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  1. ohicwatBiodidthar "You won't find me on Bio Ice, or Stephanie, or Pinata, or any of the other accounts you know." ->>you know<<- Find the new unknown account! ;o
  2. I know this is just a little late but...Thanks :D

    -referring to your comment on my profile-

  3. I don't think anything special happens...A Jmod said that the finished statue is purely cosmetic
  4. I'm being blinded a bit by the extreme narrow-mindedness I'm seeing in this thread (though it's all over the place, too)... People say that players aren't playing for fun anymore. Others say that people are too concerned about levels. Well, for me, I find leveling FUN. I find going for 99s FUN. I don't see why that's so impossible...People seem to think only THEIR way of playing is fun, and the things they don't like are fun, and if they don't think it is, then NO ONE can. Also, I'm pure f2p, and so I'm not really tempted to get my 99s for them (though I do think skillcapes are nice looking)...I remember when skillcapes were released, and I thought they were cool, and they only INCREASED my desire for a 99, they didn't create it. Anyways, I'll do whatever I find fun in the game, but as I find skilling and leveling fun, I do tend to focus on that a lot...As someone else said, people such as myself care about aesthetics as well, and I think skillcapes look good (which is why I plan on getting a Smithing cape on my noob acc which I occasionally get members on...I like the skill, would like the cape, and wish to create a good outfit to go with the cape)... But, more to the point of the thread, I don't entirely like what skillcapes have done...It's not hard to find, in game and on the RSOF, people who aren't going for a 99, but who are going for a skillcape...People who ask what your first skillcape was, not your first 99; who ask what your next skillcape will be, not your next 99; etc etc... I can't blame people for liking skillcapes, but I wish they cared more about the game or a skill than just the cape...
  5. I'm experiencing the same problems. My friends list has been working for a while, on my main only though, but just stopped again after like 2 hours in the past 5 mins... Forums are also not working again. Jagex's system update = 1 fail + no explanation + me not getting a gop 1v1 Getting on my nerves...How am I supposed to discuss the good news of a new avatar series with my rs friends?
  6. I played during that time...And TBH, I really didn't get very far...My earliest skills screenshot is from just after the HD update though, and my skills were even lower than they are now, my highest being 71 str I think. Nothing else over 70, or even 65 I don't think....But I was also a noob who thought 99s were impossible for me to get...It wasn't until after GOP came out, succeeded in it, and started going for 99 smithing that I realized all any 99 took was dedication...That being said, any of my skills easily could have been higher, and it wasn't a matter of anything being easier... Still, I wish all the skills in f2p were just as hard now as they were during that time...Mems can have all the updates they want, I just want f2p to stay challenging and rewarding :3 Sadly though, I held off on mining, which I originally planned to go for after 99 smith/mage...What I really wanted from 99 mining was to get a 99 from essentially the last f2p skill that hadn't been made easier in a very very long time (before I played)...And now it's too late...I honestly wouldn't care nearly as much if they made this update AFTER I got 99 mining (though I still wouldn't have liked it much), but now I've failed and I hate it with the deepest intensity... It's also troubling to know that this could have been prevented if Jagex hadn't done other stupid things first... And again, anyone wanna check out my RSOF thread ;3?
  7. ^THANK YOU. Unfortunately, as I do whatever is most efficient for me, I may train there (though if it gets too crowded and I have to go back to rim, I doubt I'll really complain)....I'd just prefer they stopped making f2p SO much easier >.< @Central: I didn't crash in that one, but the game screen froze if I stayed in the Dwarf mine one. I think it froze 3 times, but if not, definitely 2. ----- Also, if anyone would like to check out my suggestion for a Smithing Guild :3...Quick find code: 185-186-915-61172829 Sorry, since it's not complete yet, and it's not as formal as some of my other threads that I've made and take more seriously than others...But so far, I imagine it to be f2p, as none of it seems to be "good" enough to be mems only, really...I am being unbiased about it, but there's really no reason for any of it to be mems only from what I have atm...
  8. Because they make going through the dung faster and give you better xp. Anyways...I'm assuming I'm the only one here as well who doesn't like it? I'm finding it harder to see why I even stay pure f2p...It's getting to be just as easy as mems... Challenge is what makes me stay pure f2p, really...But I guess Jagex didn't want to leave all the updates that eliminate challenge from the game for mems only...
  9. I do think they need to make a total xp slot... They can keep the total xp next to the total level, too, but.... I feel too often people tell me they are better than me since they have a higher total level, but...In a lot of those cases, I have much more xp than them...
