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  1. These are pictures of my first attempt doing the boss without even touching my food. :) [spoiler=Killed without Food] [spoiler=Equipment screen] I used vampyrism aura & Soul Split to heal on boss. It helps having a life boosting armor for the extra hp. I chose Virtus Mask, because that's all I had in Life boosting armor. Having - Melee damage reduce doesn't make much of a difference I found out. Keep at all times 6+ Fires lite up, and there shouldn't be a problem. Watch out for firewalls.
  2. It was a alright event. I didn't like the puzzles, but I enjoyed the dancing in the party room. :P
  3. Or protecting it? hmm

  4. Maybe the bandit put the treasure chest there? =O

  5. I can't wait for elder scrolls skyrim. Can't you forward time for me dan? lol

  6. Theatrical Male & Female Picture of what it looks like on forums. I think it looks awesome on males.
  7. Pharaoh Male Thanks Akount <3 Pharaoh Female Pharaoh Female Silken Female
  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. By god we've got it. Excellent idea. :)
  10. <--Full ss as you can see the time is 4:33pm <--Mod Chrisso was suppose to talk to me, because I had a problem. Now it's 2hrs since he said that. Lie much? My question is why a certain bot that botted for months has got away with it, and when I brought it to Jagex's attention I got kicked out of his clanchat.
  11. This could be a trick, so she doesn't get banned from Jagex. So far she has her own thread dedicated to her by them. I hope they don't pity her too much more she might get her items back. She might have rwt her money. She might as well quit now, and not get her account back. Since some noobs might look at her as a legend, instead of her having nothing at all. Don't get me started if she magically gets everything back. Then we know something is up.
  12. That's very true about the fake women that play. Apparently their all from florida and they will have names like Sarah/amy/Jess. lol. On runescape you can tell the fake girls. Blonde hair, pigtails. And they usually act like a boy. Other then that I kinda don't like being called a guy player. But who else to blame, but 12 yr old boys. But I end up going around with my fiance on rs usually so I don't really get that guy comment much, which I'm happy about. As for me 22/f/nj name is Lisa. I don't quite get it. You don't get pestered alot because you go around with your fiancé in the game? And your fiancé has a much larger, muscular body in the game hence frightening away the immature 12 yr olds who otherwise would harrass you in-game? :ohnoes: When I'm with my GF playing Soul Wars or something, me being there seems to make it worse... Oddly enough. They do it simply to piss me off. Lol. Lol, maybe if everyone couldn't TELL you were a couple they wouldn't want to piss you off. When I see a guy and girl following each other around calling each other hon and going *kiss*, I see a 13 year old sucker and a guy pretending to be a girl for money. The impulse to make fun of them is pretty understandable (not that I do it). My fiance & I rarely use the kiss emote at all at each other nor actually type to each other. So Maybe that's why people leave us alone. But then again we tend to play in w119 it's a swe world. We haven't yet got the comment "This isn't a dating game". We're not swe, but the world runs smooth for us both. Other then that we try to stay away from our old home world which was w71. Which has ton's of immature kids. Usually the uk and usa worlds are crap with comments. We got nasty comments for yrs (both guys, "This isn't a dating game", etc). As for us both playing Rs together, when it was roughly 2008 or so, we started getting all 99's together. We are currently duo'ing dungeoneering for 99. The wonders of doing dung is that we don't get nasty comments about being a couple. We also dress the same on Runescape, because I perfer others to want to know we are a couple. I don't really want comments like "Hey babe", "Your hot lets go out", etc. Also I do get very angry at very negative comments about women. "All women were need to work in kitchen","All women were made to do xxx", etc. I kinda butt into comments like that and tell them to cut it out, since I do find it offensive since I am a woman myself. As for me in rl, both my fiance & I share the chores up. Cooking & Cleaning, we usually do them both together. I do tell other kids/males that I do that. So they will hopefully get that idea out of their head. I also sometimes get that sort of comments from my father, which then it turns into a fight or me ignoring him. Women should speak up more often about themselves, instead of being let down by males. I can understand why people would think a girl is a guy if their named xxpkxx or have a guy name in their username. I kinda do think the same. I don't actually know any girls that have that sort of name. There's not many that actually pk or do major boss killing. Meaning everyday... I actually never pk'd. I absolutely find pking boring. But I do sometimes play some castlewars. But that's one of the best mini-games. :P -Lovely Knife-
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