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  1. Back when I was a clan leader, I remember ours was pretty basic. The clan wasn't a drop dead serious one, so I think it justified a lax application process. If you made a correct application which met the requirements, barring any pre-existing reason why you shouldn't join (past issues) then you were let in. However activity sweeps were pretty often, so those who didn't show up got the boot frequently.
  2. Oh, they sound legit. /sarcasm. Why would they need to look at the actions of retired players, after they're retired. The person who came up with that could have thought that through a bit more.
  3. ^^^^^ This. All true. When you make something illegal, its only more of an incentive for people to find out how to get it and use it. Just like prohibition in the US, people still found ways to get and drink beer/wine/moonshine etc. Might as well make it legal and tax the balls off of it.
  4. Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton Its about a group of US Army spec ops guys who were the first ones to go into Afghanistan after 9/11
  5. I think France is just fed up with Islam. Frankly, I think a lot of the world is too.
  6. Good luck, Although, previous clan experience would be a must for me if I were looking for someone to start a new clan with. Edit: this may or may not be moved to the 'looking for a clan/team thread, heads up.
  7. Found my clan a bit quicker then i thought O_o lol thanks for the posts though guys.
  8. I always liked my blue ele with my french cap thing [dont rememberd what they're called atm] But sold it because i needed money :P
  9. Didnt wanna put any info on the topic just to see if someone actually wants me insted of by CMB level. My names Killkarolina (display name is KO-killk-KO) I am a 100/100 current p2p player I am an ex leader of a clan called KO unit, but i just recently left due to the immaturity of the clan. I am a extremely active poster on fourms, and in the clan chat I was in my previous clan for about 3 years. If any clan matches some of these things id like in my next clan, please post and tell me (: -Primarily EST timezone based (I live in the US. In North Carolina) -Clan that does lots of events like CLWS, PVP, inter clan wars, or any other creative events with allies or just with ourselfs. -a great community on the fourms and in the clan chat - Lots of people with good spirits and like to HAVE FUN. Or if youve heard of me before and you think your clans good for me, then go ahead and tell me Oh and im also not worried about being a FA for a little while i raise my cmb, so thats not an issue. Thanks for taking the time to post to anyone who tells me a clan here <3 Ill be looking myself a bit.
  10. All I just wanna get it the easiest and most effective way :P Never heard the dart technieque before.
  11. Tbh i could pull the rules card if i wanted to and say you broke the rules...you attacked first when the declaration said that You all def had more opts lol....
  12. So i know this is a pretty basic skill, but right now im 160k to 80 fletch, and going for 99, just cause i want a 99 skill... I'm currently doing yew longs, but those are pretty slow. Ive heard a lot of magic numbers you need to get it quick with mage logs. If some 99 fletcher who used mage logs could post here saying what level they started using them and how much money it took (with an obvious loss) that would be amazing :)
  13. Horrable pull, we had binds but we didnt use them..Wasnt any point. We made a bad decision joining TWR and i do believe were going to leave and fix things up.
  14. Yay...the year of "Tiny updates and fixes" is over.....New content, please? New skill will probbably come out mid to late 2010....
  15. Never heard much of people flooding vents, but always people flooding TS's :P
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