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  1. Found a Orb Scan location that wasn't mention in Mos Le Harmless And on the same clue I found another new Orb Scanner location not mentioned in the guide. Monster that dropped Clue: Jungle Strykewyrm Level of Clue (If 100% known): Level 4(Elite) Clue Hint (With picture): Picture Number 1 Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Picture Number 2 Additional information if needed: Didn't see if someone else had already posted this, so I thought I'd just add it. (the second one is very large.) Picture Number 1 Picture Number 2 Monster that dropped Clue: Jungle Strykewyrm Level of Clue (If 100% known): Level 4(Elite) Clue Hint (With picture): See Picture Number 3 Where to solve Clue (With Picture): See Picture Number 4 Additional information if needed: This is on the same clue as above. Picture Number 3 Picture Number 4
  2. 3 Strength = fail. 3a Helm w/ Dragon Armor = fail. Trimmed Glory ammy = fail. 5/10
  3. Do you rate ppl so low for the infamy? Or what. You constantly give stupidly low ratings, its your prerogative to do so, but you're so judgmental of other peoples achievements and I honestly don't understand it. 7\10 for 92 Herb, congrats! 8\10 for, 95 9\10 for 98, and 10\10 for 99. Its really odd. When I posted my quest cape achievement (and my Nomad achievement) the highest-low rating I got was like a 2/10... Nice job on the Turmoil and Extremes. :)
  4. Thanks :) The only frustrating part was when I was fighting the Avatar. I didn't bring much equipment, and I didn't feel like banking. I ran out of prayer, so I had to range him from a safespot, and I then realized that I didn't have my Ava's Accumulator. It took me a half an hour to kill him as well because I was lagging a lot and I let him heal all 3 times. Most of it is my fault for being lazy, but the rest of it was rather interesting.
  5. Quest cape, however, is a big deal; and he's almost there. :mellow: (Guess I am sort of biased there, but really, it does take a long time to get the reqs and finish all the quests) Grats on beating Nomad. :P Even so getting a quest cape or skill cape isn't really worth "rating" it is afterall not something tht has variable amounts of achievement to it. It matches everyone else who has it. And he did not post quest cape he posted beating a random quest and wanting a rating on it. So people... Tell me. What is an actual "achievement worthy of this forum?" I mean really. To me its an achievement. Just like getting a level 99 is. Just like getting a Visage drop is an achievement. So I guess nothing is an achievement then? And tell me, how is it "not something that has variable amounts of achievement to it?" Isn't almost everything posted in here matching everyone else who has done the exact same thing?
  6. I'm sorry you've failed to notice two references to my title. 1) When Nomad kills you, he says "Pathetic!" 2) In the old Winnie the Pooh book, theres a chapter in which it's Eeyores birthday. He's complaining about it and says "Pathetic, that's what it is. Pathetic." :/
  7. 2/10? You're rating it that low because other people have already beat it? That guy is hard. I don't care who you are. Oh, and not to mention, you haven't beat him either. 10/10. I hate you, why can't I beat him? :-P :P Thanks I used Dragon Bolts (e), Karil's Skirt, Black Dragonhide, Ranger Set, Fury, Archer's Ring, Spirit Shield, Barrows Gloves... 18 Brews in Tortoise, 13 Restores in inventory, 14 Brews in inventory. I took Torag's Legs in inventory to help with melee defence for when he does melee. Before facing him I took a dose of Brew, Restore and Range Potion. I used curses: Leech Range, Leech Defence, and Deflect Magic/ Deflect Melee. I didn't use the pillars (obviously, from the pic), so I can't help you on that. Basically what I did was die 6 times at Nomad, then killed him on the 7th try.
  8. I was in F2P at the time of taking the picture.
  9. People like you should really just not say anything at all. I'm probably sure you're congratulated someone on killing Jad, either in game or on the forums... And no, rate whatever you want. I'm just posting that because I'm just happy that I finally did it. :D
  10. I guess people who have beaten him don't remember dieing at all during the quest. When you die, Nomad will say "pathetic" which is why I have that as my title. "That's what it is!" is a reference to Eeyore from the first Winnie the Pooh book.... It seemed to fit well to me. :P According to jealous haters, beating hardest quest monster in Runescape isn't a "worthy achievement". If achieving this Quest Cape isn't one either, well then GF to me for at least trying. :/ *BIG PICTURE WARNING AGAIN!* (Only the first one is big, but its the best one. :D) I'm sure he wont be saying that again.. (unless he comes back in a future quest =( i hope he doesn't) [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] Rate and Hate. :P I know you probably will (1 more quest left to get the cape; Within the Light. It'll be posted tomorrow) If you're seriously jealous and decide that beating the hardest quest boss isn't worthy of a post, leave then? :o REGARDING the third picture: I was in an F2P world when I took that picture, so all my stats will of course appear as 0.
  11. So, I got these at the beginning of the month. Haven't posted in awhile so I'd thought that I'd post these. :)
  12. you're like totally awesome for being gay because i am too :thumbsup: and I saw Avatar too, and it was very good. xD I love Lady GaGa too, and im jealous of your all skills 80+ :x mine are 62+... I think you'd also like Owl City too, not sure though, but I think hes amazing. Add Mattie Emo if you want, although im usually almost never on, sometimes..
  13. yea ive got 150 sara brews from spicy stews^^ so im gonna do 4-5 agwd runs soon^^ how do you get sara brews from spicy stews? :blink:
  14. I see my name in that pic. :) Yea, I haven't been able to play much either. I'm more focused on trying to graduate and get a job. That and fishing monkfish with the occasional bgwd run with only 1.5 general graardor kills per trip isn't too much fun... I think i need a god sword because whip + zammy book/ saradomin book/ dragon sq/ rune defender sucks.... Go for a bandos hilt too if you dont get one in the process of getting full bandos :P Then you should move onto getting all barrows armour :P And after that, full armadyl (i have horrible combat stats compared to you and i can solo Kree :P) :P
  15. No offence, but when you get your Fury, and you go to Bandos GWD, and you die, and you lose your Fury... I think I may laugh. Just a little bit.... Well maybe a lot. :twisted: edit: like 2 weeks later i realize that i spelled laugh wrong... with a "t" at the end fml
  16. I know really, its time for an update. xD (BTW I wont be on rs to tell you how AWESOME AVATAR WAS!!!!! Its 3 hours long but totally worth it and not at all what you're (probably) expecting! I didn't expect it to be this fantastic, I might see it again lolz xD)
  17. The GE makes me lag and log out sometimes, and I don't pk since PvP worlds came out.
  18. Actually it's a 0gp drop. I've been spending a few hours there a week to get one for myself. Spent 3m on supplies, so it's cheaper than just buying one. ^_^
  19. Tell me what you think? [spoiler=Click here to see.]
  20. i'll give you bank pics to crop after i get my fury^^ much appreciate the cropping offer <3 cuz i really dislike paint mine 12k gold ore, smelt/craft it all, and find a couple obby items is all i have left to do ^^ alright, my email is in my profile
  21. You should really update your bank picture :P its from like 3 months ago lol. If you send me the pics of your bank, I can crop it for you :) let me know in game if that's something you'd like to do sometime. (im pretty good at cropping too :P)
  22. You only despise it cause you can't figure out how to do it yourself. I'm perfectly fine with the cash that I've earned.
  23. I despise merchants, and it seems that that's the only way you made your money. Nothing special- 3/10
  24. Nice, you've made more progress on your account than I have in the past 2 weeks. :P
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