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  1. I joined TT july 24th 2010, and really fell in love with the community. There were a few jerks (including my mentor at the time) but for the most part just hanging out on ts and going dk hunting (pretty much all we did at that time) really got me to continue in TT. As I progressed through my FA process I got known for being a dedicated blaster, and I specifically remember a fight against RSD in which one of our callers was like "damn look at drinkndrive still blasting." Fights are always fun, especially when callers do stupid crap or bishinmo really wants to beat a clan as he goes crazy. Time passed and I got 3rd in the awards for best blaster and I won the poorest titan award. Overall its just a great atmosphere as long as you find the right crowd
  2. could have gotten it confused with DK as the initials are similar and this is the 10239840138940142389th time that dk is reopening, and just because you are retired doesn't mean you aren't in a clan unless you can't go to events, either way no hard feelings, was just trying to make a point. And yes you are right in the fact that too much instability is created when a clan opens and reopens constantly, however I think that since they waited about a year it shouldnt be as big of an issue as DK reopening every couple months
  3. * What are your views about clans who reopen under the same name - should they? Shouldn't they? I really think it depends on the clan and the situation. For instance, if you take Divine Kings, they reopen every time Derek gets interested in RS and the close whenever the members realize he is leading their clan in the wrong direction or derek gets tired of runescape. Thats the point when a clan shouldn't reopen. If a clan just closes because they hit a slump or leaders quit and dont pass it off then sure why not reopen. Granted I think that you have to wait until the correct time to reopen to be successful. * How would you react if, in the future, your current clan closed but then reopened? It's happened before and I rejoined at that point, now I would support them even if I disagree with their reopening as I still feel connections to that clan and want it to be successful * Have you seen any examples of clans reopening and being successful? Or opening under a different name and being successful? RoT and TT have both reopened and been very successful, so it is very possible
  4. In TT you have to get past screening on your intro, post a future applicant app and get that accepted then get a certain amount of events based on how long it takes. Then member app go through voting and 1 month of imp which is basically fa with a bit more freedom and access then full member. Generally the fa process takes 1-3 months with another 1 month for the imp period. Mentors are assigned and are often pretty strict on fa's
  5. btw TK closed at the end of July, I am absolutely sure of this because i checked the date that I intro'ed to TT There are several clans that have closed and reopened multiple times.For instance, if you look towards the top of the clan ladder both RoT and TT have closed and reopened, yet they have still showed their prowess in this last opening. Whose to say TK can't do the same. Not only that, your clan is not really in the best position to troll and start beef as for one, you are slumping, and two, you have never beat TK in a fight, and have even suffered a miserable 42-0 defeat in a fight that started 49-42. l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l im dan and i try to troll because a clan has opened and reopened when mine has never had the guts to close when we should Let's cut the crap, you don't have to agree with a clan reopening, but there is certainly no reason to troll and make jokes like this. It's people like you who are driving people away from the clan world by just generally being immature and by laughing in the face of clan's that have failed in the past attempting to try again (yes i can admit tk failed in the past, and that's because it was centered around a couple people). Sure I've had my immature times, and I'm sure many people will agree with that, but its one thing to go through a stage for a few months, and a completely different thing to have been acting like this for the past couple years. ur right, it won't but not gonna lie soulja melle really didnt do all that much and made several completely stupid mistakes, including closing tk to join dk, honestly i think without soulja melle tk has alot better chance of lasting longer. Viking Ship is a different story as he was one of the hardest working officials. I guess we'll just have to see how this goes. I don't necessarily agree with TK reopening, but who am I to stop them. They already have a good group of members that know what they are doing, and were an integral part of the community in the past. Good luck to everyone going forth in the effort to reopen TK it's no small task.
  6. was fun, couple kills, 3 deaths (all to clans other then vr/eos/dk) blasted the whole time
  7. Weighing up the benefits and the drawbacks, do you think it's better to have members who log in just to war, or members who play the game regularly? Personally I think it's good to have a combination of the two, after all, there are many other games that members find enjoyable to play with each other. What do you do? Do you play the game or do you just log in for wars? Lately I have just been logging in for wars because I have school and other more important obligations. If you were a Clan Leader, would you focus on your members just coming to wars or encourage them to try new skills and to play the game more regular to get involved with the community? I would encourage them to try other skills and branch out in the game, but I wouldn't necessarily say it would get them better involved with the community. Many members would prefer to spend their time with other clan mates playing other games, which is perfectly fine. Do you know anybody who only logs in for wars, and if so do you think it's good or bad? Why? Yes, many people in TT log in for wars, but I wouldn't say its a bad thing. Often times it is because they are bogged down with school or work, but they are always still involved with the community, whether it be through irc or forums.
  8. melee binds 1 was kinda boring, i was using a different acc and realized i was on ancients after the rush gf me 2nd round i switched back to mine edit: and plaffy was bad 935 lovelost he was hugging us off and calling people in the jail
  9. gratz df, shame that bk is acting the way it is
  10. dang man thats a good idea, wish i would have thought of that
  11. enjoyed it while it lasted, ended up making some rune blasted/binded the whole time
  12. ph is not a cc team now, if anyone is that would be dk gratz ph
  13. missed it, wish i could have been there to increase my bank size
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