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  1. Thanks for the information vlad_the_old, I'll add the locations soon. :)
  2. That's about it for now. That's the majority of the guide done. Could do with cleaning a few things up but I think that's it for now at least. Please post any comments! :)
  3. This is a work in progress and is not yet finished! Version 1.0.2 beta Hello, This is a quest guide for the 'Bringing Home The Bacon', a quest released for members-only. ----- ----- ----- Quest Start Talk to Eli Bacon located at the farm, north of Port Sarim Requirements Skills: 14 Construction, 14 Summoning, 14 Farming Items 5 Wheat and 5 Onions (can be obtained during the quest at nearby locations) Suggested Items Teleport runes to Varrock, Falador, Ardougne and Draynor Village (use of Lodestones will work perfectly though). NPCs: Eli Bacon, Martin the Master Gardener, Pickpockets (Andy, Bert, Chris, Dan, Edd) ----- ----- ----- WALKTHROUGH 1. To start the quest, talk to Eli Bacon at the farm which is located north of Port Sarim. 1.1. He will tell you that he has discovered a new type of meat, better than any other in the whole of Runescape! 1.2. He's devised a plan to make the self titled meat (Bacon) popular with the locals and to do this you need to produce more pigs! 2. Half way through talking to Eli, you'll get a cutscene where some locals have discovered the new meat and have now turned crazy and want more of it. They'll enter the section of the farm and begin to eat the pigs (oh no!). 2.1 Eli will tell you that he needs to get the pigs to a safe place and that the locals will need to be distracted. He'll give you some supplies to make some wooden pigs and will also give you a pile of Bacon. He'll tell you to create the wooden pigs and place Bacon on them whilst he takes escorts the pigs to safety. 3. Once your conversation with Eli finishes, you need to create the wooden pigs. There are three pigs to build and there will be three already constructed foundations in the middle of the pig pen. Click on the first wooden pig to begin to properly build it. Then use your Bacon pile on it and the locals will then turn to the wooden pig instead. Build all three wooden pigs and keep adding Bacon to eat pig once the locals eat it all and then turn round to go eat the real pigs. 3.1 Keep repeating the same process of adding Bacon until all six (real) pigs have been led away safely. 4. Once all pigs have been led away safely, you'll need to go down into the cellar which is located in the south-east corner of the small pen that you're in already. Go down there and talk to Eli in the middle of the cellar. 4.1 Eli will tell you that you need to get a pig from Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor and train it up. 5. Go to the Draynor Village market and talk to Martin, he's the NPC with the green 99 Farming Cape. 5.1 Talk to him and ask him for a pig. He will say that you can have a pig as long as you complete a small job for him. 5.2 He asks you to interrogate the thieves just north-west of the pig pen in the marketplace to find out which one has been stealing from him. To do this you'll need to talk to all five thieves. Take note of what they say and work out which one it was. (Author note: the thief was 'Pickpocket Dan', may differ per player - need verification) 6. Once you've decided who the pickpocket was, talk to Martin again and a cutscene will begin. 6.1 Martin will say that he doesn't want you to kill the thief, but just hurt him to teach him a lesson. 6.2 After some dialogue the camera angle will move to focus on a pig and admire the animal whilst you beat up the thief. 6.3 Once the cutscene has ended and your character has beaten up the thief, Martin will give you the pig. 7. Head back to Eli again and talk with him. He'll tell you to begin work on a machine that will train the pig. 7.1 He'll ask you to work on the machine and give you some oak planks, steel bars and iron nails. 8. Walk over to the machine and select the 'Build' option to begin fixing the machine. Once you've done that, he'll tell you to go and get some wheat to use as food for the pig whilst he trains it. 9. Go to the wheat field which is east of Draynor Village (just north of the small prison which is slightly north-east of the Draynor VIllage bank). Pick five pieces of wheat and return to Eli at the farm. 10. Go into the cellar and speak to Eli again and he says that he needs you to properly clear out the locals in the farm addicted to Bacon. To do this you'll need to send them to sleep. 10.1 Eli will give you some Bacon again and now a potion that will put the locals to sleep for a while. 11. Go back on the farm and add some Bacon to the wooden pigs from earlier in the quest. The use the sleeping potion on the wooden pigs as well. 11.1 Keep repeating this process on all three wooden pigs to make the locals fall asleep. 12. Once you've finished, talk to Eli once again and he will tell you that the locals will fall asleep soon enough, but until then you need to go and get some onions as he's sure that will keep them away for good. 13. You now need to get 5 onions which can be picked from the small field in Rimmington which is west of Port Sarim. 14. Once you've picked 5 onions (don't eat them!), go and talk to Eli again. 15. Eli will be impressed with the pig you've managed to train and now tell you to show it off around a few towns and cities. 15.1 Eli will give you a list of four places you need to go. He'll give you the pig and the list and you need to then show off the pig to everyone! 