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  1. Didn't realise you were with TPR so sorry for calling you no honour for crashing :oops:
  2. Had fun, we did ok considering for a lot of us this was the first big fight we'd been in and of course getting used to other clan's callers is tricky :wink: Personally 1 kill 4 deaths
  3. 'The' vs Ascension We approached Ascension late last week for a two round matched opts war in cwa. They quickly accepted and the fight was set in stone. First round would be all styles with dung on, second round was melee-binds-range with dung on. The first round was really close, with even numbers all the way through, but once it got to 9 - 7 Ascension realised it was out of their reach and left cc. Second round was a very dominant round for 'The'. Thanks to Ascension for accepting the fight and hopefully we will have more fights in the future. Starting opts round 1, 'The' Dropped to 20: Endings opts round 1: Starting opts for round 2 were 21 for each side: Endings opt round 2: Random pictures:
  4. Was real fun - ended the 1st round with 89 life points no food or prayer :shades: Thanks for the fight AA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e_8yfNEu7w
  5. Was fun thanks for the fight
  6. Wow like last week I was thinking 'I reckon T0 are gonna start doing pvp' :shock: Congratz on the win and wish you the best of luck with future wars if you guys enjoyed it and are planning more :thumbup:
  7. Was fun always happy to have cleans fights with respectable clans
  8. Happy Birthday - keep it up ;)
  9. Wow it's been a long year....I can remember Ray giving a speech for Dv against you guys and him calling you a-sken-sion and everyone facepalming <_< Happy birthday
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