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  1. You really think they will ever reopen? I think they'll rather close it up forever than reopen again. *Cough* If you missed signing up the first time you'll have another chance in six months. :) Oh really? Damn that is good news! Maybe another chance to get my old main back! :)
  2. You really think they will ever reopen? I think they'll rather close it up forever than reopen again.
  3. I suppose a lot of people were appealing when RSC was re-opened. I did, and my friend too, both got denied within a few days.
  4. It drains your prayer all the time so make sure you bring loads of prayer pots. Range? Have you ever tried ranging the beast yourself? It's worthless. It retaliates, and HARD.
  5. 8 Magic levels = 1 combat level. Magic sucks [wagon]. Unless you wanna be high level with [cabbage]ty combat stats, don't get it. Pure in RSC = No magic.
  6. I honestly think he's not intrested in more tips.
  7. My brother's appeal was something like "NOOB LOL!" and it was accepted........ Oh well... :D
  8. All are almost negative indeed, I don't want to glorify anything. Why ignore when I'm right... This thread IS useless. I mean, who looks into a forum when trying to sell/buy a Black kite shield for 3,000 gps. Just goto the newbie crowded area and someone will almost guaranteed have one there, or to the RS.com forums.
  9. Feels useless to write an encyclopedia about starting on RSC. The number of people who will actually follow up the guide will probably very low. I mean, who starts RSC now when there's only a few people playing? Even playing RSC as of today feels useless. I'm starting to think it was a bad idea to revive RSC, should have left it where it's been. Restain the memory at it's peak.
  10. Cool. I sold about 100k feathers for 700k the other day. Weird with no money flowing.
  11. Worst thread ever. There's a perfectly good forum for sales on www.runescape.com. Probably more people browsing there as well.
  12. Good, but PKing sucks so god damn bad though.
  13. You need to kill big rats. Either in wilderness level 2-3 straight north from Varrock, or at jail by the Goblins in Port Sarim.
  14. Law runes are monster drops. Hobgoblins drop them fairly often.
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