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  1. Teleport portals - epic when you are on other spell books (housetabs ftw) Gilded alter - Extremly usefull should you ever want to train prayer Pet storage - gotta love those pets. Mounted glory - Same reason as portals Summy Obby - Free recharge Thats pretty much what I use mine for, but its good for partys aswell I guess.
  2. +1 althogh famous people would get alot of griefing.
  3. Larinro

    Your a noob

    ur a noob? itznbd jeez. Na but don't worry about it... just chill.
  4. Welcome to the group of 99'ers; even if it is fletching, a 99 is a 99! Now go get that cape trimmed!
  5. I realy enjoy the dungeon area of your house and it looks perfect for what u inted to use it for. However the top floor could use somework in my opinion. One area I would work on for that is the general shape of the main floor id try to make it symetrical by removing some of the pointless rooms and only having 4 gardens there and then moving some of the usefull, but not frequently used that dont need quick acsess to a top floor. Also try and get the portal rooms relativly close, saves you time when your on different spell books using house tabs for everywhere ;). Good spot for the chapel, dont move that and definelty build your own G-Alter on the main floor.
  6. True, pictures for some of the more epic levels should be in little spoilers. That would make this epic achivment/goal post even more epic!
  7. Lol @ jelly donut, and thanks guys :D Not to sure what im going to do with it; probably everything!
  8. Spent the past week finaly putting my alter to use and owning my bank in the process; Hopefuly it was worth it!
  9. Awesome + well done, One of the best firecapes ive seen around + you have awesoem visuals ;)
  10. So... Im definetly jelly. But respect to you for managing to not lvl those up as you got the rest ... id be so tempted!
  11. Nothing specail, but hey its done. Had it sitting at 98 for a week and a bit.
  12. Wow, This is going to be quite the achivement if you pull it off! Best wishes and good luck! il be sure to check in on this thread later to see how its going.
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