  10. Another thing... I kind of hope Jagex just leaves f2p alone ;) Part of the reason I like being pure f2p is the extra challenge...Getting achievements in f2p seems so much more gratifying than getting them in p2p for that reason... But since I started playing, the game has certainly gotten a lot easier...(and that's just from when I started...)...I don't want it getting any easier...and usually, the only way to keep adding on to a game and keeping people interested in skills is by making it easier... Before GOP, I didn't think I would ever get a 99...Now I have 3, and it pains me to say that I got most of the money for those 99s from GOP...It's one of the best f2p money makers and certainly made the f2p game easier...Now, I like GOP, but a part of me hates that it made the game much easier for me... One of the reasons I want to get 99 mining is because nothing has really changed about it since I started...You can't buy it, so even though making money has gotten (astoundingly) easier for me, it still has more challenge to it... Of course, in some indirect ways it's gotten easier...Like more worlds that are less occupied (ex. Different Worlds for Different Nationalities on the home page)...But it does come with the cost of waiting longer for ores to appear, so at least that's got some balance to it... Now of all this, this game has also gotten easier since I actually know how to train better and more efficiently, rather than like a noob...So perhaps, some of the ease that has come hasn't just been from Jagex...
  11. Oh, and as a side note... F2P isn't just a demo...It wasn't the intention...Sure, they want members and money, but F2P is still a game itself, with members being a sort of expansion. Just because you pay for extra doesn't mean the other side of the game doesn't exist or that it isn't the game in it's more original and basic form... And yes, the obnoxious ads do give Jagex some extra revenue...But that's not all... What do you think there's more of? F2P or P2P? I would guess f2p... And I would say that there are more snot nosed f2p brats spazzin to their friends about this cool new game they found...I'm sure a decent amount of f2pers and up getting OTHERS to pay a membership just by referring them to the game...So consider that as well.
  12. Hmm what do f2pers need? A yearly, decent quest? Is that much to ask for? I'm not asking for constant quests, but once in a while, a new quest would be nice. And not just any quest, a higher level quest. All the quests now can be completed with low stats and 30cb...So is some sort of fairly-high level quest once a year too bad? Definitely better cb triangle...mainly mage...I mean...-looks down at stats-...I have 99 mage...but if I split myself into a mage and a melee fighter...My melee self would own my mage self...Several melee levels ago, my mage self would still be losing for sure...and that's just not right...So can we fix the whole 70meleestats>99mage issue? Hm...skill wise, I'm mostly all set...I wouldn't mind something skill-capeyish...It's not why I train, but I'd sure like something to show off ;)....If p2pers can show off their 2week long profit cooking cape, why can't I show off something that I worked harder for? I know they won't want to make (and aren't) skill capes f2p since so many people like them...but can't we get something else? MMG said they had something in mind, but I don't see it anywhere in the near future... Hm...anything else...? Hm...perhaps something to make prayer a LITTLE easier? It can still cost hundreds of mills, be a lot of clicks and be slow...but...Can't it be just slightly less torture? If not, w/e, they're already making the game way easier than it should be but...prayer is a different story :s
  13. IYO, I'm only half nice. I can be nice. But I hate stupid people. If people ask a stupid question, I may not respond, depending on what kind of mood I'm in. Ex. How do I get to _____? If they really wanna know, they can use their minimap. I don't support laziness, so if noobs wanna be lazy and not check things for themselves, that's their problem. Other instances of stupid people occur at GOP. There are so many downright idiotic players there who would be lucky to score 5 orbs on their own playing that it just pisses me off. I've somewhat resolved that problem, as most of my GOP games for the past year and a half have been solo/1v1 games on private worlds. Seriously, people can say it's their first day or w/e, but it's a game of common sense when you start off. When you can solo like 15-20 or so then it starts becoming a game of technique and other specific factors... And in general, many people are just all-around stupid...So many different ways they are stupid that...I just can't be a nice person!...But if people are otherwise fine, I'm a nice person... I do however (and I made a thread about this) sometimes steal people's mining spots. Like when I need iron and addy ores (Dwarf mines)...K, I really can't spend an hour going to every single world HOPING that POSSIBLY one of them doesn't have people mining in one of the two spots I need. So, sorry, limited resources = competition, everyone has equal rights to it, it's fair game. I don't go out of my way to be a jerk, but damnit, I play RS to play, not to sit around waiting for an opening for hours on end. I am generally respectful to people and not just immediately taking over their spot (even though I don't have to be).
  14. erm, your LP lvl is 70, but why you say low? my first time play FoG is when my hp is about 65 and i still able to use all bandage. if seem like you like to wait until low LP only use, then its major mistake from you there. yes, you have good point about how the minigame work, and it is weird ppl say runner noob. actually is them who noob for not running and lost. oh ya, not only skiller can help open high skill door, they can use money trick to get alot of resources, make thing for the team and not to say because of lvl 3 exist, the average lvl of the mob will be lower. interesting thing about wine of zamorak, someone confirm this? 14-15-4-60950438 Well, when people hit 20+ and I'm in the process of running away, and getting to a specific area, I can't click the bandage...So I may start out with high LP, but once people are taking away about 1/3 of my LP in a hit and I'm trying to run away (and not just spam clicking, I'm making careful, precise clicks), there's usually not a time that I can click the bandage immediately. As for the level 3 skillers, some do help out in some way...obviously I don't expect them to go fight, but ones I've seen (with over 85 Dung), don't do ANYTHING to help out. Now, the other people who play with them don't mind really, they just want the bonus xp at the end and easier monsters, so the skillers aren't being told to help...but still, they aren't doing anything and are getting levels that they didn't play for.
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