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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. The first major fall (8.5k to 7.9k in a day) was because air orbs were no longer botted and/or done as a moneymaking acitivty, thus their price has risen. Which meant battlestaves had to fall. Aside from that, see what the other poster has pointed out.
  3. Yep, and you can definitely notice the green button changing to blue with reduced renown cost after buying a piece. You know how it works: renown is available while BoL is in effect. After that, goodbye warpriest. You lose it once = you lose it forever.
  4. I would advise people to look at the broader picture. MMO (especially MMORPG) has become the universally despised video game genre. The old and successful MMOs are dying out. Many have moved to F2P/microtransactions (or combined). Still, the future is clear: slow agony, long and painful death, no matter how many painkillers (a.k.a. XP/SP/GP runes, limited vanity offers etc etc) are used before the final demise. To view them as anything else but rapidly deteriorating (failing) isolated ecosystems would be very short-sighted. On the other hand, newly released MMOs show troubling trends: overcrowded on release, yet deserted after first nightfall. Naturally, AAA titles manage to last a year or two before succumbing to the aforementioned omnipresent plague. MMO players can rest easy (for now), as each victim is replaced by a new, different MMO. Still, the trend is obvious. People do not like MMOs. They do not want to play MMOs. Yes, that means they do not want to play ANY MMOs and no MMO will be successful in a market that despises them. I assume some people will definitely object, describing what a MMO they would play would be like. The question you should ask yourself is "Would I play a deserted MMO?". Players never ask themselves that question. When they see a deserted MMO, they LEAVE. EVERY [bleep]ing TIME. And since all those new MMOs become deserted after first nightfall...
  5. The economy is still in a whirlpool due to recent changes, some of which were not announced and not predictable (too many of them were, actually). The only items with flat (or roughly flat) prices are either those traded in large volumes (think 'Most Traded'), those completely not traded or those who have already deviated from guide price so much that you cannot buy (sell) for 5x (0.2x) the guide price. Other items seem to be inside the whirlpool, where arbitrage (flipping) is not possible by definition: you gain gp from longing a clearly rising item or shorting a clearly falling one. Unfortunately for you, most flatlining items are "shared": you will not make any decent gp out of them, because it is the flipping itself (in the wider context) that allows you to make that money by flipping.
  6. Glitchscape has shown its real face. Too many bugs to list. One of them is the notorious 'did I have an action bar?' bug.
  7. As a matter of fact, the need for such scripts (and lol @ incorporating rng) shows just how terrible RS UI design is. They could have done the action bar right, so that you could select which of many options you want to use in an action bar slot. They could have done that you are able to bank the inventory and repeat last withdraw (closing bank UI automatically) via one click (even if you would need to open the bank interface to use that button). But no. And now we have scripts to compensate for all of this. And when scripts become legal, people start pushing the boundaries. That's just the way it is. It is natural. P.S. I am aware that this post is not *directly* related to the topic, but it fits the general theme.
  8. I love it when people take a script with absolute coordinates and comment on it as 'legal'. You are basically implying that a human can disregard the starting mouse position and move it to any point of the screen in the same amount of time and using the same amount of effort. P.S. I am aware that in the end it translates to relative movements and in essence is just enhanced mousekeys (since they have a really crappy/counterintuitive configuration). And yes, I know that MKs are legal.
  9. Warbands > all for smithing. If you do not care about lost gp, you should do best ceremonial swords for the rest of the day.
  10. Naturally, that thing is not reproducible and not really an issue. My point was that the only thread was dedicated to all sorts of connectivity issues: mass dcs, partial (not all people in a world) kicks to login (instead of lobby), random mass 'connection lost' issues, etc. By the way, they started announcing worlds that will be mass downed.
  11. No acknowledgement thread, aside from a several-day old 'connection issues' thread related to everything including DCs when someone mentions 'vorago' in fc/cc...
  12. Here we go. Roughly half of RS servers are offline for more than 30 minutes now, without any jagex mods in the office to write an acknowledgement in RSOF. Naturally, everyone who was in the aforementioned half of worlds is now temporarily banned from game. ... and to make this a personalized rant GF 95 pray GF bank GF membership GF account
  13. 90 range will inflate your combat level and the lack of other skills (melee, magic) will leave you at a big disadvantage.
  14. Barraging dags with cannon is a piece of cake; a cannon completely negates the aggro range nerf. However, this setup assumes momentuming, and they fixed oh dealing mh damage. Which means you will get less xp than pre-nerf (that applies to abyss as well).
  15. From what I understand, you would host 5 man C6 floors that have the highest chance to give you the boss you need. It takes a lot of time to form a party (unless you play during US day) and then a lot of time to get the desired item for yourself. If you consider going with melee, zerker ring compensates some of the accuracy loss and thus you should not really bother.
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