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  1. Is there anyone else who can confirm this (a similar mod response or even a screenshot?)? They had seemed so adamant on telling us that it was unknown....
  2. My heart literally stopped when I saw someone mention Legend of Dragoon. <3 I love that game, so much.... Yeah, there is a vauge resemblence, but at least Dharok (possibly) speaks good english :x. Clever idea, though.
  3. I've been hearing that the summer pies heal 20 per bite? I'm not sure. Can anyone clarify this?
  4. One example of a failed online game to handheld concept: Neopets handhelds.
  5. Great ideas! :) I'd post them in the suggestion section of the RS.com boards. Who knows, maybe a nice mod will look at it and then suggest it to Jagex? :D
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