16. Read the list and choose which place to go. It doesn't matter what order you visit the places. Varrock - You need to go to the centre of Varrock (where the fountain is). Falador - You need to go to the centre of Falador (where the statue and guards are). Ardougne - You need to go to the Ardougne marketplace. Draynor Village - You need to go to the Draynor Village marketplace (where you met Martin). Note: Each location will have a blue square to outline exactly where you need to go on the mini map if you happen to get lost. 17. As you enter each location, a small cutscene will follow of you showing off your pig to people. It's very short. 18. Once you've shown off your pig in each of the 4 locations, return to Eli again! 19. Speak to Eli and he will thank you for what you've done and tell you that the demand for pigs has risen! 20. Quest complete! ----- ----- ----- Rewards 1 Quest Point 350XP for Construction 350XP for Summoning 350XP for Farming Your very own Pig Pet! Glutton for Nourishment Song Pigs as a slayer assignment Access to three different types of pig pets. 10 War Pig pouches and 10 War Pig scrolls 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune Notes You can bring 5 pieces of wheat and 5 onions with you before you start the quest to save yourself time. After the quest, you can kill the pigs in the pens in the Cellar and pick up, cook and then eat the Bacon they drop! After the quest you'll be able to visit the pig pens scattered around the world as well. Thank you to vlad_the_old for this information! In the northern region of Lumbridge In the south-western region of Varrock (outside the boundary of the city) In the south-western region of Falador (within the boundary on the city) In the northern region of Ardougne (north of the north-west bank)
  4. I'll get onto writing it to post in the forum then. It was good fun so it should be too difficult for me to have one written up in a few hours and then check it all over. Thanks you two. :)
  5. I don't quite understand, what ability are you using to drop things? That'd be quite useful for the skills I plan to train! :)
  6. They need reduce the number of worlds the game has. Whilst you may think that'd be a bad idea, it means worlds have more players so minigames are used more because players aren't spread across the entire system. It also means maybe the price of the game would be reduced or at least remove the need for SOF perhaps? Either way I've always thought there are far too many worlds. They need to reduce the number of worlds down to at least 100 or so. 140 is way over the top considering how so many people have actually stopped playing the game altogether. Last point though, with RS3 being HTML5 powered, maybe the ability of being able to play on mobile devices will bring players back?
  7. I didn't buy any spins and managed to make all four coronets but I haven't put them together. I prefer them over the Crown itself. They're more rare. Although I did complete a crazy amount of quests to be able to actually get the items I needed. Really want the Crown but I don't want to have to use my coronets. The Crown itself is way over priced as well. I like the fact they're introducing rares, but via the SOF? Not cool.
  8. I've completed the quest, was quite fun but a little time consuming for some of the basic tasks you were asked to do. I've got 14 mounds of bacon sitting in my back as well. Overall good quest and seems like it works fine on day 1.
  9. Thanks for all the help everyone. I'll have a look at being a Crew Member. I've been doing a lot of quests recently and I've enjoyed following the guides and I'd like to write my own so I'll at least give it a go. If they say no, then they say no. :)
  10. Thanks for the help. How would I go about writing one that could go up on the Tip.it quest guide section of the site? I don't have to be staff do I?
  11. Hi, I'm currently doing the Bringing Home The Bacon quest that was released today and was wondering how I would go about writing a quest guide for it? Thanks!
  12. I agree. I'd like to get the coronets (I'm half way to the Coronet of Spring which is the last one I need) and then just keep them all. The crown can be bought after the event whereas the coronets can't even be traded so they're actually rarer really. --- EDIT --- Finally have all four coronets! After days of questing which at times was painfully boring... I've finally got all four. I don't trust myself with all four in my inventory though. So pleased I've managed to get all four coronets, hooray!
  13. Finally managed to get the beast to walk over it and accept that I dismissed it in time. Just completed the quest! Lucky as well, I was on my very last pouch too... Done!
  14. Hi, I'm doing the Spirit of Summer quest but the quest seems to have glitched and I can't finish it. I'm on the last disc but every time the 'beast' stands over the disc, I dismiss the Familiar and the beast just wonders off. Both the front two feet have been on the disc when I dismiss and nothing happens. I am using the right familiar as well. What should I do? I will mention I've been in and out of the spirit world about five times buying these damn pouches... Any help because I'm very frustrated with this. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm looking to trade Blossoms, Branches and Leaves in exchange for Seeds. I have the following: - 68 branches - 60 leaves - 62 blossoms I'll meet your place and your world if you like but I need to trade as soon as possible. Reply here to establish where to meet & what world and I'll add you. Thanks!
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