btw, bon jovi's cover of that song sucked.
  13. On the other hand, I respect your opinion because I don't give a rats [wagon] what you listen to, at least you're listening to something other than "MTV-music". This has no relevance to the topic at hand, but you are really good to have remembered it. I knew that would come back to haunt me one day.
  14. 1) You're just another typical classic rock evangelist. You clearly know absolutely nothing about music beyond The Doors, The Beatles and AC/DC, yet you try to come off as if you're interesting. I'm quite sure that a few of the bands on MTV fall outside your frankly moronic stereotyping of modern music. 2) The fact that you know absolutely zero about music is enforced by the fact that you call all electronic music techno. Nice try. 3) Indie music sells quite well in the UK, actually. For example, Bloc Party is signed to an indie label and they seem to be doing quite fine. Again, this shows that you're trying to come off as a musical intellectual - in fact, most indie bands are indie or even self-released because they want to be, not because they don't sell. Broken Social Scene is yet another example that subverts your puerile analysis of indie music: You Forgot It In People was released on an indie label, and after Pitchfork reviewed it, it was selling out in all stores everywhere. 4) LOL I LIKE EVERYTHING EXCEPT COUNTRY AND RAP YOU GUYS! Oh wait, you're a troll and you're certainly not 21. 1. When did I try to come off as anything but another typical classical rock evangelist? I've been pretty up front about that. The fact that you compare AC/DC to the Beatles and the Doors shows that you don't much about music beyond MTV, Fuse, and whatever other idiotic channels that are on air. AC/DC is much bigger now than it ever was in its prime, except maybe in the brief period after the release of Back in Black. AC/DC was from a completely different time, there is no way that you can just casually just bundle them together like that as if they were all simmilar, unless you see modern shirts and hats on everyone and assume that. 2. I though that all other types of music that I didn't mention would fit nicely under "MTV Trash". All electronic music might as well be called "crap" because that is what the vast majority of it sounds like. 3. As an American, and not a British record executive, I really couldn't tell you what is selling or not selling in the U.K. Unless we are talking about british invasion music, i don't feel much need to pay attention to it. it's good to know though I guess. I doubt it's much different than American music though, which is largely a bunch of whiny brats who are middle class to rich making up stories about their hard days in the hood where they could hardly afford to buy champagne and caviar. It scarred them for life, they have to cut themselves on a daily basis to relieve the pain. 4. I can't even comprehend any meaning out of this last bit. Do you think that Johnny Cash is a rapper (he's a 60's and 70's country singer), or to you have such short term memory problems that you can't remember that i spent my entire post hitting mainly modern Rock, and only briefly mentioned Rap. I do hate it though, you got that right. adn to your final point, it's the old unbeatable argument, "if you don't agree with me, you're a troll. Yo0u are a stooped five yeair olde kiddie and I hat u, dieee" You aren't the first person to come up with that one, you know. You haven't read any other post than my origional post either, you need to read through the entire argument. i grew up listening to LP's that were in my basement, I never really got into the music that was being newly released, and when I had to listen to it with friends, I hated it. You aren't going to get me to give one bit of credit to MTV, either. This argument has started and was finished yesterday, you missed the boat. In this topic, I was invited bu the OP to post music that i didn't like. i know you live in a very small, sheltered bubble, and you can't stand it when you see people who don't agree with you, but it will happen occasionally. I probably should have posted this in a forum where the group would be more friendly to "classic rock evangelists" but it's been posted, and I cant really just have them delete a two page argument.
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