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  1. Have a Happy Birthday!

  2. Don't see why you entered if you think this tournament is a joke; makes your clan look more of a joke since you were stupid enough to join it. Arent you in Dragonwood, the clan that thinks you can CRASH an ac and has 33 members? If not then good! :smile: This kind of replies shows how immatured you and your clan is,,,,,,,,,,,you dont have any good points to cover up ur negative issues so u make such replies seems like exodus is more like dk
  3. if exodus have such attitudes towards TICT and this forum which is (cw is [cabbage] and they joined to kill their times which is they took this tourney as a joke) then all i gotta say is then G T F O
  4. I doubt abt those kills, its just that dk is massing now so 1 member might have portal spammed :thumbup:
  5. how was my post out of topic? i said "interesting topic i ordered pizza keep posting guys" , recently all my post are being deleted and y?i want proper explanation plz
  6. oops alwaz should follow rules otherwise outcome like this can be a real pain :ohnoes:
  7. +1 Umm but according to their name they should be pro in range Seems like running to single is becoming a signature of TPR :mrgreen:
  8. wow seriouly rt+iq denying to accept their defeat? like rt being really nh lately :thumbdown:
  9. gf had 0 food at end as was binding but still survived till the end :thumbup:
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