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  1. Didn't realise you were with TPR so sorry for calling you no honour for crashing :oops:
  2. Had fun, we did ok considering for a lot of us this was the first big fight we'd been in and of course getting used to other clan's callers is tricky :wink: Personally 1 kill 4 deaths
  3. 'The' vs Ascension We approached Ascension late last week for a two round matched opts war in cwa. They quickly accepted and the fight was set in stone. First round would be all styles with dung on, second round was melee-binds-range with dung on. The first round was really close, with even numbers all the way through, but once it got to 9 - 7 Ascension realised it was out of their reach and left cc. Second round was a very dominant round for 'The'. Thanks to Ascension for accepting the fight and hopefully we will have more fights in the future. Starting opts round 1, 'The' Dropped to 20: Endings opts round 1: Starting opts for round 2 were 21 for each side: Endings opt round 2: Random pictures:
  4. Was real fun - ended the 1st round with 89 life points no food or prayer :shades: Thanks for the fight AA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e_8yfNEu7w
  5. Was fun thanks for the fight
  6. Wow like last week I was thinking 'I reckon T0 are gonna start doing pvp' :shock: Congratz on the win and wish you the best of luck with future wars if you guys enjoyed it and are planning more :thumbup:
  7. Was fun always happy to have cleans fights with respectable clans
  8. Happy Birthday - keep it up ;)
  9. Wow it's been a long year....I can remember Ray giving a speech for Dv against you guys and him calling you a-sken-sion and everyone facepalming <_< Happy birthday
  10. Gj Poison was fun :thumbup: - Just to mention for the first round we dropped to 15 :wink:
  11. If we were like driver ants we would pull more <_< Anyway I'm sure T0 are forever grateful that you got their back :rolleyes:
  12. lol used to have respect for you, Don't see why you even had to bring gladz into the topic, I don't see anyone complaining about us mass sniping. I'm glad you've shown interest about our masses, but I can assure you we can mass more than 20, I find it amusing you can make fun of anyones masses when t0 themselves started with less than 20 people! :thumbsup: So maybe worry about your clans masses before worrying about our masses, ty :thumbup: Finally something positive achieved. I guess I mentioned Gladz because one of your member posted in the topic ("A simple mention would have sufficed. If anything, it's slightly worrying that your pile was weakened so severely by their mass sniping.") and partly because I've seen Gladz do the same to DW when DW was outnumbered by ~8. I'm sure you can see the similarity between THE and Gladz. Also, like I said, it was a cheap shot. Massing part was mainly directed at THE, but whatever. Actually we've been pulling pretty good lately when you look at the number of members we got. Also, the war wasn't at the best time for us and we had over 20 in the war more than once. I'm worrying about THE's pulling abilities because they seem to start mass sniping only when they can't win, so maybe if they're able to pull enough, they MAY STICK TO THE RULES. I'd be worried if we'd pull only ~30% of our ML. EDIT: You say we broke the rules, but you got no evidence. I'll end it as soon as you learn to read the rules or find some EVIDENCE for your accusations. What did you exactly expect to happen when you started to mass snipe? And I agree both are losing in a way. The topic was made in a bad way, but I enjoy posting in topics like these. You clearly broke the rules in both of your videos. :rolleyes:
  13. I honestly don't understand why people are getting so worked up about this. At the end of the day we both broke the rules; you guys won, lets end it there? So much unnecessary flaming and cheap shots here I would say both clans are 'losing face'. Sorry for the low pull and gratz on the win.
  14. Not once in 5 years. I'm full on addicted. Cept I suck at training :ohnoes:
  15. Congratz Gladz, looks like you kicked that number disadvantage in the face :thumbsup:
  16. Usually something fishy with eos victories...but I've long given up trying to decipher the 'true' winner of these top 7 wars...so gratz eos :thumbup:
  17. Numbers were too far against us but I'm glad we decided to stay for the 60 mins. Gf Tko Blitz ripped us for the first 20 mins :thumbup:
  18. Fun war gj oranges :thumbsup: Looked closer than it was; at one point they had even opts and were only 5 kills behind :ohnoes: Personally got koed due to a loading screen early on but picked my game up after that :shades:
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